02/19/2008 Angie Wants Answers

"As the reporters snap photos of Erica being arrested, the Fusion girls try to distract them with an invitation to an after-party at ConFusion. Jackson follows Erica to the police station after she kisses Kendall good-bye. Ryan finds Kendall sitting alone and worried about her mother. Before he can approach her, Zach steps in front of him as though to shield Kendall. Ryan offers to help Kendall, but Zach says he should be more concerned about supporting Annie.

JR asks Babe if she will take him up on his offer to play poker. Annie tries to get the guests to go to ConFusion. Greenlee tells Aidan that the stress is not good for Kendall's baby. But Aidan claims Kendall told him she was not pregnant. Greenlee scolds Aidan for asking about the baby when it was supposed to be a secret. Kendall asks Greenlee to help get the guests to ConFusion. When Greenlee tries to ask about the baby, Kendall says they can discuss it later. All of the Fusion ladies head down to ConFusion with their husbands or boyfriends. Greenlee admits to Kendall she spilled the beans about the pregnancy. Greenlee urges Kendall to take the pregnancy test, but Kendall is positive she is not carrying a baby. Zach and Aidan bring over a round of drinks, but Kendall pushes the alcoholic away. Ryan tells Annie he wants to remember his life with her, but she doesn't believe him. In fact, Annie suggests Ryan is lying about his amnesia so he can go back to Kendall. Ryan finds Kendall to see how she is holding up. Kendall claims she is just worried about Erica. He grabs her hands and gloats about how beautiful their son, Spike, is. JR takes Babe home and gets out a deck of cards to play poker. If Babe wins, JR has to be Richie's donor. If JR wins, he can have anything he wants. Ryan comes home, but does not get a warm greeting from Annie. She packs his bags and tells him to get out. Kendall goes to the bathroom and takes the pregnancy test.

Jesse recalls Angie holding him as he lay bleeding from a gun wound. Angie begs Jesse to tell her what happened and where he has been for 20 years. Jesse says he remembers waking up in a room after being shot. He heard people asking him questions, and they would hit him each time he did not answer. He refuses to divulge any more information, but Angie wants more answers. She says he put her through torture by staying away. Jesse tells Angie he wants to be with her more than anything. Angie lifts up the back of Jesse's shirt and gasps when she sees his scars. Jesse pulls Angie toward him and they share a kiss. Jesse pulls away, worried that someone may be watching him. Jesse tries to leave, but Angie holds him back. She starts to kiss him and they make love.

Erica is escorted through the police station as the reporters hound her. Derek removes Erica's handcuffs as Jackson asks her not to say anything to Samuel. But as soon as Samuel comes by, Erica calls him a weasel who will be sorry he ever messed with her. As Erica gets her mug shot taken, Jackson tells Sam his case will never make it to court. Sam claims the evidence against Erica is overwhelming. Jackson thinks Sam isn't so confident with his evidence because he had Erica arrested on her own television show. If Sam were so sure he could put Erica behind bars, he would have arrested her in a more private forum. Erica tells Jackson that her idea could get Sam off her back. But Jackson wants Erica to keep quiet. Erica doesn't like that idea, and decides to fire Jackson. She apologizes to Sam for her outbursts earlier. Erica offers to use her influential powers to guarantee Sam a spot in the U.S. Senate. In return, Sam would have to drop the charges against her. When Erica asks if they have a deal, Sam shakes her hand as Jackson walks in the room. Samuel then charges Erica with attempted bribery of a government official."

- Soap Central