03/10/06 Janet Announces That Dixie Is Alive

"Janet continues to tell everyone that Dixie was at the Mardi Gras ball. By the look of everyone's faces, Janet says that she must have spilled the surprise about Dixie's return. JR threatens to make Janet pay for what she has done, but Janet claims Dixie would be ashamed of JR. Dixie is probably so ashamed of her son, that is why she has not revealed herself, Janet adds. JR tells Janet that he loves his mother, but Adam and Jamie tell Janet to be quiet. Amanda jumps in and tells Janet to stop hurting everyone. When Brooke offers to take Amanda home, Janet thinks Brooke is trying to tear them apart. Amanda tells her mother that what she is saying about Dixie does not make sense. Janet tells Derek she can take her to prison, but Little Adam is the one who needs to be taken from the crazy Chandlers. JR breaks free of Tad's gripe and grabs Janet by the shoulders, threatening to take her out himself. Jamie and Tad remove JR, while JR and Janet keep throwing back and forth insults until Derek takes her away. When Amanda asks Aidan if he has found her dad, Aidan is silent. Adam and JR rush off to go see how Babe is doing. David asks Di what she thinks about Janet's story and Di claims Janet is lying. Tad tells Amanda that her father died, but she figures out that Janet is the one who killed him. Amanda demands to know where her father is, but no one answers her. She realizes Trevor is inside, so everyone allows her to go inside and find her father in the freezer. Amanda breaks down into tears and Jamie and Brooke quickly lead her outside. Aidan tells Tad that no one deserved the pain Janet inflicted on everyone, including ruining Dixie's memory.

Josh comes into Erica's room with a cameraman at his side. She tells him to turn off the camera while Josh explains that the man is doing a documentary on him as part of an internship. Erica tells Josh to do something good with medicine, instead of exposing people. He ignores her comments and tells his sidekick they should find someone else to film who is worth it. When she walks out to her room, she finds Greg touching Kendall's stomach to check on the baby. Erica asks Ryan and Kendall to check on her release papers, allowing Erica to ask Greg to speak to her privately. Erica tells Greg she would like to repair their mended relationship for Josh's sake. Erica claims she does not want to punish Josh for drugging her, but would like to work with Greg to get Josh out of town. Greg claims Josh will never leave the hospital because he feels the need to be bigger and better than everyone else. Little Adam gets a clean bill of health, but Krystal will not allow JR to hold his son. Kendall goes inside Erica's room to announce that her paperwork has been cleared. Erica tells Kendall she is still not thrilled about Greg being Kendall's doctor, then apologizes, blaming Josh's newfound medical position for her negative feelings.

Joe is not thrilled about Josh's videotape stunt, but Josh insists that it will promote positive publicity for the hospital. Moments later, Babe is rushed to the hospital, where Josh and the rest of the workers take her into another room. Josh tries to boss Julia around, but she tells him to stop acting like a donkey and get focused on their patient. Julia comes outside and tells everyone that Babe's heart beat is up and her pulse is rising. JR goes inside to see Babe, who is rousing from her sleep. When JR touches her, Babe thinks it is Janet and she starts screaming, until she sees JR. JR tells her that their son is safe and Janet has been arrested, while Julia goes to get Krystal. Krystal and Adam come into the room with Little Adam so Babe can be assured that her son is safe. Babe tells Krystal to thank everyone who helped save them, while David peaks inside. JR tells Babe how much he loves her and wants to be a family with Little Adam and proposes to her in front of Adam and Krystal.

Ryan finds Julia outside of Babe's room, where he sings her praises for saving Babe's life. Julia asks Ryan how Kendall how the baby is doing. He tells her the baby is fine, but a decision has not been made about who will raise the child. Julia explains that she is not exploring any other options until Ryan lets her know if she can adopt his child. Kendall walks out to overhear Julia laughing about Erica being involved in the baby process. Kendall goes to talk to Julia, pretending to know about what she and Ryan were talking about. Julia tells Kendall she is glad that she will consider her adopting the baby, which stuns Kendall.

Zach and Dixie return to the casino, where Dixie nearly collapses and Zach catches her. One of Zach's medical workers tends to Dixie's wounds. When she wakes up, Dixie asks Zach about the kidnapping. Zach tells her Babe and Little Adam have been taken to the hospital, but were both fine.

Janet is taken to her cell. Derek tells her he has contacted legal aide to get her a lawyer. Janet claims she does not need a lawyer because she has Trevor. Derek asks Janet why she killed Trevor, but Janet seems shocked that her husband is dead. David goes to visit Janet, reaches through the cell to grab her neck and starts asking about Dixie."

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