08/11/2008 Greenlee & Aidan's Wedding

"Cassie and Dre were at the pool together, even though both of their families advised them to stop seeing each other. Colby and Pete were also at the pool. All of the teenagers discussed Richie's murder case. Pete found it odd that he was never called to the station for questioning. Pete was actually disappointed that he was not involved in the case, since he was the one that tested the blood on the car. Colby, Dre, and Cassandra proceeded to recall the details of the night that they supposedly ran down Richie. They wondered if, perhaps, they were innocent after all. Cassandra mentioned that they never saw the body. Dre reminded her that they were distracted. Colby looked sheepish and blamed herself for being drunk and out of control that night.

Colby asked Pete when he was leaving for Harvard. Pete explained that he wished to stay in Pine Valley with her. He then confessed that he loved her. She looked worried and insisted that he could not love her since he did not know her. He retorted that they had known each other their whole lives. She answered that they were no longer kids that played together, but instead they were adults. Pete pretended that he was merely joking and she believed him.

Cassandra and Dre were sitting together. She tried to comfort him and assured him that he did not always have to act brave. He let his guard down and admitted that he was very scared. They shared a kiss.

Jesse followed Tad to Annie's car. Jesse stated that, because of his job, he should not be with Tad while he examined the car without a warrant. Tad said that Jesse wanted to find out the truth just as much as he did. Jesse reminded Tad that if they tampered with evidence, it would not be admissible in court. Still, Jesse turned his back to Tad and said he was "not there." Tad began to look at the car and noted that the damage did not look like it was caused by a tree, but by a pipe instead. Tad then noticed that the lug wrench was missing from Annie's set of tools in her trunk. They began to put the pieces together and deduced that Annie killed Richie with the wrench, which was why he died of blunt force trauma. This affirmed that Dre was being charged with a murder he did not commit.

Amanda met with Randi at ConFusion. Amanda could tell that Randi looked sad, and assumed it was due to Frankie. Randi divulged that she was having a hard time with Frankie since she was not used to "nice guys." Amanda said that work would lift Randi's spirits. Randi was unsure if she could handle the job because she was inexperienced. Amanda assured her that she would be perfect for the job since all she had to do was look gorgeous and answer the phones.

Carmen arrived at Fusion looking for Kendall. Babe stated that Kendall was out and that she was in charge. Carmen explained that Adam fired her, so Erica wanted her to work at Fusion. Babe happily gave her a position and asked her to fill out the paperwork in the lounge.

After Carmen left for the lounge, Amanda arrived with Randi and announced that Randi was their new employee. Babe revealed that she already hired someone, which annoyed Amanda. The two women began to bicker, but soon realized that they sounded like Kendall and Greenlee. They stopped fighting and agreed to hire Carmen. They apologized to Randi and she understood. Just then, Carmen reentered. Randi and Carmen saw each other and asked, at the same time, "What are you doing here?" Carmen then told Babe that Randi needed the job more than she did, and left. Amanda and Babe were very confused.

Greenlee proposed to Aidan. He was not sure if she was truly ready to be married, but she insisted that she did not want to waste any more time. He was elated and rushed off to find Babs and Foster, so they could be their witnesses.

Ryan suggested to Annie that they renew their vows. He said that he wanted to prove to her that their family was his priority. She was glad to hear it, but asked if love was a factor as well. He claimed that he loved her and wanted a "fresh start" with her. She was excited, so they headed off to the Cherub Chapel, which was the same chapel that Greenlee and Aidan were at.

Kendall wanted to tell the police and Ryan that she suspected Annie of killing Richie. Zach said that they could not do that since they had no proof. She was frustrated and affirmed that Annie was crazy. He urged her to lay off Annie until they could find evidence against her. They then went to the chapel to be witnesses for Annie and Ryan as they renewed their vows.

Ryan, Annie, Kendall, and Zach arrived at the chapel. An employee explained that there was a wedding in progress, so they would have to wait. As they waited, Kendall became antsy. Annie suggested that they watch the other wedding while they waited for their turn. They entered the chapel and looked shocked to see Greenlee and Aidan at the altar. Meanwhile, Greenlee was grateful to see her friends and called it "fate" that they chose the same chapel as she and Aidan. Annie looked happy to see Greenlee marrying Aidan, but Ryan looked disappointed. The justice of the peace asked if anyone objected to the marriage. Ryan flashed back to when he realized he was in love with Greenlee, but he kept quiet. Greenlee quipped that she was usually the one to object at weddings. Then, Greenlee and Aidan tied the knot."

- Soap Central