07/24/2008 Colby & Cassie Babysit Emma

"Greenlee told Jackson that Annie was pregnant with Ryan's child. Greenlee said Ryan's doctor never performed the surgery and was being sued. Jackson asked how Greenlee was taking the news, but Greenlee was not upset. She said that she and Ryan were not meant to be together. Plus, Greenlee said she did not want children anymore. Greenlee asked Jackson if he had dated anyone since Erica was in prison. When Jackson was silent, Greenlee knew there was no other woman. Greenlee told her father that he should tell Erica how he felt to win her back.

Ryan went to Aidan and asked him to find out how the surgery went wrong. Ryan said the medical office claimed it sent records to notify him of the lawsuit, but he never received anything. Ryan said he was excited about the baby, but just hadn't really processed everything that was happening. Ryan asked Aidan to check into Dr. Cooper's office and get more details.

Annie bought a nanny-cam hoping to catch Colby, Cassie, Dre, and Pete confessing to Richie's murder. Colby and Cassie went to Annie's house to babysit Emma, but were stopped by a stranger in the hallway. The stranger got lost so Colby directed him to the floor he needed. Cassie said the man looked familiar and might have been spying on them. Colby said Cassie was being paranoid, and knocked on Annie's door. Once Annie let the girls inside, she immediately began acting devastated about Richie's death. After Annie was gone, Cassie felt weird being in Annie's home, but Colby was not sympathetic. When Ryan got home, Cassie and Colby had not admitted anything about their roles in Richie's death.

Randi ran away from the women's shelter after Fletcher showed up. Frankie found her in a Pine Valley restaurant. Frankie told Randi that the women's shelter employees would make sure Fletcher did not harass her again. Randi said she did not need help because Fletcher reminded her that she was nothing more than trash. Frustrated, Frankie asked Randi why she could not see what a wonderful woman she was. Randi told Frankie he was wasting his time trying to save her. Other men had tried, and they all failed, she added. Randi told Frankie to watch his back because Fletcher had a way of ruining people's lives.

Jake got to the hospital to start his shift as Angie was leaving. Jake asked Angie if any extra interns were around to help him with his patients. Angie said Jake could sign up for a volunteer program that would pair him up with a volunteer. She even suggested Jake share Frankie's volunteer, who was Colby. Jake said he was not interested in working with Colby. Jake said he used to think Colby was his daughter years ago and would feel weird working with her. When Angie got home, Cassie told her that a weird man was following her. Frankie and Angie assumed the man was Fletcher.

Jake went for a run and almost banged into a female runner. They apologized to each other and parted ways.

Samuel went to check on Erica to make sure she was handling her newfound freedom well. Samuel said he ran into Opal, who said she had already her cast vote for Jackson. Erica realized that Opal's vote was referring to who she preferred Erica be involved with. Erica said she had feelings for Jackson, but they were divorced. As Samuel leaned in to kiss Erica, someone knocked on the door to deliver gifts she had bought for family and friends. One of those gifts was a purple tie for Samuel. Erica tied the tie on Sam's collar to make sure it flattered him. Sam told Erica he could not stop thinking about her. A photographer quickly took a picture of Sam giving Erica a kiss. Jackson saw the man taking pictures as he walked toward Erica's room. Jackson grabbed the man, pushed the door open and was shocked to see Samuel and Erica in each other's arms."

- Soap Central