10/27/2008 Erica Asks Bianca About The Baby

"David sobbed as he held Babe's lifeless body on the roof of the hospital. He told his daughter that he came back to save her from JR, but he was too late. Krystal found David and he yelled at her to leave him alone. Krystal told David that he had to let Babe go. He lashed out at Krystal and blamed her for Babe's death, since she allowed Babe to be with JR. Krystal explained that Babe and JR were finally happy and she encouraged David to find solace in that. He yelled that Krystal "fed" Babe to the Chandlers, which resulted in their daughter's death. She screamed back that she lost Babe, too. David then agreed to bring Babe back into the hospital with Krystal.

David carried Babe in his arms as Krystal walked beside him. As they got off the elevator, they passed JR, Adam, Bianca, and Tad. Tad demanded that David hand Babe to him, but Krystal told Tad to let David hold her. David placed Babe on a hospital bed and Krystal covered her with a sheet. David and Krystal cried as everyone watched. Krystal told David that she understood his grief, but she asked him to leave because his presence was upsetting everyone else. David then leaped for JR and began to choke him. David declared that JR killed Babe. Tad and Adam pulled David off of JR. Adam called for security guards and had David arrested. As David was hauled away by the guards, he threatened to get revenge on the Chandlers because Babe's blood was on their hands.

David was put into jail. An officer said that he would be released once he posted bail. David swore that he was going to kill JR when he got out.

Aidan watched as Greenlee held Bianca's baby in the nursery. He commented that he had pictured Greenlee holding a baby many times. She began to mourn their failed marriage, but he felt that there was no point discussing it. She then asked Aidan to put his animosity aside and help Ryan find Emma. He looked annoyed and left the nursery.

Annie and Ryan found a note in their penthouse that read, "Don't go to the police or your child is dead!" Ryan did not care what the note said; he wanted to get the police involved. Annie pleaded with him to follow the kidnapper's demands. Aidan then entered the penthouse and offered his help. Annie and Ryan explained the situation. Aidan suggested that he make contact with Jesse because he assumed the kidnappers were watching Annie and Ryan to make sure that they did not get the police involved.

Aidan found Jesse at the hospital and slipped him a note that detailed Emma's kidnapping. The note also asked Jesse to meet Ryan in the stairwell for a secret meeting.

Ryan was on his way to meet Jesse when he received a phone call from the kidnapper. The kidnapper said that he made a big mistake by going to the police. Ryan looked nervous. When he met Jesse, Jesse asked if the kidnapper made contact with him and Ryan said no.

Zach was furious with Jake over Kendall's condition. Zach pushed Jake and did not realize that Taylor was behind him. Zach fell off balance and accidentally knocked Taylor down a flight of stairs. After the fall, Taylor was unconscious.

Jake and Frankie rushed Taylor into a hospital bed. They determined that Taylor had injured her spine. When Taylor woke up, they checked her reflexes and she could not feel her feet. She looked scared and asked if the paralysis was permanent. Jake and Frankie explained that she would probably regain feeling in her feet when the swelling reduced around her spine. She then tried to stand up, but collapsed. Jake and Frankie tried to help her and she yelled at them to get away.

Adam and Bianca received word that Erica was being brought into the hospital. They saw a woman wheeled in on a stretcher with a sheet over her head. They noticed the woman had dark hair, like Erica, so they assumed that the dead woman was Erica. Adam exclaimed, "Damn it Erica, we could have had it all!" Suddenly, Erica appeared and asked Adam if he was disappointed that she did not die, since she knew his "dirty little secret." Erica then saw Bianca and hugged her daughter. Erica was relieved to see Bianca was safe, but was shocked to see her in Pine Valley.

Erica asked Bianca how the rest of their family was doing. Bianca reported that Zach, Ian, and Spike were fine, but Kendall was in the ICU. Bianca explained that Kendall saved her and the boys from the tornado, but she was unable to save herself. Bianca stated that Kendall had a skull fracture, which Jake operated on. Bianca sadly announced that Kendall seized at the end of the surgery and went into a coma. Erica affirmed that Kendall would wake up for her.

Erica sat by Kendall's side and encouraged her to wake up. Erica told her daughter that she was right all along; Adam tainted Bella. Erica urged Kendall to get up, so they could get revenge on Adam. Kendall remained in the coma.

Erica comforted Zach and promised him that Kendall would recover. She stated that Zach was the strongest man she knew and he would make sure that Kendall came back to her family. She further stated that she and Bianca would help him every step of the way. He smiled and they embraced. She wondered where Bianca was, so Zach commented that she was probably with the baby. Erica looked confused.

Erica rushed to the nursery after she learned about her granddaughter. Bianca saw Erica holding her baby and smiled. Bianca was very sad over Babe's death. She wished that she had forgiven Babe sooner. Erica reminded Bianca that she forgave Babe for many indiscretions that most people would never forgive. Bianca was regretful that her newborn would never know Babe.

Erica inquired why Bianca did not tell her about the pregnancy. Bianca said that she wanted to have the baby with her family, which was why she returned home. Bianca planned on announcing her pregnancy upon her arrival, but the storm ruined her plans. Erica asked who the father was and Bianca was reluctant to answer. Erica affirmed that she would find out eventually, so Bianca admitted it was Zach. Bianca noted that Zach was a good choice because he was the best man that she knew and he was Miranda's uncle. Bianca explained that Zach agreed to father the child when he spent time with her and Reese in France. Bianca declared that Reese was the love of her life. Erica wondered if Kendall knew. Bianca confessed that she did not tell Kendall because she was worried that her sister would have stopped Zach from donating his sperm. Erica looked concerned.

Bianca went to Kendall's room and found Zach sitting by her sister's side. Bianca encouraged Zach to go home and get rest. He refused to leave the hospital and stated that he would not leave Kendall until she woke up."

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