11/28/2006 Adam Invites Dixie To Move In

"In the hospital, J.R. told Adam that he was alive because of Tad and Dixie. He said that he was about to walk into the light when he heard Tad calling him back. He told Adam to not trash the rest of this family. Adam asked Dixie if she would move in while J.R. recovered. Dixie said she would love to spend more time with J.R. and Little Adam. They left and Jamie told J.R. that he would not be the one to tell Little Adam his dad was dead and that he had to stop drinking. J.R. said he had stopped for good and he wanted Jamie to unhook him from the morphine in case it was addictive. Dr. Jamie said no way he would take him off the pain killers, but J.R. said he had to learn to handle the pain.

Colby and Sydney went at it and Krystal heard the commotion and came out to see what was going on. Colby apologized to Sydney. The front door opened and who should appear, but Tad, Dixie and Adam. Surprised by the invite to dinner, she was even more surprised when Adam said Dixie would be moving into the mansion.

At the Chandler mansion, Babe told David to go but he hugged her and said it was the last time he would ever see her. He talked in circles, but left telling her he loved her very much. At the door was an semi-hidden envelope for Adam that Babe did not see. Colby found the envelope and gave it to Adam. It was a DVD with David saying goodbye but then Krystal stopped the disc saying she wouldn't let him ruin another day for them. Babe agreed, but Tad insisted they watch the rest. Adam agreed and the disc was turned on again. David told Babe that when Krystal left, she had to follow. He then said to Dixie that she had the ammo, but if she didn't have the guts to use it, he would tell them now.

At the Kane/Montgomery Thanksgiving extravaganza Erica brought Jeff to make the day complete. Jack told her that he expected no less from Erica Kane. Jeff said he knew what she was doing, but being with her was the highlight of his day. At a table set for royalty, Erica made seating arrangements for everyone. Jack at one end and she at the other. Lily said it was confusing because the couples were not seated together. Jack stood to offer a prayer and just as he was about to begin, Erica stopped him and said that perhaps Jeff should lead the prayer instead. Myrtle, being a very wise woman, blurted out a prayer and got it over with. They all seemed to be having a nice time and then it began. The turkey came out and Erica insisted that Jeff carve because he was a surgeon. Jack made a wise crack about fathers and sons preying on married women and Josh invited him to go outside. Erica defended Josh, Sean defended Jack, Erica and Brooke swapped insults and Myrtle told Zach to have a drink delivered to the table so she didn't miss a moment. Bianca took Erica to the powder room and begged her to apologize. Bianca then demanded to know why she didn't want to go home. They went back to the table to make nice, but it didn't quite go that way.

Kendall kept looking at Emma reliving David's words that swore she was Ryan's child. She approached Annie and was told the results of the DNA test proved who Emma was. Kendall finally got the information she wanted from Annie. Emma's father was an anonymous sperm donor, not Terry. At the dinner table, Kendall found new ways to talk to Annie about leaving town. Ryan took Kendall aside and asked why she was so bent on Annie leaving PV. She said she was afraid he would put Spike second behind Annie and Emma."

- Soap Central