08/18/2008 Annie Wants To Leave Pine Valley

"Aidan opened the door to the jet's bathroom and found Greenlee and Ryan in there. Annie saw Greenlee and Ryan standing close to each other and looked irate. Greenlee and Ryan were laughing as they walked out of the bathroom and explained that they were mistakenly locked in there. Greenlee asked Aidan if he cared that she was alone with Ryan in the bathroom. Aidan was not worried by Greenlee's close encounter with her ex-husband. On the other hand, Annie became physically ill after she saw Ryan with Greenlee.

Kendall wanted to talk to Zach about Annie. Kendall began to ramble on about Annie's insanity. Zach was tired of hearing Kendall's ranting, so he locked himself in the bathroom to get away from her.

Carmen met Jack at ConFusion. Jack commented on how nice she looked. She retorted that Jack was the "perfect man." She stated that Erica was very lucky to have Jack in her life. He reminded Carmen that he and Erica were completely broken up.

Kendall, Zach, Greenlee, and Aidan arrived at ConFusion to celebrate Greenlee and Aidan's impromptu marriage. Jack was very happy to see Greenlee, but Kendall was not happy to see Carmen at the bar with Jack. Kendall told Greenlee that she suspected Carmen of making a move on Jack. Greenlee said that Jack and Erica needed to move on and urged Kendall to do the same.

Kendall asked Carmen why she and Jack were at the bar. Carmen explained that they met so they could discuss her case, but never got the chance because of the wedding celebration. Carmen then commented that she had a feeling Jack and Erica would reunite, unless another woman snagged Jack. Kendall looked concerned.

Greenlee encouraged Jack to asked Carmen out on a date. So, Jack approached Carmen and invited her out to dinner. She looked confused and wondered if he was asking her on an official date. He said yes and she responded by quickly exiting the bar without an answer.

Ryan and Annie returned to their penthouse and were greeted by Emma. They hugged the little girl and told her that they missed her. After Emma left the room, Annie began to chastise Ryan for getting locked in the bathroom with Greenlee. Annie was convinced that Ryan wanted to be with Greenlee. He assured his wife that he was honoring his vows and being loyal to their family. She did not believe him and continued to berate him. She demanded that they leave Pine Valley because the town was ruining their lives. He stated that he could not leave because Spike lived there. She snapped that he did not want to leave because Greenlee lived there. Emma came rushing into the room and asked why her mother was upset. Ryan consoled their daughter and put her to bed. Ryan then confronted Annie on her unstable behavior. She began to cry and said that she did not know who she was anymore. She wondered if she was acting miserably because there was something wrong with the baby. He promised her that both she and the baby were fine.

Adam and Colby went to the bar at the Pine Valley Inn. Colby thought that they should be "laying low" due to her involvement in Richie's murder case. Adam assured his daughter that they would restore her reputation. Just then, Pete arrived and sat next to Colby. Adam ordered Pete to leave, but Colby asked him to stay, so she could have a distraction from Adam. Pete bragged that he would take over his father's company after he completed his MBA. Adam laughed, so Pete began to razz him. They whirled insults at each other until Colby broke up the argument. Pete told Colby that he had a way to make Adam more annoyed and he kissed her. Adam saw the kiss and called Palmer. As Adam screamed at Palmer, Pete told Colby that as long as Adam was yelling at someone else, he was not yelling at her. Colby seemed appreciative.

JR, Babe, and Little Adam entered Tad and Krystal's home for "movie night." They were surprised to learn that Kathy locked Krystal out of the house. Tad and Krystal both sat Kathy down to discuss the incident. Krystal told Kathy that she was not mad, but hurt by Kathy's actions. Tad interrupted Krystal and said that Kathy did not need her "big" speech. Krystal looked annoyed.

Krystal confided to Babe that she felt bad for Kathy because she lost most of her family at a very young age. Krystal then admitted that she thought Tad was not handling Kathy's behavioral issues properly.

JR told Tad that he needed to give Krystal more support where Kathy was concerned. Tad said that Kathy did not need to hear Krystal's speech on emotions. Tad reminded JR that Kathy dealt with a lot of loss and deserved to be happy. JR agreed, but affirmed that Tad could not be the only person Kathy relied on.

Tad, Krystal, and Babe watched as JR talked with Kathy. JR explained that although Krystal was not her "real mom," Krystal still loved her. Kathy stated, "Moms leave." Krystal assured Kathy that she would not leave her and they embraced. Krystal, Babe, and Tad commended JR for helping Kathy to open up.

Kathy played with her dolls alone. She pretended that one of the dolls was Krystal and ripped its head off. She then slyly smiled."

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