05/23/2006 Dixie Tells Tad What Happened To Kate

"Lily awakes with a start in the hotel room and calls out for Jonathan. Having slept on the chair, he rouses himself from sleep as quickly as he can and goes to the bedside. He explains how he stayed up watching over her as long as he could, and then asks her if she is okay. Disoriented, Lily tells him no. To calm her, Jonathan gives her some water to help with her hangover, while trying to explain what the term meant. He makes a valiant start, but the pain in his head from where he had been hit stops him, and Lily mistakenly thinks that Jonathan is hung over as well. He tells her that he probably just needs more sleep, so she offers to watch over him while does just that. A short while later, Lily creeps close to Jonathan to see how he's doing. He wakes up and tells her that he feels a bit better. He inquires as to how she is feeling, and she admits that she thinks he might be mad at her. He tells her he isn't and wonders aloud why she would think such a thing. She tells him that she thinks it was a mistake for her to come to New York City by herself, and that she obviously can't handle it because of her disorder. Jonathan assures her that all places have a good and bad side, with good and bad people. He tells her that he wants to show her the good side before she makes her final decision.

Aidan tells Erin via phone that he lost Jonathan - and she is dismayed that her brother is alone in the city. Aidan tells her that Jonathan is a definite link to finding Lily, and when Erin fails to see the connection, he tells her about the email that Jonathan received in the library, and how he knocked Aidan out to keep him from seeing it.

Later on, Aidan, accompanied by a hotel employee, arrives and knocks on the door to Lily and Jonathan's room. After knocking several times and getting no response, he asks the employee to open the door. He does, and when Aidan enters the room, he glumly notes that he is too late.

At Fusion, Simone and Dani are discussing a new product when Babe arrives on the scene. They initially try to ignore her, but to no avail. Babe snatches the material that they are looking at and tells them that they should take heed: JR tried to ignore her, and they all know where that landed him. She tells them how sad it is that they can't pull together as a team while Kendall is down and out. She also notes that regardless of how they may feel about her past misdeeds, she is not some kind of human target. As part owner of Fusion, she is here to stay. Dani starts to chime in with a smart remark, but Babe silences her by reminding her that because she has no stock in the company, what she has to say is of little interest. However, she does invite Simone to let loose the thoughts bouncing around in her head. Simone takes a moment, and then says that if Kendall dies, she isn't sure what will be left of Fusion. Calmer, Dani chimes in and said that with Greenlee gone and now this...Fusion just wouldn't be the same. She also contributes by noting that no one really wants to work with the woman who lied in court about Kendall's wishes for her baby. Hackles raised once again, Babe vehemently denies having perjured herself. Simone and Dani make it clear that they can't believe Babe and Kendall could have become such good friends that Babe would have been able to obtain such intimate information. Erin tries to step in and diffuse the situation, noting that while Babe did what she thought was right - that doesn't give anyone the right to beat up on her. Simone, offended, tells Erin that she can be fired as quickly as she was hired. Not intimidated, Erin invites her to do so, as she is unwilling to back down from her opinion. Babe encourages Simone to go through with her threat as well, if only because she has the power to hire Erin back. The catfight continues for a few minutes more until Erin breaks in once again. She reminds Simone and Dani that they are not the only ones who are emotionally wrecked. She points out that even though Kendall is the one in the hospital, Babe is dealing with the fact that he husband plotted to kill her. And for Erin, Kendall is pregnant with her nephew, one brother is shredded over that situation and the other brother is lost in New York City. Humbled by her laundry list, Simone and Dani retract their claws. Erin notes that there is enough drama without the in-fighting, and that if it continues, she'll just quit. They agree that since Kendall co-built the company, she is the only person left that can dismantle it. Simone then hands out assignments for all, and they take off in their respective directions. Alone at her desk, Babe can't help but stare at the picture of her with JR and their son. Her reverie is disturbed when Josh shows up and touches her on the shoulder. He starts to say something, but it cut off when she stands and slaps him across the face. She immediately assumes the worst and tells him that just because her husband is in jail, that doesn't mean that it's open season for flirting. Josh proclaims his innocence and says that while he thinks she is attractive and would definitely make a move on her if she was single, it is very clear to him that she is wrapped up in her love for her family. He tells her that he showed up at the office out of genuine concern for her - he thought that she could use a shoulder to lean on, and that since neither of them is very popular, maybe they could risk being friends and have lunch together. They end up heading off to the park for a picnic, and although she is still thinking a lot about JR, she admits that Josh's surprise made her feel better. Having finished the main part of lunch, Josh offers her either a piece of pie or a pastry for dessert. She closes her eyes and tells him to surprise her. He stops for a moment, and then leans in and plants a kiss on her lips.

