01/03/2007 Zach Tries To Remember

"Kendall was confused over why Zach believed he killed his mother. Zach then explained the dreams he was having. Zach said he remembered his mother falling to her death and everyone saying it was an accident. However, Zach could not recall every detail and felt there was an important piece missing. Kendall did not think Zach did this because it would be physically impossible for a five year old to knock a grown woman off a ledge. Then, Zach wanted to stop talking about the subject. He claimed he was fine, but when he saw Kendall on the balcony, he imagined it was his mother and rushed to save her from falling. Kendall was concerned and Zach began to remember a little more. Zach flashed back to when he was five. He recollected his mother's love for her garden and how she taught him about the flowers. Then, Zach remembered hearing yelling and then seeing his mother go over the ledge. Zach saw her lying on the rocks below peacefully. Everyone said he knocked her off balance, but told him it was not his fault. Kendall also felt he was not to blame and encouraged him to let go of the guilt. Zach said he could not get over this because the killer knew about it somehow.

Bianca was still unnerved by Zarf coming out to her as Zoë. Zoë claimed that she was destined to meet Bianca. Bianca wanted to know why she was so special to Zoë since they hardly knew each other. Zoë said Bianca gave her the courage to be who she truly was and that she loved Bianca because of it. Zoë believed Bianca would accept her because Bianca claimed she fell in love with a person's soul. Bianca said she could not profess her love because she did not know Zoë and did not know if Zoë's claims were real. Then, Zoë looked disappointed. Zoë said that she thought she knew Bianca, but now realized that Bianca was narrow-minded like the rest of the world. Bianca resented this comment and said Zoë had no right to judge her. Bianca also said she knew what it was like to come out. Bianca believed Zoë wanted to come out because she could no longer keep it inside and not because Zoë met Bianca. Zoë said Bianca was like a mirror and it gave her courage to come out. Still, Bianca wanted no part of Zoë. Zoë asked if the person Bianca came out to was as cold as Bianca. Bianca stated she did not lie to that person and hit on them. Zoë said she never lied to Bianca and felt there truly was something romantic between her and Bianca. Bianca said she was not sure if she could believe Zoë and asked her to leave. After Zoë walked out, they both began to cry.

There was a New Year's Eve party at ConFusion. Di and Aidan walked in and decided to go forward with their plan to set up the killer. So, Aidan kissed Di and then she slapped him. Di chastised him for checking out other girls and Aidan stated he was tired of Di and walked away. Meanwhile, Jeff came in to meet Josh. Josh explained he was trying to stick to his New Year's resolution to leave Babe alone. Jeff encouraged him to change his resolution and fight for Babe. Jeff stated he regretted not fighting for Erica and did not want Josh to have the same regret. Then, Jeff got a phone call and had to leave. Meanwhile, Amanda and Babe wished more people had shown up, but were still happy with the turnout. Then, Babe saw Josh. Amanda asked if Babe was going to get a New Year's kiss from him. Babe asserted that she made her decision to stay with JR and was happy with it. Babe then took out her compact to check her hair and Amanda saw the inscription. Amanda assumed it was from Josh and Babe did not deny it. Then, a drunk bar patron saw Babe and joked about her getting murdered by the serial killer. Josh heard this and threw the drunk out of ConFusion. Then, Josh wanted to discuss his new resolution with Babe, but she cut him off. Babe wished him joy and happiness in the New Year without her. Still, as the countdown to midnight began, Babe and Josh could not take their eyes off each other. Also, Amanda told Josh that Babe would not be carrying the compact if she did not have feelings for him. Meanwhile, Di was alone in the Fusion office. She heard footsteps and then Zoë walked in. Zoë found the sketch she drew of a woman lying down. Di looked confused when she saw Zoë and asked if she needed anything. Then, Aidan grabbed Zoë and said she better have a good reason for being there. Meanwhile, Bianca went to ConFusion and saw an old friend, Leslie. Bianca looked excited to see Leslie and asked to join her. So, they sat together and began to flirt.

Erica and Jack were on their yacht. Erica continued to ask Jack questions about her gifts. Then, Jack said he had something to say about the gifts. Erica looked interested. Jack said he did not want to discuss them anymore and wanted to enjoy the night with the love of his life instead. Erica looked displeased and then there was a knock at the door. Jack opened it and a woman dressed as a swan came in dancing. Then, a milk maid came in followed by a lady dancing. Erica was laughing and clapping and acted as if she thought these were her presents too. Jack looked annoyed and then a man dressed as a lord came leaping in. Jack asked everyone to leave and confronted Erica. Jack believed she was behind these characters and did it to get back at him. Erica copped to the prank and explained her disgust that two high school kids were behind the gifts instead of Jack. Jack apologized, but Erica was not satisfied. Erica explained she was not upset because Jack did not admit he did not send the gifts, but distraught because he did nothing to get her back home. Jack stated Erica was the one that moved out and into a room across from Jeff Martin. Still, Erica believed Jack should have done everything in his power to get her home. Erica also believed Jack did not understand her. Then, Jeff came in. Jeff said he came as soon as Erica called. Erica then asked Jeff to be her date for New Year's and gave him a kiss. Jeff and Erica then left as Jack watched in silence."

- Soap Central