09/19/2008 Zach Asks Kendall If She Is Happy

"Erica told a disbelieving Opal that she'd seen Opal's son Pete at the Chandler house more than once, and Opal chalked it up to his crush on Colby. Erica warned her that his visits might have more to do with Adam. Opal promised that she would rein her son back in and then shifted gears to compliment Erica on her choice of evening attire. She hoped that Erica's sights had been reset on Jack, but Erica surprised her when she revealed that she would be dining with Adam. Since she couldn't understand it, Opal tried to talk her best friend out of it, to no avail.

Adam and Pete conferred over their next steps for contaminating the stock of Bella perfume that had been delivered to Fusion. Adam was wary of the internship the young man had been hired for, and felt that perhaps the women had become suspicious. Instead of taking a risk, he instructed Pete to taint the perfume before they had a chance to stop him.

Although Opal tried to stop her, Erica answered the door to her suite when Adam arrived and invited him in. The mogul somewhat jokingly sparred with both ladies before Erica thanked Opal for the visit. Opal told her best friend that she had no intention of leaving the two of them alone together, but Erica assured her that all would be fine. She picked back up on her spar with Adam, and Opal realized it was a lost cause and exited the room.

A short time later, Erica and Adam made their way down to a table in the Yacht Club's outdoor dining area. Although they danced around some small talk and Adam paid Erica an undue amount of compliments, none of it distracted Erica from the thunder that continued to roll in. Adam rambled on about how much he loved storms and remarked that the more violent the storm, the better. Erica tried to keep up the fa├žade of her bravado, but her nerves refused to give her any peace. After the thunder boomed a few additional times, she jumped up out of her seat and ran for cover. Adam ran after her and said that although her fear was long-standing, it was irrational, and confessed to a few of his own. He told her of his greatest fear - that of letting anyone get too close - and then told her that he didn't want to be alone.

When Babe hesitated after hearing his marriage proposal, JR stuttered about how he'd gotten wrapped up in the moment and had asked too soon. Babe interrupted him and accepted. A short time later, they rejoiced over the idea of once again planning a wedding. Babe remarked that perhaps the fourth time would be the charm, and JR told her that this wedding would be different because it would be forever. As they talked more, JR realized that he hadn't gotten her a ring and plotted to fly around the world until he found something perfect. She told him it wasn't necessary, and he told her that all they had to do was keep their eye on the prize and they could have it all.

JR then went off on a tangent and talked about how wildly successful Babe would be once Bella took off and people in the business world took notice. Before he could get more accolades out, all of the lights in the house went out. They went to the window, and JR could see that Stuart's lights were still on. He indicated that a fuse had probably blown and went to the lower level to attend to it. Babe went to a nearby table to locate matches so that she could light a candle. She lit it, and as she turned to the window, she spotted a specter in the window. Annie revealed herself in short order and apologized for startling Babe. Babe chalked it up to an unexplainable lingering fear, even though she knew that Richie was no longer alive. She then told Annie that she sometimes felt that Richie was still around, and that he watched her as he planned to do her harm. Annie told Babe that she understood and felt similarly, especially after having lived a lifetime with a man she felt was a master manipulator.

Aidan placed a call to his wife and left a message that told her he had a surprise for her, and asked her to hurry home. Meanwhile, across town, Ryan held hands with Greenlee at ConFusion and pondered aloud why it always seemed that when he was emotionally destroyed, she found him and made him feel better. He then realized the power of what he'd said and tried to blame it on the alcohol he'd consumed. Greenlee walked away, but Ryan, unable to stop himself, followed her. He told her that he had planned to leave, but didn't know where he belonged. He told her how the loss of his baby made him feel, and then launched into how empty his life felt beyond that because he knew he was in love with her. She slapped him sharply, and told him that he needed to stop.

Greenlee reminded him of how he'd ripped her apart when he drove over the cliff and let her believe he was dead, and said that the baby she carried was the only way that she was able to hold herself together. She told him that she fell apart when she lost the baby, and then suffered all over again when he casually walked back into her life and effectively said that she'd grieved needlessly. She then said that she knew he wasn't drunk enough to forget that they had agreed to leave those feelings in the past, as she had moved on and was in love with Aidan. He agreed, and she told him that she could no longer be the person he turned to because it wasn't fair to him, to Aidan, and, most of all, to her.

Zach asked Kendall if she was happy in their marriage and if their family gave her enough in life. She acted slightly offended at the question, but he felt it was one he should have asked her long ago. She swore to him that she loved him, their children, and their life together, but Zach had reservations. He asked her when the last time was that they did anything that was just the two of them, and she told him they had time like that every day. He reminded her that lately, all she talked about was everyone else's business and how she was involved. Incensed, she compared what she'd done to the fact that he'd discussed their marriage with Greenlee. Zach saw great disparity in the comparison and realized that if he moved forward, he would be stuck in an argument that he didn't want. He told her as much and, in retaliation, she told him that he should feel free to take his accusations and talk them out with Greenlee.

