04/05/2006 Erin & Aidan At The Boathouse

"Kendall tells Greg that she has decided to give her son up for adoption. Greg is careful not to act too pleased and tries to calm any doubts Kendall may still harbor about his sincerity by asking her if she's sure that she's making the right decision. Kendall tells him about her encounter with Krystal, Babe and little Adam at Fusion and how it brought home to her that she simply doesn't have the same strong feelings about her child as Babe and Krystal have for their children. Greg then asks about Ryan. Kendall is certain that he has the best of intentions but she believes in her heart that he is not capable of giving their son what he will need to grow up happy. It is apparent that Greg is very happy with Kendall's decision. He assures her that she is being the best mother possible by giving her child up for adoption. Kendall then asks what they should do about Ryan since she has given him parental rights to the child. Greg ponders a moment and suggests that they could take him to court to have those rights severed but that could end up being a long drawn out affair unless she's prepared to claim that she signed those papers under duress. Kendall doesn't like the suggestion. She doesn't want an ugly court battle prompting Greg to offer to take care of Ryan himself. She agrees to let him try. Kendall then expresses some trepidation about the impact her decision will have on her son given her own less than happy experience with adoption. Greg promises Kendall that he will make sure that the family he brings to the table will be open to the idea of adoption and will raise Kendall's son to know that he's a true gift from God. Greg then suggests that for the sake of peace, Kendall not tell anyone about her decision to give her child up for adoption. He fears that it will make things more difficult for him especially if he's trying to convince Ryan to go along with the adoption.

Julia tells Ryan about her visit with Greg and how he opened her eyes to the fact that she is not worthy of being a mother. Ryan is taken aback and gets her to explain herself. Julia admits that Greg is a horrible man but he was able to hold a mirror up to her so that she could see that the reason she wanted to have a baby was to make up for the life that she took. Ryan is outraged. He suggests that Greg Madden is just messing with Julia's head, exploiting her weakness in order to further his own twisted agenda. Julia disagrees. She tells Ryan that she didn't have to kill Garret. He did not pose an immediate threat to her or Di at the time and they could have just as easily tied him up and called the police. Julia did not have to kill him. Ryan tries to make her see that Garret was a horrible person who killed Noah and would have killed Di and Julia without hesitation if he had a chance. He then tells her that the God he believes in is forgiving and doesn't expect people to forsake happiness for the rest of their lives. Julia is baffled how Greg knew which buttons to push with her, but still is deeply troubled because ultimately Greg was right. After Julia leaves Ryan, she decides to go to confession to talk to a priest.

Erin and Aidan enjoy a romantic evening in the boathouse. During the evening Aidan tells Erin that he has fallen in love with her. Erin is surprised, given all of the baggage that she brings to the relationship. Nonetheless she is very happy to hear Aidan's declaration of love. They decide to go back to his apartment so that they can have some privacy.

Jamie talks to Amanda about Trevor, offering her his condolences. He then apologizes to her about the way he has treated her in particular leading Amanda on. Amanda appreciates the apology and offers her own about not trusting him with her secrets about Janet. She goes on to tell him how much she appreciates Brooke's support over the past weeks. After they make peace, they share a platonic hug. Brooke walks in just as they are hugging, prompting both to explain to her that it was just a friendly hug. Brooke laughs and after some good natured teasing, she helps Amanda pack her belongings while Jamie leaves for the hospital. As they are packing, Amanda thanks Brooke for inviting her to move in. Brooke is more than happy to have the company and offers Amanda a job at Tempo. Amanda turns it down, explaining that Greg Madden offered her a job as a receptionist to make up for the way that his son treated her. When the packing is finally completed, Brooke helps Amanda carry her belongings out of the room. While they are walking out, Brooke tells Amanda that she just finalized the last of Trevor's funeral arrangements so everything is in place.

At the hospital, Josh sees Jamie. He orders him to clean up after a patient who has vomited. Jamie refuses to follow Josh's orders, prompting Josh to threaten him with termination. The two men exchange heated words until Joe is forced to step in. He orders both of his grandsons to get along.

Erica is desperate to get Kendall out of Greg's room but Zach prevents her from storming into the room. They each try to persuade the other to reveal what they know about Zach but to no avail. When Josh comes along, things become tense. Josh warns Erica to stay away from his father. Erica isn't the least bit intimidated. She reminds him that she is free to do as she pleases and there is nothing he can do to stop her. Josh is shocked when Zach orders him to back off from Erica but it doesn't stop Josh from warning Erica one more time to leave his father alone. After Josh walks away, Erica decides to march into Greg's room but before she can do so, Ryan comes along. Moments later, Kendall walks out of Greg's room. Erica tries to find out what they discussed but Kendall is much too defensive and tells all of them that he's her doctor and what they discuss is confidential. Kendall then reminds all of them that it's her life and she wants them to leave her alone. After she storms off, Kendall ends up in the hospital's chapel where she breaks down in tears. Erica walks away, leaving Ryan and Zach alone. They exchange a look and acknowledge that they are on the same side in regards to Greg Madden but neither trust the other so each decides to handle things in his own way."

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