02/27/2008 Stuck In The Elevator

"Angie went to visit Jesse in the cabin. When she entered, she didn't see Jesse. Angie looked distressed and called out for him, and Jesse quickly appeared. Angie said that she got worried when she didn't see him. Angie feared that Jesse either ran away or got captured by thugs. Jesse vowed that he would never leave his family again. He then stated that it was too dangerous for Angie to visit him. Jesse requested that Angie stop coming to the cabin, but she refused. Angie divulged that she spoke with Derek about Remy's death. Angie said that Derek asked her a few questions, but did not mention Jesse. Jesse was still convinced that he and Remy were connected somehow. Then, Angie left and Tad arrived. Tad brought Jesse the file on Remy's murder. Tad said that Remy and Jesse were both shot with the same caliber bullet. Jesse became frustrated and yelled out that he needed the gun that shot them. Tad urged Jesse to calm down. Jesse said that he was going stir crazy. He worried that he was putting Angie and Frankie in danger. Tad assured Jesse that he would watch over Jesse's family like they were his own.

Frankie met with Joe at the hospital. Frankie registered to be an intern at Pine Valley Hospital. Joe was excited to have Frankie and Angie on his staff. Then, Frankie met Colby, who was volunteering at the hospital. Colby recognized Frankie from his picture in the newspaper. Colby introduced herself, but Frankie gave her a cold reception. Meanwhile, Angie arrived at work. Joe greeted her and told her the news about Frankie. Angie immediately found her son. Frankie explained that he only signed up to be an intern because he wanted to help his father. Frankie said that he planned on searching old files in order to find clues for Jesse. Angie demanded that Frankie not do this. Angie stated that Jesse did not want Frankie involved. She warned Frankie that he could get himself into trouble if he pursued his father's case. So, Frankie promised not to meddle. Colby observed Frankie's intense encounter with Angie and inquired if he needed to talk. Frankie snidely remarked that "the daughter of Adam Chandler" would not understand his problems and stormed off. Colby called him a jerk. Meanwhile, Angie decided to research some old files herself. When she entered the storage room, she was shocked to see that Jesse was there too. Angie joked, "Great minds think alike."

Frankie went to the park. As he made a phone call, an unidentified person followed him and photographed him.

The doctor started the bone marrow transplant process on JR. Richie asked if JR could feel anything. The doctor explained that JR was sedated, so he felt no pain. He further explained that JR might experience some discomfort when he awoke. Richie inquired how the process would work. The doctor stated that the bone marrow would be taken from JR's hips. He also said that Richie would receive chemotherapy to get him ready for the transplant. The doctor affirmed that he was confident this would work. Then, the doctor started the procedure on JR. As Richie watched, he wished that he found out JR had volunteered for the transplant sooner. After JR was done, Richie's henchmen asked what they should do with JR. Richie told them to get rid of him, like they planned. So, they put JR into a body bag. Richie ordered them to be gentle because JR just saved his life. Richie then fell asleep. He dreamed that Babe visited him in lingerie. Babe professed her love for Richie and thanked him for getting rid of JR. When Richie awoke, he declared that his dream would become a reality soon.

Babe and Krystal were at ConFusion. Babe could not reach JR on his phone, so she called the hospital. She learned that JR never showed up for the bone marrow transplant. Babe explained all of this to Krystal. Krystal assured Babe that JR was just running late. Babe commented that JR scammed her. Krystal was confused. Babe explained her entire scheme to trick JR into being Richie's donor. She further explained that JR ended up offering to be the donor voluntarily. Krystal was surprised at JR's generosity, but she was not surprised that he sweet-talked Babe into bed. Babe insisted that she initiated the sex. However, Babe said that JR conned her into thinking that he would donate his bone marrow. Krystal still thought that JR might donate, so she called the hospital. After Krystal was told that JR never showed, she grew concerned and wondered if something bad had happened to JR. Just then, Babe received a phone call. An unidentified caller had information about JR. The caller told Babe to go to a hotel room. Babe and Krystal quickly rushed off. When they opened the door to the room, they both looked horrified. Babe gasped, "Oh my God!"

Zach and Aidan walked into Fusion and saw Ryan and Annie standing next to a stripper pole. The two men laughed at Ryan as he put his shirt back on. Greenlee and Kendall explained that dancing on the stripper poles helped them relieve stress. Then, they all got on the elevator to leave. After the doors shut, the elevator stopped abruptly. They were stuck. Aidan called for help, but the engineer said that he could not come for at least an hour. Ryan began to laugh and Kendall asked why. Ryan happily recalled the time that he and Kendall got stuck in an elevator. Kendall commented that it was so hot that they had to strip down to practically no clothes. Annie looked annoyed. Greenlee then mentioned that she and Ryan were also stuck in an elevator together. Annie looked even more bothered, so Greenlee stopped talking. Annie yelled that it was common knowledge that Ryan slept with all three of them. Then, Kendall and Annie began hurling insults at each other. Kendall accused Annie of giving up on Ryan. Annie stated that Ryan's condition was Kendall's fault because he stepped in front of a bullet intended for her. Aidan realized that the situation was turning ugly. He called the engineer again, but there was no answer. Greenlee became unsettled when she realized that the engineer was not responding. She began to yell and pound on the door. Zach took her hand and calmed her down. He reminded Greenlee that the elevator was not as bad as the bomb shelter. He asked Greenlee to recall how they survived the bomb shelter. Greenlee quipped that they made love all night long. Aidan and Kendall looked stunned and appalled. Greenlee laughed and announced that she was just kidding, but Aidan and Kendall still looked disturbed. Finally, the elevator started and they all went to ConFusion. Kendall said goodbye to Zach as she left for her book tour, and asked him to check on Erica while she was away. Meanwhile, Aidan said goodbye to Greenlee because he was going with Kendall as her bodyguard. After Aidan left, Greenlee saw Ryan at the bar and sat down with him."

- Soap Central