02/22/2007 The Coffin Is Opened

"Kendall tells Zach that it may have been a bad idea to visit Alexander's grave just as her husband is assaulted by various voices in his head. He screams and starts to dig at the ground with his bare hands. Kendall begs her husband to stop and demands that the guards help her drag him away. Kendall reminds him that his father is dead and can no longer hurt him. Zach finally calms down, and tells the guards to unearth the coffin. He then places a call to the office and demands that the director come out to see them. When he abruptly ends the call, Kendall begs him to stop what he is doing, since there is nothing in the grave that can take away his pain. He assures her that he knows what he is doing, and that there is a secret in the grave. The director arrives a short time later, and tries to convince Zach that there are channels that need to be traveled before a body can be exhumed. Zach tells him that the body will be unearthed today, and warns him not to tell anyone of their arrival. Understanding clearly, the director goes to get the backhoe. Kendall then asks why Zach would want to experience the pain that always accompanied his father for a chance at a clue that he thinks is hidden with his father. Instead of directly explaining, Zach proceeds to tell her stories from his youth, summing up how they helped him become the man he is, and horrifying Kendall in the process. He then tells her of the day that Michael suggested they switch places, since Michael needed their father's approval and to be sole heir to Cambias. Zach decided to tell his father he was leaving, and it only made Alexander laugh. He told Zach that he would never make it alone, and he promised Zach that he would always find him and thwart anything that he wanted. It was then, Zach relates, that he staged the fatal car crash, and his new persona was born. He tells his wife that he was at his own funeral and saw his father grieving - and was able to be the last one laughing. He then says that he thought after all this time, he would be free from his father, his own man. Instead, he was fooled into thinking so until the murders. He thinks he is being taught a lesson and Kendall asks if he believes someone else is carrying out his father's wishes, even after his death. Zach admits that he thinks something more than that, but is prevented from saying more when the coffin drops. All eyes are on the coffin, and when Zach okays it, one of the guards opens the box - and it is revealed that instead of a body, there are several large stones inside.

Tad finally finds his brother in the hospital and attacks him for putting Erica through the wringer. Jeff tells him that there is no need to worry about Josh and that the best thing he can do is to call Erica off of his trail. Tad doesn't understand Jeff's position until he realizes that his brother knows exactly where his son is. Tad demands that Jeff reveal where Josh is and when he hesitates, Tad wants to know what secret is so big that he can't be let in. Without knowing that Erica is now standing behind them, Jeff tells Tad that the secret is not his to tell, and that he should just make up something to tell Erica. The woman in question opens her mouth just then and asks if Jeff wants her to know anything but the truth. Tad tells her that in the process of looking for Josh, he felt it was imperative that he stop by the hospital and talk to Jeff. Jeff follows by saying that he told Tad what he knew and Tad takes the opportunity to leave, stating that he is going to work on fleshing out the new leads. Once alone with her first ex-husband, Erica notes that she still believes there is something that Jeff isn't telling her and after a few exasperating moments, she gets him to admit that Josh had been in touch. She insists that he tell her where their son is, but Jeff tells her that he can't tell her anything except that Josh is fine, and is taking care of something important. Erica thinks that it's a matter of trust, but Jeff assures her that she has the wrong idea. She then points out that it was seemingly easy for him to take her to bed, whisper sweet nothings and lie out of the other side of his face. He tells her that making love to her was completely separate from the lie, so she tells him to make it up to her by revealing their son's location. He asks if she is really saying that in order to prove that he loves her, he has to betray his son. As usual, thinking that what she wants is more important than anything else, Erica tells him that he either needs to cough up information on Josh right now, or accept that things between them are over. More than knowledgeable of her manipulative ways, he tells her that he would not break his promise to their son to placate her. Believing that she can still win him over, she tells him that he will not be allowed to put his hands on her until he tells her what he is hiding. Further, she tells him that if he loved her, he would reveal all that he knows since she is worthy of Josh's trust as well. Unwilling to cave, Jeff asks her if there is anything else he can help her with, and follows by complimenting her. Enraged at losing the battle, Erica storms off.

