10/13/2008 Annie Gets A New Home

"Colby frantically paced around her home as she prepared for the deposition in Adam's lawsuit against Fusion. Adam coaxed Colby into what she needed to say so Pete would not get in trouble. Erica came to see Adam as Jack led Colby out of the home for questioning. Adam told Erica that Jackson was representing Fusion in the lawsuit. Jackson asked Colby if she was intoxicated the night of the Fusion party. Colby said no, but felt lightheaded as if she had something to drink. Colby said she did not remember what happened the rest of the night. Erica snuck out to speak to Jackson. She told Jackson that the only reason he took the Fusion case was to get closer to her. Jackson said he only took the case to save Greenlee and Kendall. He told Erica she should be looking out for her daughter, too. Erica said she had her reasons for befriending Adam.

Inside the Chandler mansion, Adam's lawyer said Jackson was painting Colby out to be an alcoholic. Adam said he wanted to push for a trial. Pete told Adam that Colby's reputation could still be ruined in a trial. Adam said he needed to get the Fusion women practically begging for him to take over the company. Pete said he didn't think anyone needed to fight dirty to be a businessman. Pete told Colby what Adam's plans were for Fusion. He said it would be best to tell Kendall and Greenlee the truth about Bella, but Colby insisted it would hurt her to see Pete go to jail. Pete said he only joined forces with Adam to be near Colby. He told Colby how much he liked her, and to his surprise, she called him sweet. Adam was not happy when he saw the two getting close. He wanted Pete to leave, but Colby insisted Pete stay. She told her father Pete was her guest and she wanted him with her.

Aidan returned to the apartment he shared with Greenlee. He told Greenlee he just needed a change of clothes. Aidan told Greenlee to stop lying about her feelings for Ryan. Greenlee admitted she was not sure about what exactly she felt for Ryan. Aidan said he was partly to blame for the demise of their relationship. After all, Aidan said he knew Greenlee and Ryan shared a strong bond. Greenlee asked Aidan for more time to sort out her feelings, but Aidan said in the end, she would always love Ryan. Aidan told he was tired of trying to fight for their marriage.

Aidan went to the new house that was supposed to be his and Greenlee's home. He told the construction workers that he was no longer working on the house. After kicking the workers out, he hit a sledgehammer through the walls.

Kendall watched adoringly as Zach played with Ian. Kendall snuggled with her husband and son, wondering how Zach convinced Annie to give up custody of Emma. Zach said Annie realized she needed to provide a stable environment for Emma. Kendall found Greenlee looking at a mess the FDA left behind at Fusion. The FDA had seized the company's computers and files, but failed to clean up after themselves. Greenlee said she did not have enough energy to fight the lawsuit because of her failed marriage to Aidan. She even blamed Kendall for what happened with Aidan. Having Kendall constantly tell her how much she loved Ryan didn't help, either, Greenlee added. She told Kendall about the bug he planted in her earrings to overhear conversations with Ryan.

Annie visited Ryan, but was worried when Emma did not come running out. Ryan said Emma was being picked up from school by a sitter. He wanted to know why Annie suddenly thought Emma was better off with him. Ryan said the decision made him think she was hiding something. Annie told Ryan her life was chaos. She had no job, lacked a permanent home, and was being stalked. Annie asked Ryan if Greenlee spent the night with Ryan since she saw Greenlee at the courthouse. Ryan said Greenlee did not stay with him. Ryan thought it would be best to establish rules for Annie's visitation. Annie said Ryan had taken enough from her, and she would not agree to supervised visits. Ryan said he would adjust the visits once Annie got better. After Annie left, Emma and the babysitter came home. Ryan explained his separation from Annie to Emma, but reminded Emma they both loved her.

Annie went to see Adam. He already had her bags packed at the door. Annie asked Adam if she could stay at the house a few more days. Adam said her time was up. Suddenly, a limo driver showed up to take Annie to her new home. Annie assumed the orders came from Ryan. She arrived at the seaside hotel and waited for Ryan to arrive. Instead, Zach showed up. He paid for the hotel so she could try to get back on her feet. Kendall overheard Annie ask Zach if she should tell the cops she killed Richie, or if Zach was planning to do it for her.

Jackson found Greenlee alone at Fusion. Greenlee updated her father on the latest Fusion drama and possible end of her marriage. Jackson said he needed to talk to Kendall about Erica's involvement with Adam. Greenlee said Erica was cozying up to Adam to try to get information from him. She went the house Aidan was building, but immediately started sobbing when she noticed the mangled wall.

A "Redbook" reporter found Erica on the Fusion elevator. She got a quick quote from Erica. Erica found Jackson looking through Fusion files. Jackson asked Erica why she didn't tell him about her plans to spy on Adam. Erica said it felt nice to know Jackson still cared about her.

Once alone, Aidan went to visit Ryan carrying a gun."

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