09/26/2008 Annie Goes To The Police

"Aidan and Jake respectively and lovingly dropped Greenlee and Amanda off at the Fusion offices while Kendall barely held back her contempt for the couples' open displays of affection. When the men left, Kendall asked Greenlee how the honeymoon went. Greenlee tried not to talk about it and succeeded for a short time as Amanda talked about Bella's success. Kendall continued to hammer away at her until Greenlee confessed that there was more than just the enormous workload that brought both her and Aidan home early. She admitted that because of her sickness, she called Aidan the wrong name, and Kendall knew immediately that she had called her new husband Ryan.

Ryan tried to serve his daughter a breakfast of pancakes with a smile but Emma wasn't able to hide how much she missed her mother. Ryan tried to explain why he took her out of the Chandler house, and although she seemed to understand, she quickly told him that she missed living at home with both of her parents. Ryan tried to change the subject and asked how she'd been getting along with Little A, and she piped up with the knowledge that Babe and JR were getting married. She then told her dad that the couple kissed a lot and Emma wanted to know if he and her mother still loved each other since they didn't kiss.

A shadow came over Annie as she napped on a sofa on the Chandler patio. Once the light was stamped out, Annie awoke with a start. Babe apologized for the scare and asked why she'd slept outside. Annie told her that she'd had problems falling asleep and thought that the fresh air would help. She then made mention of how upset she was that Ryan had taken her child away. Babe assured her that it would be temporary, but Annie said that Ryan had pulled the stunt to get back at her. Adam appeared from the house just then and, having overheard what was said, told Annie that she needed to stop giving Ryan reasons to retaliate. He likened the situation to a scenario he saw on the History Channel and told Annie that if she loved her daughter as much as she said, she would stop hiding and fight to get Emma back.

Over coffee at the Comeback, Krystal went to the back to fetch some coffeecake while Angie informed Tad that Jesse had confessed to an affair that happened some years prior but had ended long before he'd come back to Pine Valley. She told him that the case was closed and thanked him for his efforts, but Tad's face showed that he didn't quite believe the story. Angie's phone chirped then and she found a message from Frankie that said he was headed to court for the drunk-driving case. She gathered her things and headed out before Krystal got back, which puzzled the latest Mrs. Martin. Tad caught her up to speed and they both hoped that all would end well.

Aidan arrived at the Comeback and, upon seeing each other, Tad told his old partner that the Jesse investigation was over and that Jesse had confessed to what had happened while he was on the run. Although Tad proclaimed that the most perfect Hubbard love had survived to see another day, Aidan held his reservations close. He noted that even things that seemed perfect might be something completely different.

After Aidan left, Krystal approached her husband and asked if he was disappointed. Tad told her that he was glad that it had turned out that he was wrong about Jesse. She agreed on that point but insisted that Tad would have loved a little taste of detective action again. He sweet-talked and danced with her until she believed that he was happily out of business and in love with an amazing woman.

Angie arrived at the police station and when she met up with Jesse, she told him that she was upset that they hadn't been able to attend the hearing. Jesse noted that their son probably didn't want them hovering over him. Frankie came in just then and Angie realized that Randi had been allowed to accompany her son. She let it go and immediately asked her son what the ruling had been. He told her that he had been given six months of probation and community service along with a suspended license. Angie asked what it meant for his redeployment and he told her that it had been delayed. Angie expressed joy over this, but she was alone in the celebration. To avoid harsher words between them, Frankie opted to leave, despite his mother's pleas, and Jesse told her to just let him go. Angie asked why Frankie couldn't see that being delayed from returning to Iraq was a good thing, and Taylor, who had been sitting off to the side, pointed out that having a DUI on his record was not a good thing. Jesse's phone went off and he stepped away, which allowed Taylor to note that Frankie would lose out on six months of helping people. Angie retorted that she would not apologize, as the possibility that Frankie would have died in those six months was just as valid.

