10/27/2006 Dixie & Tad Ask A Judge For A DNA Test

"Kendall tells Zach that coming to the boat was a good idea, but now, it is time to make new memories. Kendall says that she wants her relationship with Zach to be the same as it was before - without doubts. Zach wants that too, but says it can't happen overnight. Kendall says she will always love Zach, but is not sure how to move forth in their marriage. Zach promises never to leave Kendall before she receives a telephone call from the nanny. When Zach and Kendall get home, Spike is running a fever so call his doctor, who tells Kendall how to care for the baby at home. After Spike's fever goes down, Del shows up to see Zach.

Dixie and Tad decide to take Annie to court to try to get a judge to order a DNA test on Emma. Annie and Ryan walk up, saying they did not bring Emma to the trial to make her sit through such torture. Inside the judge's quarters, Livia represents Annie and Jackson defends Tad and Dixie. Jackson explains why Dixie decided to sign over her parental rights, while Livia shows that Dixie's actions has no bearings on Annie. Jackson tells the judge he believes Greg gave Annie the baby four days after Dixie delivered her. Annie argues that is ridiculous because she gave birth to Emma. Livia points out that just because Dixie and Annie were two of Greg's hundreds of clients. Jackson presents the DNA test to the judge and Dixie explains how Greg conned her into giving away her child. Annie says she is sorry for Dixie's loss, but she can't make that up by taking away her daughter, Emma. When Ryan brings up David as the source of the test, Jackson explains that because of David's past, he felt it would be best to conduct another test. Livia frowns upon the request, citing that Annie never agreed to the first test. Jackson shows the judge the paternity test that Annie had done in New York. The judge looks over the results, citing that Annie has no blood relation to Emma. Annie says she had the test done when fighting Terry for custody. She said she got pregnant using an anonymous sperm donor, so she figured it would be good to use in court. Annie says the test is wrong, but Tad suggests a baby switch was made they were not aware of. Livia brings in a nurse who was present for Emma's birth to validate Annie's arguments. The nurse brought a copy of Emma's footprints and Livia shows a recent set of footprints to prove they are a match. Livia tells the judge that her clients will do another set of footprints, but Jackson says the Martin's want a DNA test. The judge says that it is obvious everyone cares deeply about Emma, but there are not enough legal grounds to order a DNA test. After everyone leaves, the judge calls Child Family Services to ask them to investigate Emma's paternity further.

Jonathan and Erin anxiously wait at Ryan's cabin while the Emma's paternity trial goes on. Jonathan tells Erin that the law in Pine Valley is simply a game, meaning he bets the worst will happen. Jonathan says that if the judge orders the DNA test, he will take Annie and Emma out of town. Jonathan says that if Dixie and Tad are Emma's parents, it does not mean they would be good parents. As Jonathan praises Annie's mothering skills, Emma comes out and asks for her mother. Jonathan tells Emma her mother is at an appointment but will be home soon. When Ryan and Annie get home to spread the good news, Annie is unable to find Emma.

David brags about JR's gull to sit with Josh, since he slept with Babe. Babe walks in and demands that David leave. David says he is exposing the truth to save her and begs her to tell JR the truth about the affair with Josh. Babe tells David she is happy with JR, who already knows she is committed to their marriage. David tells JR that he can't pretend Josh and Babe are having an affair because the Chandler's never forget when someone betrays them. David tells JR that when Colby was in the tunnels, she heard Babe tell Krystal that she had sex with Josh. JR tells David he thinks it is all a ploy to get revenge on his family. Josh remains quiet, so David begs him to speak up. Josh admits he would love to break up Babe and JR's marriage, but he did not have sex with Babe. Babe tells David that she wishes he would disappear forever and walks off with JR following. When Babe and JR get home, JR assures Babe he does not believe David.

David goes home to drink, but is surprised to find Josh in his living room. Josh tells David that the drink is going to kill him."

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