Kendall told Zach that she felt like he would be happier if she told him that she had a problem, but she said that nothing was wrong. He continued to push, so she told him that he'd made her angry when he went behind her back and talked to Greenlee instead of coming to her. She then said she felt like he went to Greenlee as a way to seek revenge because she went to Ryan for help with Josh. Zach told her that Greenlee had been the one to approach him and that they were both worried about her. Kendall didn't seem to buy it, but declared once again that she was happy with how they were and then said that to celebrate, she would go out - alone. She grabbed her belongings and stomped out of the door, but briefly had second thoughts once she was on the other side.

Tad arrived at the Smythe-Devane household with food that Aidan requested. In return, Aidan had agreed to do Tad a favor and was stunned when Tad asked Aidan to steal the phone records of the chief of police. Aidan immediately thought he was joking but when Tad didn't crack a smile, Aidan asked for more information. Tad told him about Jesse's weird behavior and Angie's concern. After he listened to all of the information, Aidan asked if anyone considered the possibility that Jesse might be carrying on an affair. Tad denied the possibility that Jesse would fight as hard as he did to get back to the love of his life, only to break his vows. Aidan, more removed from the situation, felt like they couldn't disregard that option, but Tad launched into a litany of alternate reasons and begged Aidan to consider those instead.

Ryan apologized for all he'd said and told Greenlee to forget everything. He turned and walked out of the bar, and left her alone with her churning emotions. A few moments later, Kendall showed up and the women came face to face. Greenlee immediately said that she didn't want to discuss Kendall's issues with Zach and instead asked if Kendall had seen Ryan. Kendall told her that she ran into him when she went to visit Zach at Cambias earlier in the day. Greenlee then asked if her name had come up and Kendall reluctantly admitted that it had. Greenlee laid into her best friend for continuing to wind Ryan up, only to send him in her direction. She reminded Kendall that she was blissfully married and said she thought Kendall was, too. Kendall balked at that and said that she was, but Greenlee fired back that if she were happy, she would be with Zach instead of at the bar.

Instead of answering, Kendall shot back that Greenlee wasn't with her husband, either. Greenlee ignored the quip and told Kendall that she needed to stop pushing Ryan at her, but Kendall was firm in her belief that Ryan and Greenlee would always be pulled toward each other because that was where they belonged. Irate, Greenlee told Kendall that if she valued their friendship, she would stop insisting that Greenlee put Ryan's happiness and well-being in front of her relationship with Aidan. She went on to tell Kendall that if she was so concerned about Ryan, she should take care of him herself. Kendall haughtily accepted the challenge and stormed out of the club.

When Pete returned home, his father called him into the sitting room and asked where he'd been. Pete filled him in about his internship at Fusion and marked it as the real world experience he would need to stay ahead of the other students once he went away to Harvard. Their conversation was interrupted when Opal barged into the house and, once she found the two men, bellowed about Pete spending time at the Chandler house. Pete confessed to his crush on Colby, and in response, his father grounded him and took away his car keys. Pete proclaimed how unfair the ruling was and after he ran upstairs, Opal remarked that she hoped Palmer had made the right decision.

A little while later, as Opal tried to shake off the bad feelings the storm brought to her, Pete managed to sneak out of the house. He made his way to the Fusion docks and started to open the cases of Bella so that he could add Blast to the bottles.

Annie assured Babe that they no longer needed to be afraid of Richie, but just then, lightning cracked and a figure showed up outside the patio doors and rattled the handles. The doors finally opened and they were relieved to find that JR had gotten caught outside. He told them that he thought a transformer had blown and that it would be hours before the power would be back on. He then asked Babe if she'd shared the good news, and when he realized she hadn't, JR told Annie that he and Babe would be getting remarried. Annie acted pleased and told them that she was happy, and, unable to resist, the couple locked lips. Annie cleared her throat and they realized that they should probably retire themselves and their public displays of affection for the evening. As nature's lights continued to flash outside, they bid Annie good night.

Ryan returned to the place he used to call home, but when he took in its emptiness, it seemed not much more than a mere four walls. He lay on the couch as the storm raged on outside, unaware that Annie was nearly mimicking his movements under the Chandler roof. As she took a seat upon the couch, she was taken slightly aback when a breeze kicked up from somewhere and extinguished the flame on the only candle Babe had lit.

Greenlee finally arrived home and realized in the middle of her stream of consciousness rambling that Aidan had set up a romantic scene of candles and dinner. He explained what he'd gotten for her and why, and she proclaimed that she didn't deserve it. He insisted that she did, said that he was committed to giving her all that and more, and sealed it with a kiss. They forgot about the food, and made love by candlelight.

Zach went back to the living room and found his wife with Spike and a packed suitcase and asked where they were going. Kendall told him that with the baby lost and Annie and Emma out of his house, she felt it was better that Ryan not be alone. She asked if he could understand that Ryan needed his son, and Zach did, but said he couldn't understand Kendall's needs. Unwilling to battle again, she instructed him to listen for their son and stalked out of the house.

As Greenlee lost herself in thought while her husband slept, Zach assured his son that his mother would be home soon. While Kendall delivered her oldest son to Ryan, Annie battled her brother's voice in her head and subsequently ran out onto the patio and damned him back to hell. As she went back inside, an unknown person watched her through the glass. Across town, Opal laid out her tarot cards and was frightened for her son's welfare when she laid the last card down. At the same time, Pete finished tampering with the products and, as he prepared to go, he touched a metal pole just as lightning struck, and absorbed a massive electrical volt."

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