03/14/2006 Dr. Madden Suggests Adoption

"Adam offered to pay for Babe and J.R.'s wedding. He told J.R. that if gave him a date, he would give them a wedding they would never forget. Adam said that he was glad to have J.R. back and then told J.R. that he was in love with Krystal. He said that she had guts and he couldn't get enough of her. Krystal came out of Babe's hospital room upset and told Adam she couldn't take anymore. She told Adam that she loved him. Adam said now was the time for a loving stable marriage with just a little gun play. They embraced and Adam said that she had made him the happiest man in the hospital.

Krystal still harbored some doubt about J.R. and asked Babe if she was still going to marry him. Babe said she was going to walk down the aisle 'til death do they part or until J.R. turned on her, whichever came first. Krystal told Babe she saw nothing but trouble ahead and to take her time and be sure. Babe said that she didn't want to wait; she wanted to give Little Adam a real family. Babe tried to explain that she wanted this marriage to work, but if J.R. did turn sour she would not be ambushed. She said that she would sue for custody and take her little boy far away from J.R. Krystal asked Babe if she was more in love with J.R than ever before and Babe said the God help her she was. J.R. came in and presented Babe with the ring he had bought before and told her that if she didn't want that ring he would get her whatever she wanted. She said she loved the ring and loved him. J.R. asked Babe if she would marry him on Little Adam's birthday and she said yes.

J.R. told Babe that Adam loved Krystal and was all about getting her to love him too. J.R. told her that he had taken so much from her he would make it up to her and he swore he would prove his love.

Erica told Josh that his internship was a big mistake. Erica said that being a doctor would never take him where he wanted to go. Erica said that medicine was unglamorous but Josh replied that he was naturally glamorous. Erica said that she was once married to a doctor, Jeff Martin, but his patients came first. Josh said that her failed marriage was not his problem. Again she asked Josh to forget the internship telling him that there was nothing for him there.

Kendall confided in Dr. Madden that Julia had offered to adopt the "Rendall" spawn. Dr. Madden asked if she had decided to keep the baby and Kendall said she did not know yet. She said that she had to make the best decision for everyone and maybe she should just give the baby away. Kendall told Madden that this whole thing had brought up bad feelings about her adoption and she didn't want her baby to feel like that. Filled with doubt, Kendall said she felt no connection to the baby and compared herself to Bianca, Greenlee and Babe. Kendall said she had no idea what to do and Dr. Madden reminded her that when she got pregnant, she had intention of becoming a mother. Madden told Kendall that he worked with couples who were desperate for a child and the gift she created for Greenlee could become a gift for someone else. Still pushing for adoption, Madden told Kendall about a couple he had in mind. Erica walked by and heard Madden say that if she would entrust her baby to him, the baby would end up with a loving family. Erica went into the office and told Kendall she was ready to leave. Erica tried to get Kendall to break ties with Madden, but she refused.

Ryan thanked Julia for her offer of adoption but said that he wanted to raise his son himself. Ryan said that if he had chosen to put the baby up for adoption, she would be his first choice. Ryan told Julia that he really thought he could be a good dad and give the baby something positive. Julia asked where Kendall fit into the plan and Ryan said he still didn't know. Ryan asked what Julia thought of Madden and she said that he seemed to go the extra mile for his patients. Disappointed, Julia said that she had to go and she went into an exam room and began crying. Josh was there Erica and Kendall ran into Ryan and told him she had to go without him. She said she was sure he had plans to make without her. Back at Erica's, she asked for her laptop. Kendall said she would check on her later and Erica told her that everything would be alright. Vowing that Greg Madden would take no more children from the Kane women, Erica opened the laptop and typed, slow acting non-traceable poisons in the search bar. At Kendall's, Ryan told Kendall that the child needed parents and they had to decide who those parents were going to be."

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