10/19/2006 Jamie Finds Julia At The Beach

"Ryan stops by to see Kendall before heading out for the day. He tells her that she can reach him on his cell phone, and then notes that he wants to say hello to his son. Kendall stops him, saying that she doesn't think it is a good idea, but Ryan doesn't get the hint. She falters in her explanation, but before she can come up with something concrete, Zach reveals himself, and welcomes him to stay for the cup of joe. Passing on the offer, Ryan starts to go but Kendall runs after him, feeling that he is owed an explanation. Ryan rejects her offer, saying that the only thing he needs to know is that she is happy with the decision that she made. Kendall nods slowly, saying that all she had to do was listen to her heart. Ryan reminds her that they will always have their bond as Spike's parents, and wishes her the best. She goes back inside and Ryan starts to take his leave, but Zach appears in the courtyard and tells Ryan that they have more business to discuss. Ryan feels that they have nothing to talk about, now that his role in getting Zach acquitted of had concluded. Zach tells him that he will be running into Ryan a lot more and wants to know if Ryan is okay with that. Ryan thinks that Zach is trying to tell him to stay away from Kendall and refuses to be a party to Zach's controlling ways. Zach, slightly amused, admits that what he is trying to do is apologize. He says that during the trial, he didn't care what happened because he believed that he had lost Kendall. As a blamer, he had to make someone the scapegoat and he picked Ryan. He thought that Ryan would immediately swoop in to be Kendall's superhero, but realized soon after that Ryan kept his promise – and his apology is for misjudging him. He admits that he would never be the good guy that Ryan is, but he will try his best to be a good stepdad to Spike. He then informs Ryan about Dixie's belief that her daughter was in Pine Valley. Ryan acknowledges that he is aware, and as Kendall listens in, notes aloud that he thinks Zach shouldn't worry about Dixie, and should just concentrate on his marriage. Zach seems reluctant to let it go, but Ryan suggests that if Zach can focus on Kendall, Ryan can watch out for Annie's best interest and Tad can take care of all things related to Kate and the details of her whereabouts. He reminds Zach that he and Dixie did enough damage to his marriage, and asks if he is trying to end it for good. He assures Ryan that Dixie was never a threat to Kendall and Ryan responds by telling him that if Kendall perceives something as a threat, nothing else matters. He then says that Dixie has enough people to help her find Kate and that Zach's best bet would be to move on. He walks away, and Zach calls out to see if Kendall heard everything. She meekly appears from behind the door, says that she didn't hear Zach say that he would stay away from Dixie forever – and asks if he would. When he hesitates, she starts to walk away. He catches her arm and tells her that before and during the trial, he was afraid of losing her and says that now that they have put it all behind them, she is and always will be the only one for him. He then seals his promise with a kiss.

Bianca shows up in a hallway at the Valley Inn and overhears her mother's expressed gratitude to Jeff for the wonderful time they shared the previous night. Erica realizes how the situation looks but can't get a word in edgewise before her youngest daughter begins to freak out. She demands an explanation for why Erica would risk not only her marriage but her reputation to shack up with a former husband, but Erica points out that she can't explain if Bianca won't stop talking. Bianca quips that she inherited the trait honestly and tries to rein her temperament in until her request can be addressed. Erica denies that anything happened and states that Bianca wasted a lot of energy getting upset over nothing. Bianca then asks if Jack knows about her current living arrangement, and isn't surprised when Erica says that she may have neglected to tell him. Erica then says that Jeff moved to the Valley Inn after she did in an attempt to be closer to his son. She goes on to say that last night was about Jeff convincing her not to interfere in Josh's life. Bianca disbelievingly notes that his efforts couldn't have taken all night. She then notices her mother's blushing and says that even though something might not have happened, she believes that her mother wishes otherwise. Erica is insulted, saying that she only moved into the hotel because she needed peace and quiet to work on New Beginnings and the launch party. Bianca rejects the explanation, saying that she has seen her mother at her best, and a little teenage distraction normally wouldn't have stopped her from getting her work done. She reminds her mother that Jack is not her first husband, and that cheating with the man who was, especially since he is staying directly across the hall, is not outside the realm of possibility. Erica thinks that all of Bianca's time in Paris makes her look for affairs everywhere. She then asks for the real reason behind Bianca's sudden arrival, and if Maggie knows and approves. Bianca assures her that Maggie knows, and that she didn't come along because of her busy schedule. Erica thinks that she, like her mother, needed time away from home but Bianca insists that she wanted to come and get to know Josh as well as visit with the family she knew and missed. She then notes that if her mother doesn't want her there, she and Miranda could go back home. Erica fairly demands that she stay, saying that Kendall needs her help now more than ever.

