07/18/2008 Annie Threatens Greenlee

"Jack arrived at the jail and told Erica he was in the know about her early release. He admitted that although Samuel was the reason that she was locked up in the first place, he was very happy that the senator had finally chosen to do the right thing. He then commended Erica for all she had done while incarcerated, and while she was pleased with the praise, she noted that she couldn't wait to be released. It was then that Jack informed her that as soon as she packed her bags, she would be free to leave. He told her that her paperwork was almost processed and that she would be free within the hour. Erica was quickly overwhelmed with the thought of the freedom that she'd missed during her stint in prison. Jack suggested that she take things one step at a time, as she would have plenty of time to do all of the things that she wanted once she got out. He then said that first her first decision needed to be one about where she wanted to go once she got out. He told her that although Kendall would love it if Erica stayed with them, he would be equally ecstatic if she moved back in with him.

Jack promised that he wasn't trying to make a move on her-he simply wanted to offer a friend a place to stay, especially since all of the kids were gone. Erica thanked him for the offer but said that she needed some time alone. She wanted something more permanent, but would settle for a room at the Yacht Club for the time being. As she mulled over all of the things that would soon change, she mentioned that she would miss all of the friends that she had made while locked up. At that moment, a group of those friends came in with an oversized homemade card that wished Erica the best of luck with her own new beginning. They also gave her other gifts to help her remember them. When they wrapped up the celebration and gave her an award, Erica was prompted to again thank them for everything they had done for her during her stay and told them that she would never forget their friendship.

The ladies surrounded her with a hug and Erica promised that she would stay in touch and send care packages. She then asked if they would help her pack and they readily agreed. After they gathered up all the gifts and headed off, Erica apologized to Jack for being unclear earlier. She told him that she didn't mean to push him away when she noted that she needed space, and specified that she just needed some time to acclimate herself to life outside. Jack said that he understood and was delighted when she suggested that the first thing she wanted to do post-lockup was to have a meal with him. He left to check on the paperwork and Sybil, a new inmate, approached her and said she couldn't leave until she'd gotten one more present. Erica said that she didn't want anything else and requested that she move, but when she wouldn't, Erica called for the guard. Sybil grabbed her then, revealed a shank she'd been holding, and said that Erica wouldn't be going anywhere.

Ryan was stunned when Greenlee said that Kendall had told her everything about his memory coming back. He thought that she knew that he was still in love with her, and when she said that she loved him and it was everything that she wanted, he grabbed her in his arms, with the thought that all his dreams had come true.

Zach carried a passed-out Annie into the hospital and ran into Jake, who wanted to know what happened. Annie started to come around just as Jake ordered her to be placed in a cubicle. He followed the orderlies as Zach reached for his phone.

The confusion continued when Ryan, who still believed that Greenlee knew he was in love with her, asked how Aidan had taken the news. Greenlee innocently told him that she hadn't shared the news with Aidan yet but that he would be fine. Ryan was stunned as Greenlee pulled him over to the bar to ask for more details about what had happened as she noted how great it was that everything had fallen into place. Ryan corrected her and said the course of events was nothing short of amazing. His phone rang just then and when he answered it, Zach told him that he had brought Annie to the hospital and that Ryan needed to get there as soon as possible.

Tad paid Jesse a visit at the police station and it only took a few minutes for the chief to figure out that the ex-PI was bored. He suggested that Tad rethink his retirement, but Tad assured him that he had made the right decision and said that he just needed to find a new hobby. Tad made a few flip suggestions before he noticed some pictures of Richie Novak. He then promised that he wouldn't take up bad habits if Jesse told him about his thoughts on the case. Jesse said that because of the overwhelming amount of people that wanted Richie dead, he had a feeling that the death was not accidental, but rather the result of premeditation. Tad reviewed the case file and thought that Jesse might be onto something. He then asked the chief if he considered Zach a suspect since he brought him into the station. Slightly knocked off guard by Tad's continued contacts, Jesse told him that he had suspected Zach but that the car Slater had driven was clean. Tad asked what the next step was and although Jesse admitted he had something up his sleeve, he declined to talk about it.

