01/31/2007 Kendall & Zach Plan A Party

"Aidan and Jamie wondered why the Satin slayer was able to figure out how to get to the victims so easily. So, they went to Fusion to do some detective work. With the help of some equipment, Aidan was able to find a listening device that the killer had hidden in Fusion. However, once they found it, they did not remove it, and pretended not to find it at all.

Annie was in her slip and headed to the bathroom when she woke up. Meanwhile, Ryan was walking out shirtless and they ran into each other. They awkwardly laughed and got out of each other's way. Then, they met up in the living room after they got dressed. Ryan asked Annie if she had decided whether or not she would tell Emma that Ryan was her father.

Annie said she was glad to know that Emma had good genes, but was not sure if she wanted to tell Emma. Ryan asserted he would not fight Annie for parental rights, but simply wanted to get to know his daughter. Annie trusted him, but knew that telling Emma would mean that all three of them were linked for life. Annie was also uneasy about entering a romantic relationship with Ryan because of this.

Annie announced that she and Emma were going to move out. Ryan was upset and begged her to stay. Then, they looked at each other and could not avert their eyes. Finally, they embraced and kissed passionately. Annie pulled away and left to run an errand. Ryan immediately poured a bottle of water over his head to cool off from the hot kiss. The nanny brought Emma in. The little girl had a tummy ache and wanted her mother. So, Ryan held Emma and comforted her instead. Emma seemed pleased.

Zach and Kendall were still at the warehouse when Tad came in. He looked distraught, so Kendall and Zach realized that Dixie had died. Kendall went to console Tad, but he walked right past her and began to chastise Zach for not figuring out who the killer was yet. Kendall stated it was not Zach's fault and that Zach was doing everything he could to help. Tad got a call from Aidan, telling him about the bug they found at Fusion.

Tad relayed the news to Kendall and Zach and left. Kendall was freaked out that her office was bugged, and decided they needed to catch the Satin Slayer at any cost. So, Kendall offered herself as bait. At first, Zach refused, but eventually gave in. Zach explained that there had been a birthday party for his mother on the night she died. Kendall then suggested they throw a party to bait the killer.

Babe and JR woke up on the couch together. Babe explained that Dixie died by accident, because Babe was the real target. Babe assumed JR would blame her and lash out, but he hugged her instead. JR stated that he did not want Babe to die and did not want Little Adam to grieve like he was because his mother died. JR also said he needed Babe, and he kissed her.

Adam came in and saw this. Adam was outraged because he blamed Babe and Zoe for Dixie's death. Babe left and JR defended his wife. JR stated that Babe helped him get through the night without alcohol or violence. Adam remarked that JR should not stay with Babe just because it was what Dixie wanted. Adam believed Dixie was a good person, but it did not mean JR had to do everything she wanted.

JR recalled the secret Dixie told him about Krystal's baby. JR asked if Adam would dump Krystal if she cheated on him. Adam said it would break his heart, but he would have to "wipe her out." Meanwhile, Krystal was in Dixie's room because Di spent the night in there. Di was sad that she did not get a lot of time with Dixie. Di also regretted betraying Dixie by stealing her identity.

Di left and Babe came in. Babe felt guilty about Dixie's death, but Krystal assured Babe it was not her fault. Krystal went to see Adam. Adam was disappointed that he did not connect with JR on the same level that Dixie did. Krystal said Adam connected with Dixie in a special way. Adam stated he did not know what he would do if he lost Krystal.

Meanwhile, Tad came to see JR. JR explained that Babe helped him get by peacefully, and that he wanted their marriage to work. Tad was glad. JR asked who would help Tad during this hard time. Tad said his children would, and JR looked concerned. Then, they agreed to get through this ordeal together.

Next, JR left and Tad searched for a hidden listening device. Adam loudly verbalized his outrage when Tad found a bug. Tad was annoyed because Adam tipped off the killer. Then, Krystal realized that the killer used her to get to Babe because she had asked Winifred to buy peanut butter for the pancakes.

Meanwhile, Babe found JR in Dixie's room. Babe asked if she could help JR in any way and he said yes. JR asked Babe to help him decide if he should ruin his father's life to save Tad's life by revealing that Krystal was having Tad's baby. Babe looked shocked!

Kendall and Zach went to Fusion and began to purposely talk near the bug. Kendall announced that she wanted to throw a party in honor of Dixie, Simone, and Erin. Kendall said it would be a charity event for the Amelia Cambias Foundation. Zach thanked Kendall for doing this for his mother and the other women. Then, they went to leave, but the elevator opened and Annie entered. Annie glared at Kendall!"

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