Jamie arrives at the beach and starts to strip moments before spying a set of car keys discarded in the sand. He bends down to pick them up, and looks up seconds later to find a scantily clad Julia recently emerged from the water. Because her presence was more spontaneous than planned, Jamie loans her a towel so that she can dry off. She tosses it back to him when she is done, and notices the pensive look on his face. After asking about what is going on in his head, he tells her that he was thinking about how their relationship started right where they are standing. Then, uncomfortable, they move away from that sensitive topic and touch base about the trial as well as his departure from medical school. Julia tells him that the hospital isn't the same without him, and then suddenly says that when she told him that they should end their relationship – she didn't think she was clear. She haltingly tries to explain that she never stopped liking him, but Jamie doesn't get it, and says that she was clear the first time and shouldn't put herself through the torture of talking about it again. Julia starts to go on, but is interrupted by a woman squealing Jamie's name. The woman rushes over and they share a brief kiss on the lips, much to Julia's dismay. Jamie then introduces Julia to Linda, who immediately says that although she admires people that can work at the hospital, she is very glad that Jamie is no longer one of those people. He interrupts and asks if she wants to take a swim, but she refuses unless it's in some sort of a heated pool. She suggests that they go back to her place instead and build a fire. Jamie agrees and they start to take their leave. Julia turns her back and looks at the water, missing Jamie's pause and longing look back before he actually goes.

David arrives on the rooftop of Fusion to find Josh sleeping in a lawn chair. He taps the unconscious doctor on the head to rouse him and asks if his sleeping arrangements were comfortable. Irritated, Josh ignores the inquiry – instead asking how someone with no soul could let his daughter marry JR. David makes some flippant commentary and Josh thinks that he doesn't care enough about his daughter to try to make a difference. David admits that he tried to break up his daughter's marriage, going even so far as to seek help from Krystal, but all of it was to no avail. He then reveals that his desire to see the marriage end is the reason why he sought out Josh. As Babe's champion, David believes that Josh has what it takes to drive a permanent wedge between the couple. When he doesn't get a response, David assumes that Josh believes in easier to lie around wallowing in self-pity instead of going after the woman he loves. He tells Josh that the man he sees before him is not the man that he observed at the hospital and around town. That man, who conquered several careers and always worked hard to get what he wanted, wouldn't sit back while JR made off with Babe. Josh protests, saying that he has to abide by Babe's choices. Enraged, David tells him that if he loved a woman as much as Josh clearly loves Babe, and if he had a chance to blow a marriage out of the water, he wouldn't hesitate. Josh asks why David thinks that he would be successful in blowing up the younger Chandler's marriage, and after a long drawn out spiel, David lets on that he knows Josh has the ammunition. Josh admits that if he used it, Babe would never forgive him. David tries to egg him on but Josh sticks to his guns and demands that David stop antagonizing him before he takes his leave.

Babe finds her husband in the living room, setting up toy blocks and knocking them down with their son. JR begs her not to go to work, insisting that they could go back to France, take Little A and stay as long as they like. Although amused, Babe doesn't cave to his wishes, instead rewarding him with a kiss. Adam and Krystal walk in on their tender moment, and Adam encourages the behaviour, saying that Little Adam needs s sibling. Then, everyone joins in throwing the blocks around until the JR reminds his fellow men that they need to keep up their strength, and that Lucretia made them French toast. After they make their way out of the room, Babe confirms that she ended things with Josh because she really wants her marriage to work. She mentions how grateful she is that JR saved Josh from Colby's lies, and Krystal tells her that she thinks that it is all due to Babe's good influence. Babe verbalizes her renewed love for her husband, and her hope that JR will continue to get closer to the good guy she believes him to be.

