08/07/2008 Fletcher Offers Frankie A Deal

"On the airplane, Ryan asked Kendall and Zach why they wanted to go on a trip with him and Annie. Zach said it had been Annie's idea. Ryan said he thought it was odd that Kendall wanted to spend time with Annie, since the two women were not on good terms. Zach told Ryan that he and Kendall just wanted everyone to rekindle their friendship again.

Kendall asked Ryan if he had found out what the key behind Annie's picture frame unlocked. Ryan said he had no desire to find out because he trusted Annie. When Ryan went to check on Annie, Zach scolded Kendall for pushing Ryan too much about Annie's behavior. Zach agreed with Kendall that Annie was acting strangely, but Kendall needed to back off.

As Annie checked her appearance in the bathroom, she kept hearing Richie taunting her to get rid of Greenlee. She emerged from the bathroom and assured Ryan that she was feeling fine. Nothing more than pregnancy sickness, she added. Annie and Kendall agreed to make amends and start their friendship over. Kendall tried to ask Annie what had happened with the car accident, but Annie got offended with all the questions. Kendall walked off and decided to play cards with Zach.

Greenlee and Aidan went to a bar and decided to guess people's stories while sipping drinks. Greenlee spied an older couple holding hands and snuggling in the corner. She guessed the couple was celebrating a wedding anniversary. To see if she was right, Greenlee sent the couple a bottle of champagne to catch their attention. The couple, Foster and Babs, thanked Aidan and Greenlee for the champagne. They all decided to share the champagne and get to know each other.

Foster and Babs announced that the celebration was in honor of their wedding, which would take place in a few hours. Foster and Babs had reconnected a year earlier after spending 40 years apart. Greenlee and Aidan shared with their newfound friends the story of how they had met and fallen in love. Foster and Babs encouraged Greenlee and Aidan to go ahead and tie the knot. Foster and Babs invited Greenlee and Aidan to their wedding.

Randi waited for Frankie at ConFusion. Fletcher shoved Frankie into the back of a van and pointed a gun at him. Fletcher called Randi to let her know that he no longer needed her working for him. Randi thanked Fletcher for letting her go so easily without any consequences. However, Fletcher said Randi would return to him eventually.

After Fletcher hung up, he told Frankie that he had no intentions of letting Randi go. He threatened to get rid of her permanently if Frankie did not follow his instructions. Fletcher gave Frankie an agreement that Randi had signed when she'd begun working for him. To get Randi out of her contract, Fletcher wanted Frankie to give him the money she would make for five years. Fletcher let Frankie out of the car.

Jake spotted Randi as she waited for Frankie at the bar. Amanda was not pleased when she spied Jake talking to Randi. Amanda immediately cut into their conversation. When Jake left to take a phone call, Amanda said she worked for Fusion Cosmetics. Randi said she loved their products and wore them all the time.

Jake's lunch date got canceled, so he headed to the gym. Randi asked Amanda how she liked working at Fusion. Amanda said work had been so busy that it would be nice to have extra help. Randi offered to apply for the position if Amanda was serious. Amanda told Randi to call her after lunch to talk about the job further.

Randi immediately hugged Frankie once he arrived at ConFusion. She gushed about Fletcher being out of her life and a possible new job at Fusion Cosmetics. However, Frankie barely paid any attention to Randi. He kept thinking about Fletcher's threats to hurt Randi if Frankie did not pay up. Frankie encouraged Randi to move to Los Angeles or Miami to find a great job and get a new start.

Randi said she could not believe Frankie wanted her to leave Pine Valley. Frankie said he wanted her in his life. She pushed him away when he moved in for a kiss. Randi told him that she obviously still did not know how to pick the right man. After Randi left, Frankie left a message for Fletcher. Frankie agreed to get Fletcher his money in a week.

As Jake was running, he saw the blonde woman who had been on the path before. Jake tried to talk to her, but she was too focused on her job and politely brushed him off. He later saw her resting on the beach. Jake introduced himself, but the woman only told him to "have a nice day" before rushing off."

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