The two women continued to go head-to-head, with Taylor promoting a return to duty as an honor, while Angie tried to hammer it home how horrid that return would be. Angie finally lost control and declared that Taylor had no way of knowing how she felt because she wasn't a mother or a wife and had never lost anyone to the war. Taylor fell silent during the verbal assault, her only reaction a few flinches as Angie yelled. When the barrage ended, Taylor tearfully noted that she had no idea where Angie was coming from and walked off. Jesse returned a few moments later and Angie immediately lit into him and asked if he agreed with Taylor. Jesse sidestepped the question and instead said that Angie needed to regard their son as a grown man who got that way mainly because of his experiences in the war.

Angie agreed to try to respect her son's choices, but said that she would never stop worrying. Jesse told her that he worried just as much as she did but that he had opted to give Frankie his space. Angie swore that Frankie could have all of the space that he needed, but that she would never say goodbye to her son.

Ryan told his little girl that he and Annie were in a rough spot and that there were some things that needed to be worked out, but that everything would be okay. He sent her upstairs to finish getting ready for school just before he heard a knock at the door. He opened the door and found his estranged wife on the other side. She demanded to see Emma but he refused and edged her back into the hall. He told her that he didn't want to upset Emma and that he wouldn't allow her to return to her mother until he was sure that their little girl would be safe.

Kendall assumed that Aidan freaked out upon being called Ryan, but Greenlee quickly cleared up the misunderstanding and said that Aidan was fine because he knew about her past with Ryan and chalked it up to her illness. She then pushed for them to get back to work, but before they could, Babe arrived and updated everyone on Little A's condition. Amanda then begged them to all really get back to work so that Bella's launch would continue to go off seamlessly. They were disrupted again a few moments later when Annie showed up. She informed everyone that Ryan had taken Emma, and Babe was immediately sympathetic. Kendall, on the other hand, almost threw a party. Annie tried to knock her down when she pointed out that Ryan had violated the restraining order, but Greenlee piped up and revealed that the order had been falsely obtained. Kendall then announced that it was probably best that Emma be kept far away from her delusional and paranoid mother.

Kendall and Greenlee continued to defend Ryan against Annie's accusations until the young woman felt compelled to ask if either of them had forced Ryan to steal Emma. Kendall told her that Ryan had managed to do the right thing on his own. Completely irate by that point, Annie grabbed her things and started to storm out of the office. They asked where she was headed, and Annie's only response was that she planned to do exactly what she should have done the first moment that Ryan made off with their daughter. After she left, Greenlee quickly called Ryan and tried to warn him. She got his voicemail and she instructed him to call Kendall. Once she hung up her phone, she told Kendall to go find him, but Kendall said that she couldn't because she had promised Zach that she wouldn't meddle. Kendall urged Greenlee to go, but Greenlee refused to be pushed toward a rescue attempt of her ex-husband. Kendall told her that if she didn't act fast, Ryan would end up in jail and Greenlee would have to live with that on her conscience.

Frankie showed up at the hospital and told Jake what had happened in court. He then spotted Taylor and opted to walk away. Taylor approached Jake and he asked why she was there. She confessed that she had an appointment with a psychiatrist, and Jake thought it was a good move to get her psychological issues worked out. She told him that she was going to the appointment to prove that she didn't have post-traumatic stress disorder and he reminded her that she needed to be honest when talking the doctor. She got upset and told him that she would do what she needed to do to get back to Iraq, because being a soldier was what she did and what she was good at. He asked if she would tell the doctor about the nightmares and the tremors she had, but she was irate that he dared to try to get inside her head. He then pointed out that her hands were shaking simply because he'd asked her some pointed questions.

A short while later, after Jake had vacated the area and Taylor sat on an empty gurney in the hall, Frankie returned to the main desk. She approached him and asked if he was avoiding her. He told her that he was simply behind schedule and that he didn't want to talk about his redeployment. She agreed and asked if they could talk about hers. He looked at her quizzically, so she showed him her shaking hands and asked if he could give her anything that could help.