Babe wakes up and when Josh comes in to check on her, she asks if he had gotten in touch with Krystal. He tells her that he has, that she is watching Little A and that she would be in to see her later. Sensing something is not quite right, she asks Josh if he is lying to her. Josh assures her that he has no reason to lie, and when she asks him if she is going to die, he tells her yes - in about 50 to 60 years, after she's had more than enough time to raise some hell. She tells him that all she wants to do is raise her son, and then morosely considers her options when she gets out of the hospital. Josh suggests that she could live with Amanda at Wildwind, or she could move in with him. She manages a chuckle and notes that JR would love that. She then asks, somewhat rhetorically, what JR would do when she tells him that she is taking their son and moving out. Josh tells her not to worry about JR - or anyone else right now - as he has it set up that she won't be unnecessarily bothered while she is recovering. She wonders how he got assigned to her detail without JR overriding the assignment, and he tells her that although her husband is on the Board, his grandfather is the chief, and thus, he is well connected. She then asks if JR cares what happens to her and when Josh hesitates, she tells him that she can't be any more broken than she already is by his answer. He tells her that the first rule of being a doctor is to do no harm, and chooses to stop there. She takes his silence to mean that JR couldn't care less whether she lives or dies. Josh tells her that there is no point in dredging up dirt about JR, but Babe presses on and asks if her husband had even bothered to come see her. As truthfully as he can, Josh tells her that JR had been to the hospital but hadn't asked to see her, and hadn't been back since. Babe speculates how she can possibly protect her mother from her husband, and Josh tells her that he thinks he's taken care of that. Relieved to hear it, Babe then notes how stupid she had been to think that JR would change, and Josh rejects that notion, saying her only failing is that she is married to an idiot. Babe then gives Josh the chance to tell her "I told you so" but Josh happily lets the opportunity slide.

Bianca bursts into the Chandler mansion and demands to know how JR could continually be so heartless and cruel. Krystal tries to call her off, saying that now is not the time for a confrontation. Bianca states that someone needs to call him on his actions, and prepares to blast him. Adam hears the commotion and tells Bianca that she is not welcome if she is going to act this way. Bianca then announces that now is as good a time as any since JR is supposedly grieving the wife he was actually blackmailing. Krystal asks what happened and Bianca tells her that JR left Zoë bleeding and unconscious by Babe's grave overnight. JR tells her that it wasn't his responsibility to take care of Zoë just because she got into trouble, most likely by hitting on the wrong straight guy. Adam chimes in and says that if Zoë chooses to put on a dress, she should know how to protect herself. Appalled, Bianca asks them if they are actually intimating that Zoë deserved what she got. Not wanting to hear the answer, she reminds JR that Babe really cared about Zoë. She adds that it seems that even though he mourns Babe in the daylight, at night he returns to the JR that everyone knows and loathes. She then asks if he always has to have someone to hate, and if he transferred his hate to Zoë now that Babe is dead. Unwilling to entertain her rage, JR walks away from Bianca and turns his attention to the newspaper. Adam tells the young Kane woman that JR was under no obligation to help Zoë out. They both continue to fling out reasons why JR's behavior was acceptable, and Bianca reminds him that just recently, he stood by Babe's grave and told her that she should forgive Maggie since we never know when we can lose the people in our lives. JR asks that he be spared the lecture, and Bianca warns him not to come around trying to bond with her anymore. Disgusted, she leaves the house as quickly as she arrived. A short time later, JR tells his father and Krystal that he is going to the hospital for an AA meeting. Adam stops his son before he can leave, saying that someone isn't telling him the whole truth. Krystal tells her husband to leave things alone, and that Bianca was just upset. Adam can't do as asked, and even though his son agrees with his wife, Adam notes that JR had to have more on his mind if he was blackmailing Babe. He figures that Krystal found out about it, which was why she wanted him out - and he asks to be informed of the specifics. JR tries to get his father off the trail by reminding him of the picture he has of Babe and Zoë in bed, but Adam thinks there is more. JR tells him that nothing else matters - he made stupid mistakes and now he can't make up for them because his wife is dead. He tells his father to learn from what he'd done and never do anything that would hurt Krystal. Taken slightly aback, Adam asks why he would ever do that. JR quickly recovers, saying that his intention was to warn his father away from ever following the path he just traveled down. He then quickly restates his need to go to his meeting and leaves. Adam asks Krystal what JR hadn't said, and reminds her that with their total honesty policy, they could tell each other anything. Krystal supports JR's story, saying that although JR was trying to protect his son, she thought his tactics were tacky and mean. She then says that she believes that JR was sorry about what he did, and just wants to drop things so that they can finally have some peace in the house. Wanting to do everything he can for his wife, Adam agrees to let it go.

