10/28/2008 Krystal Asks David To Leave Town

"Bianca and her baby girl were discharged from the hospital while Kendall remained in a coma. Inside Kendall's room, Greenlee insisted Zach go home to take care of his sons. She promised to stay with Kendall while he was gone. Jackson stopped Bianca and the baby before she made it out of the hospital. He congratulated her and asked how Kendall was holding up. Bianca said Kendall's condition had not changed. Jackson went to see Kendall while Zach chatted with Bianca. Bianca said Reese and Miranda were on their way to Pine Valley, but she did not know where they would stay. Originally, Bianca wanted to rent a house on the beach, but the tornado blew away that option. Zach said Bianca and her family could stay with him. They went home, but received a call from Greenlee saying Kendall's heart had stopped.

Angie told Natalia that her surgery had gone well, but the blood supply to one of her ovaries had been cut off for a period of time and there had been some irreparable damage. Natalia indicated that the possibility of not being able to have children wasn't a concern. She said that she did not want children because she didn't want to have to take on the responsibility of raising a child by herself. When questioned by Angie why she'd have to go it alone, Natalia's response showed some of her mental scars that had not yet healed. "If the father left, the way mine did," Natalia replied. Natalia said she sought out Jesse because her mother was in bad shape. Natalia asked if Angie could examine her mother when she came to visit. Angie said she would see what she could do to help Natalia's mother. Angie noticed a woman walking down the hall. The woman briefly glanced at Angie. Angie asked if the woman was Rebecca, Natalia's mother. Rebecca instantly said, "It's you. You're Angie." Angie directed Rebecca to Natalia's room. Rebecca found Natalia, who insisted her mother talk to Jesse. Natalia said Rebecca had hardly dragged herself out of bed since Jesse left. Rebecca said Natalia had no right to disrupt Jesse's life. Rebecca thanked Angie for taking such good care of Natalia. She apologized for causing any problems with Angie's family. Angie said Natalia's appearance actually cleared up a few things for her. Rebecca said she had no plans to see Jesse while in town.

Ryan received a call from Emma's kidnapper. The kidnapper told Ryan he was smart for not going to the police. The kidnapper asked Ryan to meet him at a hotel, and hung up. Jesse stopped by the house as Annie and Ryan were leaving. Jesse said he had no new leads in Emma's disappearance, but noticed Ryan and Annie's strange behavior. Jesse suspected the kidnapper spoke to Ryan and Annie and convinced them to stay away from police. Jesse encouraged Ryan and Annie to call him if they heard anything from the kidnapper. After Jesse left, Annie wondered if the kidnapper would really return Emma. They went to the kidnapper's requested meeting spot and found Aidan. Aidan said he tapped Ryan's phone to help find Emma. Annie said Aidan's help was no longer needed. Aidan showed Ryan and Annie a tape to prove that the kidnapper had already been to the hotel room. The tape showed Emma, who appeared healthy, in a room. She asked for Annie. The words "TEN MILLION DOLLARS" flashed across the front of the screen.

Krystal visited David in jail. David said he would likely hurt JR or Adam if he ever got released. Krystal said Babe and JR had been happy, but David insisted that the Chandlers were the reason Babe was dead. Krystal told David he could not bring back their daughter. Krystal offered to post David's bail if he left Pine Valley. David refused Krystal's offer and had no plans to leave town. David said he might not have been the best father to Babe, but she made him a better person. Krystal said David could prove he was a better man by leaving the Chandlers alone. David promised Krystal he would leave Pine Valley, unless he ran into Adam or JR. Krystal said Babe would thank David if she were alive.

Adam gave Pete a one-way ticket to London. Adam said he had told Erica he was responsible for the Bella poisoning while they were trapped together. Although Erica was distracted with Kendall's health condition, Adam knew it was only a matter of time before she came after him for ruining Fusion. Adam told Pete that he was safer being away from Pine Valley. Pete asked Adam if he could say goodbye to Colby before taking off. Adam suggested Pete send Colby an email, and shoved him out the door.

Colby asked JR if he had booze in his glass. JR said he poured the alcohol out before even taking a sip. JR said he wanted Babe back in his life. Colby reminded JR that he should be thankful for the time spent with Babe. JR went to see Little Adam at Tad's house. Tad gave JR and Little Adam some time alone. JR explained that Babe was in heaven with angels, and would not be coming home. JR told Tad that Little Adam did not understand Babe had died. Tad said he was proud of JR for being a wonderful father and man. Tad said JR and Little Adam were welcome to stay with him and Krystal as long as needed. JR said Little Adam kept asking about his grandfather, Adam, and he still had to deal with David's return. Krystal came home and said she had convinced David to leave town once he was released from jail. Tad and JR thought David was lying to Krystal.

Pete found Colby outside. He told Colby that Erica knew Adam had tainted the Bella perfume, and that Adam had suggested Pete leave town for his own good. Colby said Adam wanted Pete gone so he could blame the entire Bella disaster on him. Colby confronted her father on the issue. She told Adam that he needed to own up to his mistakes with Bella. JR brought Little Adam to the Chandler mansion for a quick visit. After Pete took Little Adam to the kitchen, JR said he was tired of fighting with Adam. JR said he forgave Adam, but still did not trust him. Adam tore up the plane tickets he had given to Pete. He took a plate of cookies outside to Little Adam and Pete. Instead, Colby, JR, and Adam found David holding Little Adam.

Krystal and Tad visited Babe's casket at the funeral home."

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