02/16/2007 Dixie & Babe's Funeral

"Bianca finds Erica, dressed in only her robe, at the hotel room as she makes her way to Babe and Dixie's funeral. When Bianca walks in the room, she sees a pair of men's pants lying on the floor and immediately realizes Erica slept with Jeff. Erica is astounded that Bianca is going to Babe's funeral, considering their past. Bianca says that does not matter anymore because now Babe is dead. Bianca does not agree with how Erica is treating Jackson and asks that she does not come near them at the funeral. As Erica gets ready for the funeral, Bianca announces that Kendall is also going. Erica says it is too dangerous for Kendall to go because the killer is still after her. As Bianca leaves, she tells Erica that she never wants to be like her.

Krystal dares JR to tell Adam and Tad how he made Babe's last living days hell and why she wants to keep sole custody of Little Adam. Adam guesses that JR told Krystal he was going to divorce Babe and take their son. When Tad asks if that is true, JR nods his head. Krystal screams that she will not rest until JR is out of their house and Little Adam's life. She tells Adam and Tad about Babe's other will, which gives sole custody of Little Adam to her. JR tells Krystal he will always regret what he did to Babe and he deserves how Krystal is treating him. He tells Krystal that she has already suffered enough by losing Babe and does not need anything else taken from her. Adam leads Krystal out of the room to calm her down, as Tad offers his sympathies to JR. Tad says that he understands JR's anger because he did not get to say good-bye to Babe. JR breaks down, saying everyone should hate him. JR tells Tad he will meet him at the cemetery, but has a few things to take care of first. Krystal tells Adam that JR took Babe's happiness from her, something she will never forgive him for. Adam asks Krystal to forgive JR and not use Little Adam as a weapon against him. After Adam goes outside to get the car, JR promises not to tell Tad she is carrying his baby. Colby comes downstairs, apologizing for wear Babe's dress. JR says he should not have gotten upset at her and they leave to go to the funeral.

At Wildwind, Jonathan tells Annie that he knows Ryan is Emma's biological father. He thinks it is incredible news and gives her a hug. Emma admits that she is falling in love with Ryan, but is worried he does not feel the same about her. After Annie explains that she and Ryan are just friends, Emma comes rushing into the room. Jonathan happily tells Emma she can now refer to him as "Uncle Jonathan."

Downstairs, Katie comes bouncing into the living room looking for someone to play with, so Julie tells her that Emma is upstairs. The clan decided to head to the funeral, but is interrupted by a visit from Janet. Worried that her mother broke out of the mental institution, Amanda makes some calls, until an officer comes into the room. Janet tells Amanda that the officer is with her to assist her on her first day back into the real world. Since Dixie and Babe were her friends, Janet wanted to come to their funerals. Del demands that Janet leave, but Jonathan walks into the room and welcomes her back. Jonathan tells Janet that he knows she wants to tell the whole world she is better, but Pine Valley and Amanda need time to adjust. Janet apologizes for coming and leaves with her officer. Everyone else follows behind, dreading going to the funeral.

Zach rushes out of the hotel room holding a gun and finds security guards piled on top of Raymond. Raymond says he is leaving Pine Valley now that his name has been cleared, but wanted to give him a handkerchief his mother had made. Zach brings Raymond inside to tell him that he did kill his mother. Raymond tells Zach he loved his mother and her death was an accident. After Raymond leaves, Kendall tells Zach the killer won't get to her. Still rattled by Raymond's visit, Zach answers the door with a gun pointed at Erica. Erica tells Kendall she should not go to the funeral. Zach even agrees with Erica, saying that Babe and Dixie knew how Kendall felt about them. After Zach leaves, Kendall agrees to stay at home. Erica begs Kendall to help her find Josh, but Kendall refuses. Erica tells Kendall that Bianca found her with Jeff that morning, but Kendall says she doesn't care who Erica is sleeping with. Erica thinks it is only a matter of time before Kendall realizes she is right about all of her children's lives.

Ryan and Jackson are the first ones at the cemetery. Ryan updates Jackson on the killer's communication with him, but so far, he has not gotten a response from the killer. Jackson tells Ryan to contact him if the killer contacts him again. Also, he says that Greenlee contacted him, expressing concern about the women of Fusion. Jackson said he convinced Greenlee to stay out of town while the killer is still loose. Ryan and Tad sit down, as people start pouring into the cemetery. Moments later, two funeral workers bring bouquets of gardenias from an anonymous source, but everyone knows it is a message from the killer. The rest of the Pine Valley wonders into the funeral, hugging one another and sobbing in each other's arms. Adam is the first to speak at the funeral, noting that Dixie and Babe were both women who put their children first. Bianca says she has forgiven Babe, but is sorry she did not get to tell her before she died. Tad recalls his earlier days with Dixie - from the first time they went on a date to their first marriage. Di says Dixie was loved by so many because she was a kind and giving person. Overwhelmed by grief, Krystal throws herself on top of Babe's coffin. Zoe breaks the silence by singing "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban. Everyone comes by the caskets to pay their last respects, but Babe's coffin is empty. While lying in a hospital bed, Babe opens her eyes."

- Soap Central