03/20/2006 Babe Comforts Amanda

"Amanda tries to talk to Babe but JR insists that she leave Babe's room immediately. Amanda explains that she just wants to apologize but JR is adamant. As Amanda turns to leave, Babe asks her to stop and then leaves JR temporarily dumbstruck when she tells Amanda that she forgives her. Babe asks to JR to leave the room so that she can have a private word with Amanda. When they are alone, Babe tells Amanda that she had spent quite a bit of time with Janet during her captivity. Babe knows how much Janet loved Amanda and understands Amanda desire to protect her mother. She does not blame Amanda for what happened. Amanda breaks down as they talk about Trevor. Babe pulls Amanda into her arms to comfort her. Babe lends a sympathetic ear as Amanda shares with her the events that led up to the explosion at the ball. Amanda kept hoping that she could somehow help her mother and because she was bound by the promise never to commit her mother to a sanitarium, she tried to turn to Trevor for help. Babe gently tells Amanda that Janet loved Trevor very much and in Janet's mind, she believed it was possible to wake up Trevor. Brooke walks in as Babe promises Amanda that she will eventually get through this tragedy.

JR visits little Adam and tells his son about the wedding plans. When JR returns to Babe's room, he is taken aback to see Babe comforting a tearful Amanda. After Brooke takes Amanda back to her room, JR sits down on Babe's bed. He is shocked that Babe forgave Amanda and asks her if she is out of her mind. Babe reminds JR of their determination to forgive those around them and start their life with a clean slate. JR reluctantly acknowledges their new commitment and promises Babe that he will talk to Amanda and make peace.

Dixie's packing is interrupted by a knock at the door. She stops short from answering the door when she hears Tad call out to Di asking if she was in the room. Dixie stands by the door until she hears Tad walks away. She resumes packing and comes across a newspaper with a headline announcing that Babe and her son were soon to be released from the hospital. Dixie spends some time in thought and then decides to call Gwen. When Gwen arrives to the room, Dixie requests a change of clothes and an identification card. A short while later, Dixie is at the hospital dressed as a surgeon and trying to convince a guard to let her in to check on little Adam. After she gains admittance, Dixie approaches her grandson. She talks to him about having to see him just once before she leaves town and then softly sings "You are my sunshine."

Di decides to tell David where Dixie is. She points to a star and tells him that he can find Dixie on the second one to the right and while he's there to say "Hi" to Tinkerbell. David isn't amused. He tells her that he knows that Dixie is alive because Del confirmed it. Di is a bit taken aback but refuses to say a word. Deciding to call David's bluff, Di asks him what exactly Del said that leads David to believe that Dixie is alive. Just then, Tad walks up. He tells David that he would love to hear David's answer. David and Tad exchange some nasty words until Del walks down the stairs. He quickly makes it clear that he never told David anything about Dixie being alive. Disgusted at the David is apparently willing to go in order to disrupt their lives, Tad warns David to keep his outrageous claims out of JR's ears. David isn't intimidated and tells Tad that he will do exactly as he pleases. Once David leaves and Tad is alone with Di, he tells her that he thinks their relationship has a chance. Di admits that she does too.

Greg sips tea in Erica's living room as Erica pretends to be making an attempt at peace. After Greg leaves, Erica quickly drops Greg's teacup and saucer into a pillow case and smashes into the fireplace. Later Erica goes to the hospital to visit Jack. He senses something is bothering Erica but she assures him that it's nothing important and that the problem was resolving itself at that very moment. They talk about the kids and Erica promises to bring them by Jack's room later that day before she slips out of the door.

Greg returns to the hospital but soon begins exhibiting strange symptoms. He experiences shortness of breath and while talking to Josh, clutches his heart. Eric watches from a nearby corner.

Zach talks Kendall down from her panic. When Kendall is calm enough, she asks him what he's doing on the roof. He explains that he stopped by to see Simone and then turns the table. Kendall admits that she came to the roof to think but that she isn't any closer to enlightenment than before she arrived. She begins to talk about her concerns of not being able to love her baby the way that she should. Zach doesn't seem concerned. He asks Kendall if she loves the baby and if she would protect him. He also asks if she would do whatever it takes to protect the baby and keep it safe. When Kendall answers yes to all of the questions, Zach points out that if anyone says she doesn't love the baby then they have no idea what they are talking about. Kendall feels better. Kendall then switches the subject and asks him why he is still in town. Zach is evasive, claiming he has some unfinished business. Annoyed, Kendall decides to leave but first asks him to let her know when he leaves because she knows someone who is interested in his condo. Zach promises to keep her posted."

- Soap Central