At the hospital, Zoë speculates as to why the Satin Slayer didn't kill her too. Derek asks if she'd seen any of the tell tale signs - a needle, gardenias, satin ribbon - but Zoë tells him it was dark and she didn't see anything. Jack asks Derek where he is going with his line of questioning, and Derek tells him that if it really was the Slayer that attacked, he has changed his methods - especially since he usually attacks women. Jack reminds the police chief that Zoë was dressed in women's clothing and the perpetrator might have realized mid-attack that she was still a man, and stopped. Derek thinks that perhaps Zoë is just lying to them. She assures him that she is telling the truth, and Derek reminds her that it wouldn't be the first time that she lied. Zoë then remembers that the perpetrator spit on him, and that it might be worth it to test her clothes. Jack thinks it's their first chance at DNA but Derek classifies it as simple assault and says he will take care of it. Zoë announces that Derek is just angry because he isn't the Satin Slayer, and with that, the two men leave. Julia takes their place and hands over some meds for her to take. As she does, she asks Julia if she is bothered by having to treat her. Julia questions why she would be, and Zoë asks if she is nervous about touching a freak. Eyes cast downward, Julia apologizes if they made her feel uncomfortable at Wildwind after the funeral. Zoë tells her she has nothing to apologize for since the problem is that she is just not comfortable in her own skin. Julia offers to introduce her to some medical professionals and Zoë thinks it's because people believe she needs to be treated for a mental disorder. Julia tells her that gender identity disorder is currently under review by the medical community, and Zoë replies that the local police obviously didn't get the memo. Julia finishes taking Zoë's vitals and the musician thanks her in earnest. Julia tells her that a good nurse should never judge any situation, especially since they may not know the full story. Zoë then admits that she is angry about the way she is treated, and wonders if it would have been better to just keep her true self inside. Coming from the perspective of someone who spent a lot of time hiding, Julia tells her that is always better to face the world honestly.

Out in the hall, Jack asks Derek if what Zoë said was correct, since the way that Derek treated Zoë was rather suspect. Derek insists that his demeanor is about a psychotic person killing women, and that Zoë is more of a drama queen these days. Jack insists that Derek treat the potential evidence seriously, as it could lead to the break they need. Derek says that he refuses to waste valuable lab time on an ordinary hate crime, and Jack suggests that perhaps Derek has some issues that are clouding his judgment when it comes to Zoë, making him treat the case more flippantly than he should. Bianca arrives just then, and Jack fills her in about what Zoë said and the possible DNA sample. Satisfied for the moment, she goes in the room to check on her friend. Jack then tells Derek that although he understands his position, he is unwilling to let possible evidence slip through their fingers and orders him to test the sample immediately.

Back inside the room, Zoë asks if she really did ask to be attacked. Both Bianca and Julia assure her that she didn't - rather, they tell her that if she is sure that she wants to live her life as a woman, there will be things that she will need to relearn as a woman to keep herself safe. Zoë admits that she didn't realize it would be so complicated. Julia leaves and when Bianca chuckles to herself, Zoë thinks she missed something. Bianca tells her that she was just thinking of her attacker's surprise when he attacked a woman that had the strength of a man. They are both amused for a moment before Zoë recalls the fight. She tells Bianca about ripping the button off of the attacker and Bianca offers to tell the police about it. Zoë believes that Derek will just write off the potential evidence, so Bianca says that she will go find the button herself so that they will have to believe her. Shortly thereafter, Derek returns to the room, silently collects Zoë's clothing for DNA testing and leaves.

Tad catches up with Jack and tells him that although they haven't come up with anything substantial yet, Aidan has put more people on the search for Hannah. He then asks if Kendall is really safe in the hotel room where she has been staying, and Jack relays that Zach is keeping a close eye on her.

JR runs into Erica at the hospital and tells her where the AA meeting is. She tells him that the only good thing about her son being missing is that JR can't get to him. JR recoils slightly, and says that he just saw Josh and knows where he is, and can therefore get to him any time he wants.

Bianca arrives at the cemetery and stoops by Babe's grave briefly, telling her what happened the night before. She then tries to play out the scene, and in doing so, finds the button that Zoë talked about. She picks it up, and realizes that she recognizes the emblem on the other side."

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