09/24/2008 Greenlee Reacte To The Tainted Bella

"JR and Tad were at the Comeback playing pool. JR shared his eagerness to marry Babe, but Tad seemed distracted. JR apologized to Tad for criticizing his failed marriage to Dixie. Tad affirmed that he was to blame for the failed marriage because he was unfaithful to Dixie. Tad stated that cheating on a spouse was a "heartbreaker."

Adam walked into his living room and saw everyone preparing for JR and Babe's engagement party. Adam commented that their marriage would fail, like the other two times they were married and divorced. Krystal scolded Adam for being pessimistic.

Babe told Krystal that she was very excited to marry JR again because she felt that they "finally got it right." Krystal stated that Babe and JR were going to spend the rest of their lives together. Then, Krystal noticed that Babe was wearing her old engagement ring. She wondered if the old ring was bad luck. Babe looked nervous.

Adam walked in on JR and Babe kissing. Adam was annoyed by the display of affection. JR inquired why his father was hosting an engagement party if he was so sickened by their union. Adam replied that he could not forget the sordid past JR and Babe shared. Babe then spoke with Adam in private. Adam assumed that she was going to chastise him, but instead she thanked him. She was grateful to Adam for allowing her, JR, and Little Adam to live in the mansion together. She stated that Adam was part of the reason JR changed for the better. She proclaimed her undying love for JR, kissed Adam on the cheek, and walked away. After Babe left the room, Adam smiled.

Krystal went to the Comeback to pick Tad up for the engagement party. She was surprised to see that Tad was not dressed and ready to go. She realized that Tad was hiding something. So, he divulged his suspicions that Jesse was cheating on Angie. Krystal was shocked by the allegation, because Jesse and Angie shared a great love story. Tad explained that Jesse was making and receiving sketchy phone calls. Tad worried that Jesse was in love with Angie as well as a woman he met while he had been in hiding for twenty years.

Angie went to the police station to bring Jesse a suit for the engagement party. Angie commented that Frankie would not have been redeployed if he had a wife and kids. Jesse wondered if Angie wanted their son to marry Randi. Angie adamantly stated that she did not want them to marry. She told her husband to get changed. He claimed that he had too much work, so he could not attend the party. She seemed disappointed.

Erica was at Zach and Kendall's home. Erica could sense the tension between the couple. Erica asked Zach what was wrong with their relationship. He asked why she wanted to know, so she answered that she needed to solve their problems. He chuckled and said that Kendall and Erica were a lot alike. Kendall then spoke with her mother in private. She pleaded with her mother to continue spying on Adam. Erica refused because she claimed that Adam's ego was too big to tolerate. Kendall wondered if Erica was falling for Adam, but she denied any romantic feelings for her ex-husband. Kendall persisted to beg Erica and asked her to attend the engagement party. Erica refused to go.

Ryan was at the park when he ran into Corinna and Emma. Ryan told the babysitter that he would watch Emma for the afternoon. Emma and Ryan proceeded to run around the park and play. They made up a story about a butterfly as they chased butterflies in the park.

Ryan returned Emma to Annie at the mansion. Ryan apologized for coming over while everyone was preparing for the engagement party. Annie said that she did not mind Ryan being there. He commented that she looked beautiful in her dress, but she asked him not to compliment her. Annie then went downstairs and allowed Ryan to spend time with Emma. Emma wanted to show him her doll's new dress, so he looked around the room for the doll. He was shocked to find a handgun hiding in the room.

Guests arrived for the engagement party. Randi accompanied Frankie. Randi introduced Carmen to Frankie as someone she knew in foster care. Carmen was delighted to meet Frankie. Randi informed Carmen that Frankie was falling in love with her. Carmen was ecstatic and inquired about their love life. Randi admitted that she had sex with men for money-before her relationship with Frankie. Carmen embraced Randi.

Pete informed Adam that the women of Fusion gave a bottle of the tainted Bella perfume to Greenlee. Pete worried this would foil their scheme. Just then, Erica entered the room. After Pete exited, Erica asked why Adam was talking about Greenlee. Adam avoided the question and told Erica that he was glad to see her.

Pete found Colby in the backyard. She yelled at him for stalking her and urged him to leave her alone. Pete refused to back off and affirmed that he liked her very much. He grabbed her and kissed her. After the kiss, he winked at her and walked away. She seemed pleasantly surprised by his brazen act.

Tad and Krystal saw Angie arrive at the party without Jesse. Angie told them that Jesse was busy at work. So, Tad left the party to find Jesse at the police station, but when he got there, a cop said that Jesse was off duty.

JR made a toast to Babe. He got down on one knee and said that he wanted to give her a new ring that symbolized their future together. JR opened a jewelry box, but it was empty. He looked confused and told Babe that there was a ring in the box when he last checked. She said that she wanted him, not the ring. Just then, Little Adam began to choke.

Greenlee and Aidan entered their honeymoon suite. Soon after, there was a knock on the door. Greenlee had invited a makeup artist to their suite. Aidan waited as Greenlee met with the artist. After the artist left, Aidan was excited to see the result. She took off her bathrobe and revealed a love poem written all over her body. He caressed her body as he read the words written on her stomach and back. They were about to make love, so she wanted to remove the body paint. She looked in her luggage for makeup remover, when she noticed the bottle of Bella shattered in her bag. After she touched the perfume, she began to itch. Aidan put her in the shower, but she began to act oddly. She wondered if she could be pregnant. He asked if she changed her mind about having children. She replied, "I want to have your baby, Ryan.""

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