03/24/2006 Ryan Asks Kendall To Switch Doctors

"At home, Ryan and Kendall continued to talk about Dr. Madden assuming they wanted adoption and calling in a potential adoptive couple. Kendall wondered if Ryan was so upset because he wanted Julia to adopt the child. Ryan assured her that his feelings about Madden had nothing to do with Julia. "The guy is obviously up to something. He's pulling a con, and you're the target," Ryan tried to explain. He desperately wanted Kendall to find a new doctor. Meanwhile, Julia went to see Dr. Madden because she was interested in having a child. After informing him she hadn't seen a gynecologist in 10 years, he decided run some tests. After the testing was complete, Greg gave Julia the bad news that because of uterine fibroids, she would have great difficulty conceiving and he could be of no help to her. Later, Ryan came upon a bawling Julia at the boat house. And Dr. Madden was shocked to see Kendall in his office. More shocking? Her announcement that she wouldn't be his patient anymore!

David was stunned but overjoyed to see Dixie alive and well. When she confirmed for him that she was indeed real, he celebrated by pulling her into a liplock. Initially he thought everyone else already knew she was alive, but she informed him no one knew. "As far as this town is concerned, I'm dead. And I intend to stay that way," Dix told her ex-lover. After she said she had to go back, David wondered "back where?" First, he thought she might have another man, then it hit him: "Is it Kate?" Dixie turned away and sadly bit her lip, "No, I don't have Kate," she said, softly. David offered his sympathies and pleaded with her to come home with him. "David, after what I found out about you," Dixie remarked, "I'm never going anywhere with you again." She blasted him for having Di pretend to be her and all he's done to hurt JR. He tried to explain his actions and said he'd keep her secret, as long as he could go with her. When she said no, he replied with, "If you leave without me, I'll tell everyone you're alive."

After the wedding was over, the Chandler clan went inside to celebrate Little Adam's birthday. While the little boy was enjoying candy and cake, Krystal and Adam snuck away to get a head start on their honeymoon. After Little A was put down for bed, the gang went out to the patio and toasted JR and Babe. Opal arrived (just in time to catch the bouquet), and brought out the Tarot cards. Di's eyes perked up when Opal warned the new couple to "prepare yourselves for one heck of a topple." Their whole world would be destroyed and they'd have to start from scratch. The newlyweds didn't let that get to them and walked outside to share a loving dance. Meanwhile, back inside Opal read Di's cards. The cards told Opal that Di was the one who would cause trouble for JR. Tad then took Di back to his place and asked her if she was keeping another secret. Back at the mansion, JR and Babe decided to go for a moonlit walk. While Dixie was telling David she'd never forgive him if he exposed her, we heard Babe's voice calling, "Dad, is that you?""

- Soap Central