JR paces like a caged lion in his cell. He hears the outer doors, and without looking, tells his latest visitor that unless they are coming to bust him out, they should leave. When that tactic fails, he looks to see who showed up. When he realizes that it's Stuart, he apologizes, morosely noting that everyone in the family has deserted him. Stuart tells him that maybe the family needs time to figure out what to do next, and JR asks if that what Stuart is doing. Stuart rejects that notion, assuring his nephew that he is still loved. He follows by saying that he just needs to figure out how to help. JR tells him that he can help out by posting his bail, but Stuart points out that he is well aware of JR's misdeeds and notes that those are the things that need to be addressed. Incensed at Stuart's forced reasoning, JR questions why his uncle won't help out. Stuart quickly says that it isn't his intention to leave JR high and dry - he just wants to know what will happen if he bails him out. JR tells him that he just wants to go home, but Stuart insists on specificity - where exactly will JR go, what will he do and most importantly - who will he do it to? JR takes this moment to throw a pity party for himself - noting that he hasn't given Stuart a reason to trust him, and that everyone else has decided that tough love is the best love, including Dixie. Stuart apologizes quickly for JR's feeling lonesome and then dashes out of the jail. Shortly thereafter, Stuart returns with a guard who releases JR from his cell. Excitedly, JR bounds out of the cell and shakes Stuart's hand in thanks. As he does, the guard handcuffs them together. JR, bewildered, asks what's going on. Stuart, ever a twinkle in his eye, simply tells JR that he will soon find out.