A short time later, Adam and his son chat alone in the living room. Adam notes that he still thinks JR should have gone with Colby's lie to get rid of Josh permanently. JR rejects that as an option once again, knowing by now that he made the correct decision. Adam suggests that his son lock in his success by getting Babe pregnant. JR thinks his father is crazy, but Adam thinks that between her husband, her son and a baby on the way, Babe wouldn't give Josh another thought.

At Fusion, Babe enters the main working area to find Josh there, boring holes into her with his eyes. Before they can exchange words, Simone shows up and verbally pats herself on the back over hiring someone who shows up early for work. She immediately launches into details about someone she needs Josh to work on, but he tells her that he changed his mind and won't continue to work at Fusion. Simone refuses to believe it, thinking that his hesitation has to do with the work. When he leaves anyway, unwilling to reconsider, Simone realizes the truth and asks Babe what she did to make Josh walk away. Babe refuses to take the blame, saying that if Simone wants Josh on board at the company, she needs to make him an offer that he can't refuse. Simone tells her that everyone can see the effect they have on each other every time they are in a room together, and that Babe should use that power to get him to come back. Babe replies that everyone should keep their opinions to themselves. Not satisfied, Simone suggests that perhaps one of them should sleep with Josh as incentive, and Babe tells her that since she is also a partner and came up with the idea, she should feel free to take it for the team. Simone finally leaves her alone, and Babe is engrossed in her own thoughts when Bianca arrives at the office. Babe looks up and instantly expresses joy at her presence. She then tells Bianca that her sister isn't in and finds out that Bianca actually came to see Babe – to find out what is going on between her and Josh.

David shows up at the Chandler mansion and starts fishing for the truth with his daughter's mother. He mentions the affair between Josh and Babe loudly, causing a whole body flinch from Krystal right before she shuts the door between the living room and the foyer. She asks if Josh confirmed it, but David said that his body language every time he spoke about Babe was more than enough. In addition, he reveals that Colby told him all about the affair the night before in tones loud enough to be heard in Llanview. Krystal blows off Colby's admission as jealousy, but David notes that since Krystal hasn't bothered to deny it, the story must be true. Through clenched teeth, Krystal denies the affair but David doesn't believe her, thinking that she wouldn't get so worked up if it weren't true. Krystal demands that he leave since he is bringing nothing good to the house, but David insists on seeing his daughter first. Krystal tells him that Babe isn't home and David tries to leave word that his daughter can call him whenever she needs him. Krystal assuredly announces that Babe would never need him, and opens the door to help escort him out. Adam reappears just then and backs up Krystal's request, noting that he would not put up with David upsetting Krystal in her condition. Realization dawning, David jokingly asks who the father is. Adam claims rights as the father, and Krystal continues to try to get her one-night stand out of the door. JR appears from the shadows, tells David that Babe is at Fusion and reissues the demand that he leaves. Unable to help himself, David suggests that leaving Babe alone at Fusion might not be the best idea before scurrying off to find her. Adam and Krystal quickly take their leave when the door finally closes, leaving JR to ponder the weight of David's last words. A short time later, there is a knock at the door, and when JR answers, he finds David on the other side again. David tells him that there is one more thing he forgot to say.

Erica and Bianca exit the hotel room and the diva herself apologizes that things got off on the wrong foot. Before Bianca can reply, Josh rounds the corner and is disappointed in what he sees. Erica asks if Josh went to see JR and if so, if he is okay. Completely closing off, Josh informs her that she has no right to his life or anything that goes on in it. He continues by saying that it was bad enough when Daddy Jeff moved in, and that having Mommy Erica there would make things unbearable. Before he walks away, he notes that on top of everything else, he now needs to find another place to live. Slightly taken aback, Bianca remarks that it's clear he won't be joining them at the party.

In his office, Ryan gazes at a picture of Kendall and Spike, and mentally revisits when they first brought Spike home and his commentary that knee-deep in parenthood is where he is meant to be. His reverie is interrupted when the phone rings, and when he answers, the other person confirms that the person in question was indeed Annie McDermott.

As she sits forlornly on the beach, Julia is surprised by the sudden appearance of a jacket draped over her shoulders. Thinking Jamie had returned, she starts to admit that she imagined he had returned but never dreamed he would. She then looks up and to her surprise, finds that it is Josh that loaned her the jacket."

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