07/31/2008 Samuel Gives A Press Conference

"Samuel told Erica he was not upset that their date was spoiled by crowds of photographers and reporters. Samuel invited the media for an informal press conference to announce his budding relationship with Erica. After the announcement, Erica and Samuel left to continue their date at another restaurant. Erica said Samuel should invite Dre to their next date to get back at her for the media frenzy. Samuel said he was not sure if Dre would be open to that idea because they did not have a good relationship. Dre was hard to read and understand sometimes, Samuel added.

Babe brought JR a present to wish him luck at the board meeting where he hoped to be be voted the next chief executive officer at Chandler. JR was thrilled when he opened the package and found a picture of himself, Little Adam, and Babe. JR said he deserved the role as CEO after he kept the company alive. Babe said she wanted to support JR, but he needed to be sure he really wanted the job. JR said he was positive about his decision. He even asked Babe to marry him again. Babe gave JR a good luck kiss before leaving the office.

Krystal went to the Chandler mansion to find Colby, but instead she ran into Adam. Krystal asked Adam how he would protect Colby, but Adam said he had all the bases covered to make sure his daughter stayed out of jail. Krystal said Colby was not taking the guilt well, but Adam insisted his daughter was fine. Adam was shocked when Krystal told him that she found Colby drinking rum on a beach alone. Krystal pleaded with Adam to convince Colby to tell the truth. Adam said Krystal would not be giving the same advice if the situation applied to Babe. Krystal said Colby was just as much a daughter to her as Babe or Jenny. Adam told Krystal that he had a board meeting to attend. Krystal could not believe Adam was more concerned about work than Colby, but Adam said the outcome of the meeting would affect his entire family.

Pete followed Colby, Dre, and Cassie to Dre and Cassie's home. Dre invited Pete in as Cassie explained that she hated lying to her mother about Richie. Cassie said Jesse suspected that she knew something about Richie's murder and hired a cop to follow her around. Colby announced that Adam told Krystal about the teens involved in Richie's murder. Dre said too many people knew what happened to Richie. He said it was best if they went to the police, but Colby disagreed. Pete suggested they take a road trip to get their minds off the murder. Colby got annoyed with Pete and told him he should leave because no one wanted him around. Cassie said Pete hung around with them because he liked Colby, and secretly, Colby enjoyed the attention. Colby pulled Cassie aside and said she was not interested in Pete. Dre told Pete that Pete had no idea how to impress Colby, which is why she was so mean to him. Colby said she had a plan to keep them safe without Pete's help. Dre and Cassie agreed to go with Colby's plan.

Jesse was not pleased when he got new information about Richie's murder. Angie stopped by to try to work out the tension with Jesse. Angie told Jesse that Cassie was withholding information from her. Jesse said his task force checked all of the security cameras at the gas stations within 30 miles of Richie's body. Jesse showed Angie a picture of Cassie and Dre at a gas station five miles from the accident on the night of Richie's murder. Jesse said Colby, Dre, and Cassie were in the car that killed Richie. Jesse said they needed to get the truth out of Cassie."

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