01/05/2007 Ryan Keeps Spike From Kendall

"Bianca hurries to answer the door, but Josh comes in with a bag of fresh croissants. When Josh sees Bianca in her robe, he assumes she has just woken up, but Leslie (Bianca's friend she met at Fusion) walks out. Leslie thanks Bianca for a wonderful evening, kisses her and leaves. Bianca tells Josh he should worry about Babe, instead of her. Josh says Kendall is helping him win back Babe, leading Bianca to suspect that Kendall wants something from Josh. Bianca tells Josh that Zarf is going after Babe, although Josh thinks Zarf was just being a flirty rock star. Babe explains what happened between her and Zarf before she went to ConFusion. After listening, Josh says that maybe Zarf was telling the truth. Bianca gets upset when she realizes Zarf may have been telling the truth because of the way she treated him.

At the police station, Derek questions Zarf, while Aidan, Di and Babe wait. Di tells Aidan he should go home and rest, but Aidan wants to find out what Zarf is hiding. Jonathan walks up and demands to know if Zarf is the killer, but Aidan says Derek is not sure. Jonathan is convinced that Zarf is the killer because the murders occurred after he came to town and was caught dressed in a disguise at Fusion after hours.

Derek presses Zarf, but Zarf tells him that the police are badgering him because they can not accept "people like him." When Derek asks Zarf to explain further, he only says he is a sinner and God knows how much he has done. When Derek asks Zarf if he killed Simone and Erin, he denies it. As Zarf continues to behave strangely, as if the murders were a joke, Jonathan busts in and attacks him. Once the officers break up the fight, Zarf claims Erin was wonderful and he would never hurt her. Jonathan says Zarf their discussion is not over before being escorted out of the questioning room. Derek asks Zarf if he will take a polygraph test, but Babe says it is time to go. When Babe walks out with Zarf, Jonathan tries to go after Zarf, but Aidan and Derek hold him back. Derek says they will keep an eye on Zarf, but Jonathan does not believe him. Jonathan goes home and Annie tells Emma to play in her room when she sees how upset he is. Jonathan explains that Zarf was arrested for the murders, but was let go on lack of evidence. Annie begs Jonathan not to get involved with the investigation, but Jonathan thinks he has to do something for Erin's sake.

Zarf and Babe go back to his hotel room. Zarf starts breaking a mirror until Babe calms him down. Zarf thinks he has lost Bianca for good, as well as his destiny. When Babe asks for more details, Zarf does not think she will understand him because Bianca didn't. Zarf tells Babe that he is really a woman trapped in a man's body. Babe tells him she can accept him if that is who he truly is because she cares about him. Babe gives Zarf a hug as he weeps on her shoulder.

Zach goes to see Myrtle to tell her that Kendall does not understand she is in danger. Zach thinks Kendall should leave him to save her life, but Myrtle knows how hard-headed the Kane women can be. Once Zach explains why he thinks the killer is sending messages to him, Myrtle agrees, but doesn't understand why the killer is targeting the Fusion women. Zach says he is not sure what the motive is, but the killer is someone who wants to destroy him. Myrtle tells Zach to stick close to Kendall, but don't push her out of his life.

Ryan comes to see Kendall and tells her that Spike is not coming back to her because he is worried about Spike's safety. Ryan says that Tad told him there is a connection between Zach and the murders, which Kendall says she is aware of. Kendall tells him that the killer is sending Zach some sort of message, but won't explain any further. Ryan says that Kendall is putting Spike's life at risk so he should keep Spike while he moves back in the penthouse with Annie. Kendall tells Ryan that she does not trust Annie and thinks the whole plan was her idea to get an instant family with Ryan. Ryan says that when Annie was in trouble, she didn't have to leave her child, so it is not fair that he expects her to give up Ryan. Ryan tells Kendall he won't return Spike unless she leaves Zach, but Kendall refuses. When Zach walks in, he explains the symbolism in the murders and how they are connected to him. Ryan tells Kendall that he won't let her be around Spike if she stays with Zach. Zach even agrees with Ryan because he thinks Spike would not be safe with them. Kendall tells Ryan to get out of the house and go back to playing family with Annie. Ryan goes home and tells Annie that Spike is staying with them. Annie updates Ryan on Zarf's arrest and how Jonathan reacted."

- Soap Central