04/10/2006 Di Says No

"When Jack finds Lily and Jonathan in the treehouse, he is not amused. He expresses his displeasure with Lily, feeling betrayed because she broke her promise to not see Jonathan. Lily adamantly denies the accusation. She tells Jack that she never promised any such thing. Lily feels that Jack is the one who broke a promise, when he swore that he wouldn't make her miserable. She tells Jack that Jonathan makes her happy and that she is not going to stop seeing him. Furthermore, in just a month she will be turning 18 years old at which time she will be independent and free to do whatever she pleases. That includes marrying Jonathan if she wants to. Jack disagrees. He tells her that in her case, turning 18 years old will not make a difference. Lily will continue to need supervision because of her disorder. Things go downhill when Jack threatens Jonathan with a restraining order if he doesn't stay away from Lily. When Jack warns Lily he intends to burn down the treehouse, Lily reaches her limits. Frustrated with Jack and her disorder always holding her back, Lily runs away in tears. Her parting words to Jack are about not wanting him as a father anymore.

Babe leaves the room to make the final preparations to go to the beach with JR and little Adam. JR is interrupted by a text message. It's from Janet and it reads 'Has Babe pulled the rug out from under you yet?' Babe returns to the bedroom to find JR sitting and deep in thought. When she asks him what he's thinking about, JR dismisses it as work related and promises not to let it interfere with their day.

Tad is shocked when Di turns down his proposal. When she explains that she decided she can't marry him because there is still so much he doesn't know, Tad misunderstands her meaning. He thinks that she's talking about her past. Di tries to tell Tad about Dixie but can't seem to get the words past her lips. Tad meanwhile manages to convince Di to accept his proposal. Shortly afterwards they are joined by Babe, little Adam and JR. Seizing the moment and taking advantage of Di's acceptance, Tad suggests that they plan for a summer wedding on the beach. Di happily agrees to the suggestion. Later, Dixie watches Tad and JR from nearby, carefully hidden behind some bushes.

Dixie is alarmed when she sees Greg collapse on the set of New Beginnings. In the horror of watching the scene unfold on her television screen, Dixie speaks aloud her thoughts, unaware that she is doing so. Zach realizes that Kate is still very much alive and confronts Dixie with the knowledge. She is horrified that she revealed so much. Zach encourages Dixie to trust him with the full story. Dixie agrees, but only if he will promise her that he will not tell anyone that she is alive. He vows that no one will learn the truth from him. She confirms that Kate is alive and that Greg Madden is the only person who knows where she is. He asks Dixie why Greg has never told her where Kate was. Dixie shrugs his shoulder and suggests that it's because he can. Zach is disgusted with Greg and sympathetic with Dixie's predicament because of his own situation with Ethan. He tries to comfort Dixie with the knowledge that she at least got to know Kate long enough to give her a name. Dixie blinks away the tears as she tells him that she named Kate long before she was born. Zach isn't unaffected. He suddenly gets up, telling Dixie more than suggesting, that she let him handle Greg Madden for her.

Josh fights to save Greg's life by giving him CPR. When Greg doesn't respond, Josh orders Ryan to bring him the emergency heart defibrillator. Kendall walks in just as Ryan returns with the life saving device. Stunned by what is unfolding, Kendall demands answers from her mother, specifically why Erica put Greg through the stress of the interview so soon after getting out of the hospital. Erica denies that she is in any way responsible for Greg's current condition. She insists that Greg wanted to do the interview and refused to consider any other option. When Josh manages to get Greg's pulse back, Erica pretends to be elated at the good news and rushes to make an onscreen announcement to her audience that Greg has been successfully resuscitated. As Greg is taken to the hospital and Josh joins Kendall in accusing Erica of pushing Greg too far and causing his relapse, Ryan studies Erica closely. After Josh and Kendall leave to follow the ambulance to the hospital, Erica rushes to her office. Ryan is close behind her. He catches up with her in her office and demands to know where the poison that she used to cause Greg's cardiac arrests was hidden. Erica pretends to be offended at the implication and claims she has no idea what he is talking about. Ryan doesn't believe her for a moment. He outlines the proof that he has including watching Erica during the interview and reading her expressions. Erica steadfastly maintains her innocence. Ryan gives up trying to get answers from Erica and resorts to searching her office. Erica tries to casually pick up her purse but Ryan notices. He quickly snatches it out of her hand and searches it. Within seconds he uncovers the poison. Faced with irrefutable proof, Erica decides to finally tell the truth. She shows no remorse as she admits that she poisoned Greg. Ryan is shocked and asks her why she would do such a thing. Erica tells him that Greg experimented on her and violated her body. Ryan listens as Erica tells him that when she went to Greg to have an abortion, Greg instead took her embryo and implanted it in his own wife. That pregnancy led to a baby boy. Josh. Ryan is momentarily speechless as he realizes that Josh is Kendall and Bianca's brother. When he recovers from the astounding revelation, Ryan tries to talk some sense into Erica. He tells promises her that he will do whatever is necessary to get Kendall away from Greg and he will make sure Greg pays for what he did but killing him isn't the answer. Erica belligerently asks her how he's going to stop her. Rather than answer her, Ryan reminds Erica that she owes it to her daughters and grandchildren including his unborn son to stay out of jail. He is eventually able to convince Erica to drop her homicidal intentions toward Greg.

At the hospital, Kendall keeps Josh company as they await news on Greg's condition. Josh doesn't understand why Kendall is keeping him company given that Erica thinks he poisoned her and hates him. Kendall points out that they have their concern for Greg in common and that she does not necessarily feel the same about Josh as Erica does. Josh appreciates her honesty. Worried about his father, Josh tells Kendall a story about how his mother believed that anything in a can was junk and would rot your insides. She refused to let Josh have any junk. This of course made him crave junk all the more. Josh thought his father supported his mother's edict until one day Greg took him for a root beer float. Afraid something terrible will befall Greg, Josh confesses that he's not sure his dad realizes how much he loves him. Kendall is sympathetic and tries to comfort him with encouraging words. Shortly afterwards, David comes out of Greg's room to give Josh an update on his father's condition. Moments later, Josh goes in to see his father. Greg thanks him for saving his life. Josh shrugs it off and offers his father something to drink. As he is drinking, Josh suddenly looks at the cup suspiciously. He quickly steps out of the room and orders up a tox screen on his father with specific orders that the results be given to him personally and no one else.

Kendall returns from the cafeteria with drinks for her and Josh when she sees Zach walk into Greg's room. Inside, Zach asks Greg" Where is Dixie Martin's child?" Greg's eyes widen in shock."

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