Dixie shows up in a back yard and immediately recalls a time she shared with Tad and the boys. She smiles slightly, but it quickly disappears when Tad arrives and asks her if the place looks familiar. Dixie notes that it was once home - that is, until she threw it all away. Dixie says that she needs to tell him the truth about Kate. She admits that she should have come to him a long time ago, but tells him that she has been a coward and afraid to do so. Tad queries as to why she would be afraid of him. She corrects him and says that she was afraid for him - scared that the news she held would break his heart. He tells her that his heart broke four years ago when Brooke informed him her car had flown off the road, and that both she and their daughter were gone. Dixie tells him that she thought she could fix everything that went wrong before coming back, but she kept making mistakes. Tad confesses that he believes the first mistake was his - not believing in her, and how much she wanted their daughter. Because of that, she went halfway around the world to make it come true, despite his objections. Dixie refuses to let him shoulder that burden, saying that they had all they needed until she threw it away. Tad is confused, so Dixie clarifies by telling him that Kate was born alive - small at just over 3 pounds, but alive and strong. She then tells him that Kate should be in the here and now with them, but Tad tries to soothe her by saying that it's too late to think of what could have been. Upset, Dixie tells him it's not too late - and blurts out that Greg Madden lied, and that their daughter is alive somewhere, growing up with other parents. Thinking that her mental break was now complete, Tad takes her into his arms and hugs her. Unaware of his belief, Dixie relaxes a little, and begs him to help her. Tad assures her that he will, but when she clarifies and says that she wants help in finding their daughter, Tad is forced to show his hand. He tells her that she doesn't have to worry anymore - now that she is home, they can grieve together. Dixie is confused as to why she would have to grieve at all, and Tad tells her that it's okay to have trouble accepting the loss of their daughter. Belatedly, she realizes that Tad doesn't believe her and tearfully questions why. Tad tells her that his father talked to the hospital where Kate was born, and they faxed over a death certificate. He unfolds the copy he had in his pocket and shows it to his ex-wife. Dixie stares mutely at the paper, stunned at the lengths to which Dr. Madden will go. She tells Tad that Madden faked the death certificate, and is flabbergasted that Tad would take Madden's word over her own. She then revises, realizing that she destroyed her own credibility by staying away. Desperate, she tries to think of anything that she knows that could sway Tad's thinking in her directions. She mentions ReGeneration and although Tad recognizes that as the name of Madden's company, she informs him that it is also the name of the island where he impregnates women with his own seed. Tad finds this amusing and Dixie tells him that Zach was there and can corroborate her story. Tad tells her that he doesn't trust Zach, so she goes for the next thing - Josh. As she relates that she knows how Josh isn't really Madden's - but rather, the product of the union between Erica and Jeff Martin, Tad's smile slowly fades. Dixie, not paying close attention to the change in his demeanor, tries to explain the latest scenario so that she appears less crazy. When she finally looks into his face again, she realizes that the extra explanations were not necessary. She stops talking and Tad gravely tells her that she needs to relate everything that she can remember from the moment Kate was born. She reveals that she got to see and touch Kate before she began her endless trip in and out of surgery. Tad asks what she was able to find out from Greg when she reached consciousness between surgeries. When she hesitates, he fires more questions at her, all geared at trying to find some clue that will lead to finding their daughter. Dixie tells him that the answer he is asking for is the one thing that she hoped to never have to tell him - the one thing that will make him hate her and never want to see her again. He tells her that she can say anything, so Dixie starts to open up. She recalls that when Madden told her that she was dying, he convinced her that if Tad were to raise Kate, he would make her feel unwanted, unloved and responsible for the fact that Dixie was gone. Tad flies off the handle at this admission, and blasts her for not having enough faith in him to not destroy their daughter's life. He angrily notes that if Madden lied to her and used her fear to take Kate away, he kidnapped her and will pay for it. Tad starts to take off after Madden, but Dixie manages to rein him in long enough to tell him that he should hear the whole story before leaving. She reveals that there is one more mistake that she made - she signed the papers that gave Kate to Madden so that he could put her up for adoption.

Greg naps on a couch in his hotel room, but is soon awakened by David's obnoxious sipping on his coffee. He sits up with a start, and demands to know why David has come calling. David drops hints about his heart episode, saying that it's a good thing that he stopped by - should Greg find himself having symptoms again. Irritated, Greg thinks that perhaps David had taken some sort of drug which would explain the bulk of the current conversation. When David denies it, Greg demands to know what he really wants. David tells him that he wants information on where to find Kate Martin. Greg tries to cover up being slightly taken aback by starting to explain his distant relationship to Dixie. David is unmoved and continues to ask where Kate is when he doesn't get the answer he is looking for. When Greg still refuses to budge, David lays out a few scenarios - selling her, or perhaps giving her away. Greg invites him to leave and David admits to not having a problem with that, but mysteriously notes again that him leaving might not be in Greg's best interest. Willing to try anything, Greg attempts to get under David's skin by noting that his daughter's marital problems must have him on edge. He tells David that under those circumstances, he would be willing to forgive all of the day's transgressions if David would simply take his leave. David insists that he must stay until Greg gives up the information that he has on Kate. Greg surmises that he needs to call the authorities. David is unmoved at the thought - and tells Greg that he'll probably need his cell phone for that. Greg believes that David has stolen it, but David denies doing any such thing. He then points out that the land line has also been destroyed, and tells Greg that he has a relatively short amount of time to come up with another option before trouble sets in. As David observes Greg's increasing symptoms and fairly exacerbates them with his words, Greg demands to know what David did to him. David decides to leave, but Greg stops him. He reminds David of the oath that he took as a doctor - first do no harm. David tells him that the power is in his hands - give up information about Kate as an even trade for help from with his heart. Greg still tries to hold out, although the pain is getting more severe. He tells David that he can't leave him to die because then, Dixie will never know where her daughter is. David agrees, but says that on the flip side, if Greg would rather die than give up information, he's useless."

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