09/05/2008 Josh Asks Kendall For Help

"Angie asked Jesse how Randi was holding up after being attacked by Fletcher. Jesse said Randi was recovering well. Despite Angie's reservations about Randi, she said it was good that Frankie was there to help. Jesse and Angie hoped that Randi could start a new life. Angie asked Jesse if he was ever with another woman seriously during their time apart. Jesse said he had one-night stands, but nothing substantial. Jesse said that he had to seek psychological help for one year after having a mental breakdown from the stress of his secret life. Jesse said he did not tell Angie because he was so ashamed.

On Amanda's yacht, Randi told Frankie how she dreamed of the perfect family. But her life consisted of foster home after foster home. Randi said she never had anyone in her life she could count on until Frankie came along. But she was scared about having a boyfriend and making love with a man for the first time. Randi said she was used to doing things without any emotion. But, of course, it was different with Frankie.

Jake tried to get Taylor to talk more about her time in Iraq by explaining his life in Africa. Jake said it was tough being around children who were suffering so badly in Africa. He said the only way to deal with it was to talk about it. Jake said he knew that Taylor was having nightmares about her experiences in Iraq. Taylor decided to rehash one of her memories from in Iraq. Taylor said the vehicle she and her crew were riding in was hit by terrorists. Four of her men died instantly in the explosion, she said. Taylor said Frankie was thrown to the side, but not seriously injured. Taylor remembered she was attacked from behind, but managed to break the neck of her attacker quickly. However, Taylor's fiancé, Brot, was hurt pretty badly. He died one week later in Germany. Amanda interrupted the conversation before Taylor could say any more.

Taylor went back to the yacht. Randi was asleep, but Frankie was still there. Taylor said she would keep an eye on Randi if Frankie wanted to go home. Frankie went home, but Jesse was gone. Jesse went to ConFusion to meet someone. Frankie got redeployment papers in the mail ordering him to go back to Iraq.

Josh said Zach thought he was involved in some problems at work. Josh wanted Kendall to go with him to talk to Zach. She said Zach would be kind to Josh if he came clean about a mistake. Josh told Kendall he loved her, hugged her tightly, and scurried off.

Zach told his employees to bring him the man suspected of stealing from his company. Josh was suddenly grabbed by two of Zach's men while walking on the street. They brought Josh to Zach, who asked if he knew anything about missing money at the casinos. Josh said someone hacked into his computer and stole the money. Josh told him to call another accountant, but the accountant did not answer the phone. Josh asked Zach if he was going to kill him as Kendall walked into the room.

Annie told Aidan that Greenlee and Ryan were on the roof together. Annie wanted Aidan to go interrupt them, but Aidan stayed put at ConFusion. Aidan said he was not fighting Annie's battles for her. But Annie said she was tired of fighting for Ryan. Annie went to see Adam, who was overjoyed about the party. Annie asked Adam why Adam would not tell her what his plan was to bring down Fusion.

Greenlee told Ryan he had to let go of their past relationship. She wanted Ryan to be as happy as her and Aidan. But Ryan's relationship with Annie made any chance of happiness complicated. Ryan said he had given up everything for his children, but Annie wanted to take them away from him. Aidan rushed up to the roof and warned Ryan to stay out of Greenlee's life. Greenlee followed Aidan when he demanded that she leave. Once they got home, Greenlee scolded Aidan for being so rude to Ryan. Aidan said he forbade Greenlee from seeing Ryan. But Greenlee was not so keen on Aidan telling her whom she could or could not be friends with. Greenlee said staying away from Ryan was a huge sacrifice.

Ryan angrily tore his tie off and threw it off the roof. Kendall found the tie on the floor in ConFusion. Ryan went to Adam's house to see Emma, but Annie would not let him. Annie said she saw Ryan and Greenlee on the roof. Ryan said Annie should not make Emma suffer because of their problems. After Ryan left, Adam told Annie he did not approve of her using their children against Ryan. Adam said her plan would only push Ryan away even more. Frustrated, Annie decided to call Ryan."

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