After he took a call from the mayor, Jesse wanted to know how he could get rid of Tad. Tad baited him right back when he noted that he planned to investigate matching golf outfits for them. Jesse stopped him and put the jokes aside when he asked if Tad thought he was doing the right thing by digging into the investigation of Richie's death. He pointed out that Richie had done a lot of bad things in town and that part of him felt he should just leave well enough alone. On the flip side, he pointed out that there was a system in place and as chief he should adhere to the rules. Tad said that he believed in Jesse and would support him regardless of the decision he made. Tad started to leave but the arrival of some test results changed his mind. Jesse opened the envelope and was delighted at the results contained within. He told Tad that forensics had been able to lift a set of tire prints from Richie, which indicated that he was not just hit, but run over. In addition, he said that the tires were unique and that the car with those tires had been purchased in Pine Valley. He then handed the paperwork over to Tad so that he could see who had purchased the car.

During lunch with his father at the Valley Inn, Pete told Palmer that although it was an honor to be accepted into Harvard, he felt that he wasn't ready to go. He indicated that he needed time to investigate his other interests and could do so by waiting six months to a year before applying. At that moment, Adam arrived and reintroduced himself to Palmer's son. While Palmer tried to warn Pete that Adam was still one of the enemies, Adam pointed out Palmer's penchant for the overly dramatic, and simply welcomed the lad back to Pine Valley. He then invited himself to the Cortlandt table and, after a few moments, asked Pete to help him get another round of drinks at the bar. Palmer was concerned but sidelined by an incoming call, so he warned his son not to trust Adam. Pete assured his father he would be fine and accompanied Adam to the bar. After they placed their order, Pete started to chat with Adam about the advancements that Chandler Enterprises had made. Adam interrupted him and said that he didn't want to talk about business; rather, he wanted to talk about the crime Pete had committed at his alma mater-rape.

Pete was beside himself with the accusation but Adam quickly let him know that although it wasn't true, he had people on his payroll that would make it believable enough that he would be arrested. Pete wanted to know why Adam would do such a thing so the mogul laid it out for him-because he knew that Colby's car had been involved in an accident, one connected with Richie Novak's death, Pete was now a liability. In order to keep his daughter safe, Adam mentioned that he was willing to send Pete up the river without any regard for the truth.

After Annie was settled in her room and returned to full consciousness, she told Jake that she wasn't sick and didn't know why she passed out. He asked if she was up for a few questions so that her ailments could be determined. After she said she was, he asked if there was a chance she could be pregnant. She hesitated and then told him that there was no chance, as Ryan had had a vasectomy. He continued to ask her questions and when he got to one about something that might have upset her before she passed out, she flashed back to her discussion with Zach and faltered as she tried to answer. She finally said out loud that she didn't remember the conversation, so he let that point go. He asked if she'd been injured recently and she told him that her brother had hit her over the head. She noted that although Angie had wanted her to go to the hospital, she had declined, so an MRI had not been done. Jake told her it was a possible cause and insisted that she have one.

Ryan and Greenlee showed up at the hospital and Ryan quickly took off after Zach told him where Annie was. Once alone, Greenlee surprised Zach when she sounded genuinely concerned about Annie. She continued to surprise him as she delivered all of the good news about how she forgave both Aidan and Kendall, and her excitement over the fact that Ryan's memory came back. As Zach reeled with how all of this made him feel, she told him that the best part was the last because it meant that Ryan was in love with Annie again, and that the change would help Annie out of her funk.

In the cubicle, Jake told Annie and Ryan that her test results came back clear and that he just needed to take some blood before the MRI. He left the room and Annie explained that she might have a concussion. She then apologized for the hospital trip and said that they should be celebrating his memory's return. She told him that she would get over whatever she had as soon as possible so that they could get back to life as they knew it. Ryan then interrupted her gleeful rambling when he asked why she had been with Zach. She tried to play it off and said she just bumped into him, but when Ryan reminded her that she said the call she received at home was from the office, she started to stumble. He asked her why she didn't just tell him the truth and she claimed that she didn't know because her head was fuzzy. Jake returned at that point to draw blood, and Ryan took the opportunity to leave.

