10/15/2008 Zach Wants Another Baby

"Ryan banged on Greenlee's door. She yelled at him to go away, but he refused to leave. He proceeded to kick open her front door. She begged him to leave her alone, but he insisted that they needed to talk. He declared that they belonged together. She was upset and replied that they caused a lot of hurt. Ryan felt bad for Annie and Aidan, but still wanted a relationship with Greenlee. Greenlee reminded him that they also caused a lot of hurt for each other the last time they were a couple. She recalled Ryan riding off of a cliff because he wanted to flee their marriage. He admitted that he could not handle their intense relationship in the past, but he swore that he was ready to be with her wholeheartedly. She was skeptical. He grabbed her face to kiss her and she urged him to stop. Just then, Jackson entered and told Ryan to let go of his daughter. Jackson affirmed that Ryan abandoned Greenlee in the past, so he had no right to pursue her again. Ryan promised that he would never hurt her again, but Jackson did not believe him. Ryan tried to talk with Greenlee, but Jackson told him to shut up.

After Ryan left, Greenlee embraced her father. She confessed that she was in love with Ryan, not Aidan. She explained that Aidan was a caring man that she loved, but she did not love him in the same way that she loved Ryan. Jackson encouraged her to give Aidan another chance, but she said their marriage was over. She was distraught over hurting Aidan, like Ryan hurt her. Greenlee then ran out of her penthouse.

Kendall was asleep on the floor of her beach house. Zach woke her up by ringing a sliver bell in her ear. She opened her eyes and saw that Zach had brought her muffins for breakfast. She said that she wanted him, not the muffins, and they made love. Afterwards, Kendall wondered what they should do with the rest of their day. Zach joked that they were going to play naked volleyball. She laughed, but commented that something was missing. Just then, there was a knock at the door. Zach opened the door and the nanny brought Spike and Ian inside to see Kendall. She was elated to see her sons. Zach and Kendall played with their sons for the rest of the day. She noted that the day was perfect. He said that their lives could be even more perfect if they had another child. She explained that she was not ready to have another child yet. She wanted their lives to be more settled before they had another baby. He claimed that he understood, but he looked very disappointed.

Kendall heard crying outside of her front door. She opened it to find Greenlee sobbing. Greenlee proclaimed that she could not be happy with anyone, including Aidan and Ryan. Kendall hugged her.

The doorbell at Opal's house was ringing over and over again. Annie yelled for someone to fix the doorbell. Pete opened the front door and saw Colby standing there. Colby stated that she was the one ringing the bell constantly. Colby then noted that Annie looked as though she did not sleep all night. Annie explained that she could not sleep because she felt like someone was watching her. Opal entered the room and admitted that she was watching Annie all night because Opal had a bad dream. Opal said that she dreamt Annie was calling out for Emma, but could not find her. Annie was worried, so Opal urged her to make sure Emma was safe. Pete and Colby assured Annie that Opal was a little crazy and that she should not fear for Emma's safety due to Opal's visions.

Opal informed Pete and Colby that she had her worst vision yet. Opal rushed to The Comeback and the two teenagers followed her.

Corinna and Emma were playing in Ryan's penthouse. Emma wanted to go to the park to see a puppet show, but Corinna said that the weather was getting bad. Ryan came home and Corinna explained that Emma was demanding to go to the park. Just then, Annie entered the apartment and overheard Emma's desire to go out. Annie stated that the weather was not nice enough to play outside. Corinna took Emma into the kitchen so Ryan and Annie could speak privately. Annie urged Ryan to keep a watchful eye on Emma, especially because she suspected someone of stalking her. He insisted that Annie was not being stalked. He further stated that he was protecting Annie by keeping Emma away from her. After Annie left, Emma yelled that she wanted to go to the park. Ryan gave in and told Corinna to take Emma.

Ryan got in his car in a hurry. He was speeding and got pulled over by a cop. Ryan was impatient and rude, so the cop asked him to step outside his vehicle. Ryan was very annoyed and punched the cop in the face.

Frankie and Randi arrived at the Comeback to meet Jesse and Angie for breakfast. Frankie and Randi saw Jake and Amanda first. Amanda was hungover and still slightly drunk from the night before. She sarcastically stated that she was "celebrating" the demise of Bella and her bank account.

Taylor entered the bar and announced that she had received her papers to return to Iraq. Amanda confessed that she was glad Taylor was leaving. Randi offered to take Amanda to the restroom because she looked sick. Jake apologized to Taylor for getting involved in her personal life and making her talk about difficult topics. Taylor was not annoyed with him. In fact, she said she would miss him. Amanda came back from the restroom and looked terrible. So, Jake and Taylor offered to take her home.

Tad found tarot cards behind the bar and asked Krystal why she had them. She admitted that Opal and her ominous predictions had her worried. Tad assured her that Opal should not be taken seriously.

Jesse, Angie, Krystal, and Tad were sitting at a table together. Jesse received a call and excused himself. Tad and Krystal exchanged incredulous glances. Angie noticed the stares and promised them that Jesse was trustworthy. She affirmed that she trusted her husband completely.

Natalia was outside of the Comeback. Jesse told her to stop following him. She thanked him for calling her mother. He said that her mother sounded fine over the phone, but Natalia instated that her mother needed help. She begged him to go home with her. Jesse agreed to see her mother later that night. Just then, Frankie approached them. Natalia left and Jesse claimed that he was talking to her about a police matter. Frankie seemed to believe the story.

Annie found Jesse at the bar. She pleaded with him for help catching her stalker. He said that he had no proof that someone was stalking her, so he could not help her. Meanwhile, Aidan overheard Annie's request to Jesse. Aidan, who was drunk, told her that Ryan and Greenlee drove her crazy, just like they drove him crazy."

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