03/26/2007 Zach & Kendall Visit Ethan's Grave

"Annie turned away from Ryan and demanded he leave the bedroom. Ryan asked why, but Annie would not answer. Annie demanded that Ryan leave again and asked him to send Julia into the room. So, Ryan left and got Julia from downstairs. Julia went into the bedroom and looked at Annie. Right away Julia knew that Annie had chicken pox. Julia recommended a treatment and said that she would warn everyone downstairs. Annie then told Julia not to let Ryan upstairs. However, when Julia told all of the residents of Wildwind about Annie's condition, Ryan rushed upstairs. Annie refused to let Ryan inside, so he broke in. Annie hid under the covers as Ryan joked about her illness. Then, Ryan pulled the covers off of Annie. Annie had lotion all over her face and looked embarrassed. Ryan did not care and proclaimed that he wanted to be with Annie for better or for worse. Then, Ryan kissed Annie and got lotion all over his face. Annie and Ryan laughed together. Meanwhile, everyone else was downstairs hanging out. Julia was working on a contract negotiation between the nurses and the hospital, while everyone else played cards. Then, the doorbell rang. Jonathan answered it and Lily came inside. Lily wanted to speak with Aidan. Lily asked Aidan to run a background check on Barbara. Lily explained that Barbara disrupted her family, so Lily wanted her to leave town. Lily planned on blackmailing Barbara with the dirt Aidan might find. Aidan stated that blackmail was illegal and would not help Lily. So, Lily said she would find another plan and left. Meanwhile, Jonathan confided in Amanda that he was still not over Lily. Jonathan also told Amanda about his run in with Lily at Cambias. Amanda assured Jonathan that he would find another job. So, Jonathan agreed and said that he was quitting his job at ConFusion. Amanda thought this would be good for both of their careers.

Lily went home and saw Barbara in the living room. Lily announced that she wanted to blackmail Barbara, so Barbara would leave town. Lily further explained that blackmail would not work and that she devised a new plan. The new plan was to take the "direct approach". So, Lily told Barbara to leave Pine Valley. Barbara looked shocked.

Babe and Little Adam walked up to Bianca's apartment just as Bianca and Zoe were about to kiss in the doorway. Babe said she would come back another time, but Bianca insisted she stay. Then, Babe went inside and Zoe left. Babe said that Little Adam wanted to see his birthday twin. So, the two children played together as their mothers reminisced about their turbulent births. As Bianca and Babe laughed and watched their children, they reflected on their happiness over becoming friends again. They were also glad to see that their children were becoming friends too. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Zoe ran into JR. Zoe said that Babe and Bianca were having a special moment and warned JR not to interrupt. So, JR hesitated on entering, but eventually knocked on the door. Once inside, JR apologized for intruding and promised to leave if they asked him to. The women said nothing, so JR wished Miranda a happy birthday. Then, JR asked Babe if she needed help getting Little Adam home. Babe accepted the offer and they left. Then, Zoe returned with her birthday gift for Miranda. Bianca took a peek at the gift. It was a jewelry box that played the song Zoe wrote for Miranda. Bianca hugged Zoe and their eyes locked. Then, they kissed!

There was no power in the Chandler Mansion. Krystal called out for Tad, but Adam answered her instead. Adam explained that he would continue to shut off utilities as long as Krystal stayed. Krystal asked how Adam could do this to Little Adam. Adam stated that the boy would stay in his suite, which still had power. Then, Krystal asked about Tad's whereabouts. Adam claimed he did not know, so Krystal went to look for Tad. Krystal eventually found Tad tied up and gagged in a bedroom. As Krystal untied Tad, Adam shut the door on them. Then, Tad looked at the door and realized that Adam glued it shut. Krystal began to panic, so Tad told her to relax for the baby's sake. Meanwhile, JR and Babe came home and inquired about the power and Krystal's whereabouts. Adam claimed there was a power outage and that Krystal went to sleep. Then, Adam left and JR gave Babe an anniversary gift. The gift was a deed to a plot of land. JR said that he still wanted Babe to have her dream house, regardless of whether or not they got back together. Then, JR left and Babe stared at the deed.

Zach and Kendall stood in front of Ethan's grave as an unidentified person watched them from afar. Zach told Kendall that he regretted pushing Ethan away. Zach then explained that he denied his son because he did not want the Cambias curse to hurt him. Kendall assured Zach that the curse did not exist. Kendall then stated that their child would know all about Ethan through their stories of him. Then, Zach told Kendall that he did not want to miss out on one minute of his child's life. Then, they went home and got Spike ready for bed. Zach held the baby and joked that Kendall should have twins and then triplets, so they could start their own hockey team. Then, Spike went to sleep. Zach was amazed at how Spike trusted him enough to fall asleep in his arms. Zach wished that their next child would trust him also. Kendall assured Zach that he already proved his trustworthiness in many ways. Zach said no one loved him as much as Kendall, especially since she chose Zach's life over her own in Las Vegas. Kendall stated that she chose their life together, while being held hostage. Kendall further asserted that their life together would only get better. Then, they kissed and embraced each other happily."

- Soap Central