01/26/2007 Kendall Asks When Ryan Will Tell Annie

"Derek, Aidan, Jamie and Jack discussed losing David Hayward's trail while the killer — who could be anyone — could poison any food anywhere. Meanwhile, a black-clad hand injected poison into...something. Some cops brought the Kendall painting to HQ. Josh flipped when he saw it, then showed Derek the love letters. Jamie asked Josh if it's over between Josh and Babe. Josh said he learned a lot about "the killer" — the person who killed Greg Madden, that is. Jamie scoffed. Tad interrupted, and Jamie quickly said Josh found love letters to Zach's mom.

Zach wrestled with a shirtless Ryan in bed, telling him that if he wanted answers he should have simply asked. As it was, the only thing he learned was the truth about Emma. Across the hall, Annie welcomed Kendall. Kendall braced for Annie's rage, but Annie asked why should she should be mad? Kendall said she's furious at Ryan and Josh for putting Annie in the middle. Emma entered, crying, "Please don't be mad at me." But Ryan was angry at Zach for keeping Kendall's secret — he's a chip off the ol' Cambias block. Annie heard Ryan shouting at Zach, demanding more secrets. Annie burst in and told them to stop because the kids can hear. Ryan wanted to take the kids away. Kendall wanted to stay, but Annie agreed to go. Kendall wondered why Ryan hadn't told Annie about Emma; Ryan said it's his business and left. Kendall admitted she "used to have trust issues," but she trusts Zach "with my heart, and with my life." He got a call from Jack, who wanted to discuss the love letters downtown. At the penthouse, Annie sent Emma to the park. Annie wasn't interested in prying into Ryan's private life. He wondered why she doesn't want to know who Emma's father is. When Kendall and Zach got to police HQ, she was startled by the painting of herself.

JR rolled in to see Zoe and Babe sleeping — literally sleeping — together. When they awakened, Babe assured him they merely talked. She asked if Zoe could stay, and JR reluctantly assented. Downstairs, Tad was furious that Dixie let him in the mansion without verifying his identity. He made her vow to be safer. As she waxed on about how secure the estate was, a black-clad figure saw Winifred shopping and switched peanut butter jars from her shopping cart. Back home, Tad asked Dixie if she wanted to spend her lunch hour with him. Krystal and Adam interrupted their smooch. Colby came in, followed by Babe and Zoe, so there were intros all around. In the kitchen, Winifred started making peanut butter and banana pancakes with Little Adam. Upstairs, Adam demanded to know how JR could approve of Zoe. JR showed his father a cell phone image of Babe and Zoe sleeping together. JR hoped Hayward was the killer, because then Babe would be safe. Later, Winifred brought Babe the special pancakes — just the way she likes 'em: with extra peanut butter! Babe didn't eat them because they reminded her of when JR caught her and Josh on that business trip. Still, Babe insisted they gave off the best smell in the world, and encouraged Dixie to taste them. Dixie agreed and started scarfing them down. Dixie said David would never kill his daughter. Suddenly, she started to gasp and clutch at her throat."

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