01/16/2008 Ryan Makes Richie An Offer

"Fusion threw Kendall and Greenlee a "Welcome Back" party. Kendall and Greenlee were pleasantly surprised to see all of their employees toasting them with margaritas as they entered the Fusion offices. Kendall and Greenlee rejoiced over their reunion as both friends and business partners. Then, Kendall and Greenlee discussed their love lives. Kendall recalled her night in front of the fire with Zach. Greenlee stated how romantic Aidan could be, but presumed that Kendall already knew this. Kendall was freaked out by the comment. Greenlee assumed that Kendall knew about Aidan's romantic side because they dated in the past. Kendall realized that she overreacted and smoothed things over by agreeing to a double date with Zach, Greenlee, and Aidan. Meanwhile, Babe ignored Amanda because of her blackmail against JR. Ava was also mad at Amanda for this. Amanda asserted that although her actions were wrong, JR deserved it. Ava agreed and let up. Amanda and Ava then bonded over a few drinks. Ava divulged that she and Jonathan broke up. Then, they both shared sob stories over their dysfunctional mothers. Meanwhile, Babe accosted Annie and pleaded Richie's case. Annie did not appreciate Babe's constant pressure. Annie believed that the decision to be tested was solely her own. Then, Kendall gave a toast commending everyone's contribution to Fusion, especially because they landed a promotional account with The Campbell Soup Company. Soon after, Kendall left work, but forgot her bag. Greenlee grabbed the bag and tried to give it Kendall, but she was already gone. The bag contained Kendall's manuscript. After everyone left work, Greenlee began to read the pages, even though she was not feeling well.

Colby gave Dre good news-his father's private investigator left town. Dre was relieved because he could finally leave the Chandler mansion's tunnels. Dre wanted to thank Colby, so he took her to BJ's for a burger. Meanwhile, JR was already there when Sean walked in. Sean looked extremely tired and stressed out. JR recognized this look and immediately interrogated Sean as to what he did wrong. Just then, Colby and Dre entered. Sean sat Colby down and admitted his affair with Hannah. Colby was heartbroken. Then, Sean left and JR comforted Colby. JR warned his sister that some men were incapable of changing. Colby wondered if JR could change. JR said he was trying to become a better man because he loved Babe and Little Adam. Then, Sean reentered because he forgot his phone. Dre chastised Sean for hurting Colby. Sean thought that Dre should be happy since Dre liked Colby. Colby and Dre then left. JR proceeded to grab Sean and advised him to stay away from Colby.

Richie was at the hospital. Julia gave Richie a check up as he flirted with her. Julia ignored Richie as Joe entered. Joe stated that Richie was put on the national donor list for a bone marrow transplant. Joe also mentioned that Annie was still Richie's best shot for a perfect match.

Josh went to see Ryan at his penthouse. Ryan wanted Josh to liquidate all of his Cambias stock. Josh wondered if Ryan was feeling alright. Ryan laughed and assured Josh that he felt great. Then, Richie came over because he wanted to speak with Annie. Josh said he would get Ryan's paper work started and left. Ryan knew why Richie came by and stated that he would not let Annie be his donor. Richie called Ryan arrogant since it was Annie's decision, not his. Ryan explained that Richie was violent and cruel, so he could not be a part of the Lavery family. However, Ryan offered to personally find a donor for Richie and pay his medical bills. Richie thought this was another one of Ryan's tricks. Ryan claimed this was his way of ensuring that Richie stayed away from Annie. Then, Ryan kicked Richie out of his apartment.

After work, Annie walked to her car in the parking garage. Annie was startled to see Richie lurking in the shadows. Richie approached Annie and declared that she was going to save his life.

Babe arrived home to find JR standing outside her door. JR slyly grinned, so Babe knew her ex-husband was up to something. JR then announced that they were neighbors because he leased the condo across from hers.

Aidan was on his property in the woods. Aidan recalled his night of passion with Kendall as Quentin entered. Quentin was very sick, so Aidan brought him to Greenlee's penthouse. Quentin could barely move due to his illness. Still, Quentin did not want any medical treatment. Aidan felt that Quentin needed help, so he called Julia over. Quentin was hesitant to let Julia look at him, but he eventually gave in. Julia instantly knew that Quentin should go to the hospital. When Quentin heard this, he jumped up and adamantly refused to go anywhere near Pine Valley Hospital. So, Aidan asked Julia to leave. Then, Aidan knocked Quentin unconscious and called Julia back to the apartment. Julia called Joe and explained that she had a patient that needed immediate medical attention.

Kendall arrived at Ryan's penthouse. Ryan was overly excited to see Kendall. Ryan picked Kendall up in his arms and then planted a big kiss on her lips!"

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