07/12/2006 JR Tells Jamie About The Phone Call

"Krystal returned to the Chandler mansion after spending the night with Tad and Adam immediately wanted to know where she had been. She explained she was trying to figure out if she wanted to stay married to him or not. They ended up both admitting their love for each other, but the situation got a Tad sticker when Mr. Martin arrived looking for JR. Adam excused himself upstairs and Tad and Krystal had a chance to talk in private. Tad thanked Krystal for dragging him out of his hell the night before (oh, so that's what you kids are calling it these days?). "How did she do that?" Adam, who re-entered at the most opportune moment, asked. Tad explained that Krystal stayed the night with him (he left out the sex detail, though) and gave him hope for finding Kate and opened his eyes in many ways. In fact, Tad apologized for his role in keeping Colby from him. That aside, he was at the mansion to see if JR wanted to help in the new search for Kate. Tad left after Adam promised to give JR the message, leaving Krystal and Adam a chance to cuddle. Meanwhile, at the casino, Zach visited Dixie who was sitting all alone in her dark room. An extremely defeated Dixie told her pal that if she knew then what she knows now, she wouldn't have fought as hard to survive her car accident. Zach convinced her not to give up hope and as a thank you, Dixie planted a kiss on Mr. Slater. Surprise, surprise, the door was left cracked and someone spied them from outside the room — that someone being Tad. (Payback's a bitch, huh?)

At ConFusion, Kendall introduced Spike to Simone, Dani and Erin — and told Babe to stay away from her little one. Before anymore baby talk could ensue, Amanda arrived and Babe told the gals she hired her. Having a hottie like Amanda at the door would help with their liquor sales from the men. It looked like Simone, Dani and Erin agreed with Babe, but Kendall vetoed any hiring of Amanda. Trump card in this round goes to Babe, because seems Amanda signed a contract stating if she was terminated, Fusion had to pay her a substantial amount of money. As soon as Amanda mentioned Dr. Madden as a reference, Kendall took her aside and demanded the 411 about the evil doc. Later, Derek arrived to question Babe about something they found in Greg Madden's grave: a pen of JR's.

At the hospital, JR informed Jamie they were being blackmailed by an eye witness to Greg Madden's burial and told him he suspected Josh. Meanwhile, Josh woke up in bed with a blonde and started kissing her. Boy was he surprised when that blonde turned out to be the seriously-underaged Colby, who had snuck into the staff room at the hospital. Josh tried to get rid of her, but in the process of throwing her out of the room, Jamie and JR walked in. Colby explained she made the advances, but JR still warned Josh to never touch his sister again and promptly told her to go home. When the boys were alone, they acted like...well...boys, and many threats were made. They were interrupted, however, when a private delivery was made to Josh. After Josh left, JR and Jamie got another call from the blackmailer. He/she wanted the money — now. They delivered the money and watched from afar as Colby arrived to claim it.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Kendall arrived and needed Josh's help to see if Madden fathered Spike."

- Soap Central