03/29/2007 Hannah Visits Alexander

"Still struggling with the chicken pox, Annie tries to forget about her desire to itch by wearing mittens. Ryan comes into her bedroom, with a tray of food, declaring that she not to give into her desires to scratch. Emma rushes into the room, showing off her newly caught chicken pox. She even paints chicken poxes on Ryan's face with a marker. To distract Annie from scratching, Emma and Ryan put on a show for Annie. After Ryan leaves, Annie indulges herself by ripping off the mittens and scratching. Soon after, Ryan draws an oatmeal bath for her. Annie isn't crazy about the idea, but gives it a shot. After the soothing bath, Ryan tells her that he has never been so happy before.

Zach introduces Kendall to Hannah. Kendall tells Hannah she and Zach were worried Alex had gotten to her. Hannah says she may have escaped Alex, but never got a chance to know her son, Ethan. Kendall catches up Hannah on some of Ethan's life as Zach rushes off to handle a business matter. When Hannah thinks that Zach abandoned Ethan, Kendall tries to explain that Zach thought it would protect Ethan by hiding his true identity. Kendall fills Hannah in on the details surrounding the Satin Slayer murders. Kendall tells Ethan that he knew Hannah loved him before he died. When Zach comes back, Hannah promises to think about his job offer and leaves.

Hannah pays Alex a visit in jail. At first, he does not remember her, so she brings up old memories to make him remember exactly who she is. Hannah recalls how he tried to make her abort Ethan, leaving her no choice but to run away. She adds that although it was awful giving Ethan up for adoption, it was worth the sacrifice because he never ended up like Alex.

Jack pushes Barbara away when she tries to devour him with more kisses. He tells Barbara that just because he has divorced Erica, it does not mean she can have him. Barbara tells Jackson she can help him, but he grabs his car keys and goes to the yacht. As he is sitting on the bed, Barbara walks in to check on him. When Barbara makes her move to seduce Jackson, he does not push her away.

Erica tells Jeff their relationship has run its course, but Jeff refuses to believe their romance is over. Erica says their only connection now is Josh, but Jeff wants it to be more. Erica explains that the divorce was finalized that day. It made her realize that she still loves Jack, and will always want him, Erica said. Jeff asks what will happen if Jackson does not take her back. Erica says, if that is the case, she will fall on her face, but not rush back to a man to heal the pain. Jeff kisses Erica cheek and leaves. When she goes to the yacht, she sees Jackson and Barbara in bed together.

At Fusion, Zoe makes one of three deals she promised for Kendall, but her happiness is interrupted by a visit from her mother, Marjie Luper. Mrs. Luper awkwardly hugs Zoe, explaining that she wanted to come when the police thought she was the Satin Slayer, but was confused by rumors of her transformation. Zoe's mother tells her that it is wrong for her to go through with the change. Zoe says he tried to be a man, but it was never the right choice for him. Marjie urges Zoe to come home, so they can be closer and he can be a man. Upset, Zoe rushes out of the building with Bianca following behind. Bianca catches up with Zoe at the park and explains how her mother negatively reacted when learned Bianca was gay. Zoe thinks her mother does not love her, just the image of a man he portrayed. Bianca admits that she hope Miranda never has to go through the prejudice they have experienced from society because of their sexual orientation. Bianca encourages Zoe to give her mother a chance.

Back at Fusion, Josh tries to make Marjie understand how Zoe is feeling, but she believes she knows Zoe better than anyone else. She asks Josh to fix her son, but Josh says that Zoe's mind is female in her heart and soul. Now, she just wants the outside to match. Marjie begins to think she is to blame because something must have medically happened while she was pregnant with Zoe. Zoe asks his mother to just be grateful that Zoe has found true happiness."

- Soap Central