Ryan went out to the waiting room and found Zach and Greenlee virtually where he left them. He told Greenlee that he needed to talk to Zach alone and Greenlee immediately removed herself from the room. Ryan explained that he was confused as to why his wife met with Zach and what the secrecy was about. Zach told him that there was no reason why Ryan couldn't have joined them, and Ryan noted that he didn't think Annie wanted him there. Zach said that Annie had secrets that she held with her brother and said he would have to ask her about them if he wanted to know. Ryan confessed that he'd already done that and that Annie had said that she didn't remember. Because he didn't believe her, he decided to confront the only other person that would know. Zach revealed that Annie had pawned her wedding ring to get money for Richie to post bail and leave town. He said that Annie confessed to doing that so she could get Richie out of town and away from the people that she cared about as quickly as possible, but didn't tell Ryan about it because she thought he would be angry with her. Ryan said he wasn't thrilled but that he understood, given that he had done damage control for his brothers before. Zach suggested that he make sure Annie knew how he felt.

Back in her cubicle, Jake finished up with her blood work and took it off to get it processed quickly. After he exited the room, Annie tried to stand and walk around the room a bit. Greenlee stopped in and Annie's mood immediately darkened. Greenlee tried to inquire as to how she was feeling but Annie wanted to know how she'd found out about her trip to the hospital. As soon as Greenlee confessed that she'd been with Ryan when he got the call, Annie felt threatened and demanded that she stop spending time with Ryan because he belonged with her, not Greenlee. Greenlee swore that she knew that and said Annie had no reason to feel threatened but Annie didn't back down and said that the more time Greenlee spent with Ryan, the more opportunities she had to turn him against Annie. Greenlee said she wouldn't do that but Annie, disbelieving, grabbed Greenlee's hair and said that if Greenlee didn't do as asked, Annie would step in and make it happen. Annie then started to feel weak and began to fall over. Although she didn't know why, Greenlee instantly stopped her fair-weather friend from falling to the ground.

Greenlee helped her back into bed and then curtly told Annie that she had nothing to worry about since Greenlee was back with Aidan and that all had been forgiven. Greenlee noted that she had even included Annie on the forgiveness list until she realized that Annie's issues were about more than stress. Annie, still perturbed, demanded again that Greenlee stay away from Ryan and Greenlee bequeathed Ryan to her without a second thought. Jake came back as Greenlee was on her way out, and Greenlee took a moment to tell him that he needed to keep Annie away from sharp objects. Jake shook his head as he watched his roommate leave and then turned his full attention to his patient. He told Annie that he got the rest of the results back and that she wouldn't need an MRI after all.

Jesse visited Adam at home and asked how his new car had managed to mow down Richie Novak. Adam tried to make it appear as though it were a ludicrous claim that he had any involvement in Richie's death, but when Jesse revealed that he had forensic evidence, Adam claimed that he had reported it stolen and nothing had come of it.

Zach excused himself and placed a call to Kendall to let her know what had happened. Greenlee returned to the room at that moment and told Ryan she had just been in to visit Annie and asked what he planned to do about her. Before he could answer, Jake returned to the room as well and informed Ryan that Annie would be discharged but that he would let Annie tell him what they'd discovered. Jake left and when Ryan delayed leaving, Greenlee urged him to go and said that they could talk later. Ryan then went to Annie's room and when he got to the door, he found Annie on the bed, wiping away her tears. He approached her and asked what could be wrong, since she was being released. She smiled and said that a miracle had happened-Jake had told her that she was pregnant.

Zach returned to the waiting room and asked for an update on Annie. Greenlee said that she didn't know specifics but that Annie must be okay because Jake discharged her. Then, to Zack's amusement, she revealed that Annie was back off the forgiveness list because she had threatened Greenlee for talking to Ryan."

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