05/08/2006 JR Mistakes Kendall For Babe

"JR follows through on his fantasy to kill Babe beneath a pile of construction at Fusion. When he hears footsteps approaching, he causes a wall of construction equipment to collapse. He checks to see his handiwork and is horrified when he discovers that Kendall is trapped beneath the rubble, not Babe. He tries to wake Kendall up but is unable to. Babe, having heard the noise, rushes to the area and is momentarily stunned to see Kendall laying unconscious under construction debris. Soon, Simone and Erin come running and immediately call 9-1-1. While everyone tries to reassure an unconscious Kendall that everything will be ok, JR becomes angry asking what kind of construction company leaves a site in such a dangerous condition. It's an effort to deflect possible suspicion from him that backfires as Babe looks at the area with dawning horror. After the paramedics rush Kendall to the hospital, Babe sends Erin and Simone ahead so that she can speak to JR alone. She wastes no time asking him exactly what happened. JR pretends to be offended at the question but angrily tells her that he heard a noise and came running to the area to find Kendall buried beneath the wall of construction equipment that had collapsed on her. He then reminds her that Kendall is his best friend and he needs to be at the hospital to see how she is doing.

Tad is determined to find out what Dixie has been doing for the past four years. When Di walks into his office, she mistakenly believes that Tad is happy to see her. He is but only so that he can question her about Dixie. Di proves uncooperative. She is more interested in discussing their relationship rather than what she knows about Dixie. She claims not to know much of anything but Tad disagrees, pointing out that she knew enough to find Dixie at Christmas. Frustrated with Di's refusal to answer his questions, Tad walks out of the offices leaving Di alone with Aidan. Aidan suggests to Di that she grow up and accept that Tad has made his decision about their relationship. Di refuses to give up so easily and stays around until Tad returns. He once again tries to question Di but she stubbornly refuses to discuss anything other than their relationship. She tells him that while she has taken off the engagement ring that he gave her, she has no intention of returning it because she believes in her heart that they are not over. Tad doesn't agree and makes a point of forcefully closing the door when Di leaves.

Zach tries to convince Dixie that confronting Greg with a gun is not the way to go. Dixie is desperate to find out where her daughter is and insists that she may just get the answers she needs if she threatens to shoot Greg. She tells Zach that she doesn't intend to kill Greg just wound him enough to take her seriously. Zach tells her that he has a better idea and proceeds to tell her about Greg's private island. Dixie is disgusted that Greg actually has a facility where he sends pregnant women so that he can take their babies from them but agrees that it's the most likely place for Greg to hide any files that may tell them where Kate is. Anxious to leave immediately, Dixie begins to pack a few things while Zach tries to call Kendall. When he reaches her voicemail, he tells her that he has to leave town for a few hours to attend to business but will be returning shortly.

At the hospital, Amanda is confronted by the daughter of a man who was killed the night of the Mardi Gras in the explosion that Janet arranged. Overhearing the grief-stricken woman's accusations, Greg quickly comes to Amanda's rescue and manages to calm the woman down. Amanda is grateful and returns with him to his office where Greg tries to convince Amanda that she didn't deserve the verbal abuse she was subjected to. They are interrupted when Greg receives an emergency page.

Ryan talks to Erica in her office about Zach and Dixie's connection. Erica is surprised that they know each other but she is more concerned that Dixie obviously has something on Greg that she's not sharing. Ryan tries to point out that it's possible Dixie doesn't want to expose what she knows about Greg because it could hurt JR and Tad. Erica doesn't care. She wants Dixie to get over herself and reveal what she knows about Greg. Erica is determined to do whatever it takes to bring Greg down. She stops ranting when her phone rings. It's Simone to tell her that Kendall has been gravely injured and is being rushed to Pine Valley Hospital. Erica and Ryan immediately race to the hospital.

At the hospital, Kendall is brought in and is still unconscious. Josh starts to assess her condition along with Joe. They are soon joined by Greg. When Ryan and Erica arrive, they are quick to demand that Greg get away from Kendall, reminding Joe that Kendall had fired Greg as her OB. Joe orders Greg to step back and has another OB paged. Josh and Joe take Kendall into a nearby room where they continue assessing her condition. Outside, JR and Babe arrive. JR is worried about Kendall's condition and thinks to himself that it should have been Babe, not Kendall. Babe meanwhile is trying to convince herself that it was only an accident and that JR is not responsible for what happened to Kendall. Joe comes out a few minutes later to tell Erica that Kendall is in a coma and it may be irreversible."

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