Randi arrived at work and, after she told everyone what happened with Frankie's court case, she asked them to pile on the work to make up for her tardiness. They discussed the state of Bella business, and Kendall couldn't help but to interject her pessimistic viewpoint. When Amanda noted that she was in too good of a mood to listen to Kendall, Kendall told her that she would regret it. Babe then noted that if business for the new perfume continued at its rapid pace, they would need all hands in to help for another month. She, Amanda, and Randi all volunteered to help out, and then Babe asked Amanda if she would be too busy to serve as maid of honor. Amanda gleefully accepted on the condition that Babe threw the bouquet directly at her.

The office phone rang then and Amanda ordered their new intern, Pete, to answer. When he did, he found a doctor that had seen Greenlee on the other end. He told the man that he would give the message to Greenlee, so the doctor confirmed that Greenlee's allergic reaction was to something synthetic and topical. Pete pretended to write it down and then nervously hung up the phone. Unaware that Kendall had her gaze trained on him, he stuck the message in the pocket of his suit jacket and walked away from the desk. After he made his way out of the office, Kendall filled Babe in on her suspicions. Babe was skeptical, but Kendall talked her into making a trip home to see if Pete had decided on an impromptu visit. As Babe started to run out of the office, Amanda called after her, upset that people kept leaving even though there was so much work to be done. Babe promised that she would be back and made a mad dash for the elevator.

Annie went to the police station and talked to Jesse about Ryan's violation of the restraining order. After he heard her tale of woe, he noted that there had to be something that she and Ryan could do to work things out. Annie insisted that using the police was the only way, so Jesse told her that if she involved the police, Ryan would be arrested and there would be no turning back, for Ryan or for their marriage.

Greenlee showed up at Ryan's place just as he returned with Emma from school. Once they got inside, she told him what happened at Fusion and advised him to return Emma before the situation got completely out of control, but he refused to entertain the notion. Greenlee noted that taking Emma would not fill the empty space left by the miscarriage and urged him not to fight with Annie over the child they had, but Ryan pointed out that they both knew that it was less about the gun and more about Annie's instability. Before Greenlee could push any further, there was a sharp rap at the door and Jesse announced his presence. Greenlee pleaded one more time, to no avail. When Annie called out to her daughter, Emma went running to open the door and flung herself into her mother's arms. Jesse and a social worker walked around the mother and child, and made a beeline for Ryan.

Greenlee tried to explain why Ryan had taken Emma but Ryan refused to let her stand up for him. Jesse told him that they could let the charges drop if he agreed to release Emma. Ryan refused to do that and noted that he was not in violation. Jesse told him that the order was still legally binding and that he needed to make a decision about what would happen next. While Emma continued to assert that she wanted to stay in the condo with both of her parents, the social worker attempted to coerce Emma away from her father. This intrusion set Ryan off, and Jesse was forced to place Ryan under arrest for obstruction. At the same time, Greenlee demanded that Annie do the right thing and stop Ryan from being arrested, but Annie insisted that Ryan was getting what he deserved since he stole her daughter and broke the law. Irate, Greenlee grabbed Annie's arm and started to call her names and Annie demanded that she be released before she had Greenlee arrested as well.

After he checked to make sure the coast was clear, Pete snuck into the Chandler living room and delivered the "good news" about the reaction Greenlee had to the Bella perfume - that the lab had been unable to isolate its source. Adam was pleased that with the tainted batches in circulation, enough people would be affected that the company would tank and would be easily bought out. Babe snuck up on to the patio and saw Pete talking with Adam. Although she couldn't hear what was being said, her suspicions slammed into overdrive.

Aidan stopped by the Fusion offices to pick up Greenlee for their lunch date, but when he found out she wasn't there, Kendall swooped in with a quickly fabricated story about a makeup emergency to explain his wife's absence. He swallowed the story easily enough but when she attempted to be friendly, he reminded her that he would no longer confide in her, and made his exit."

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