03/06/2006 JR Changes His Orders

"Reggie is not happy when he overhears Lily tell Jonathan that she intends to marry him. He quickly runs Jonathan off and tries to talk to Lily. Lily tells him that she wants to go to her tree because she is upset and the tree always calms her. Reggie offers to go with her but Lily refuses the company. Lily arrives at the treehouse where Jonathan is waiting. Lily tells him that when she turns 18 she can marry him and no one will be able to stop her. Jonathan points out that when she turns 18 she won't have to marry him because she will be an adult and able to make her own decisions without anyone being able to tell her what she can or cannot do. He tells Lily that he loves her and wants to marry her but he doesn't want her to marry him just to get away from Jack. Lily thinks about it and realizes that she has more options than believed. She isn't sure if she loves Jonathan but she does want to be in a relationship with him. He tells her that they can continue being boyfriend and girlfriend who love and support each other if she decides that she doesn't want to get married. Lily likes the sound of that. They decide to continue hiding their relationship until Lily turns 18 so that Jack doesn't send her away.

Kendall asks Ryan why he kissed her. He tells her that he wanted to distract her from thinking about Zach. At the mention of Zach's name, Kendall points out that he failed. Ryan smiles and then suggests that they make their relationship more permanent. He tries to sway her, reminding Kendall that it was a guarantee to stick it to Zach. Kendall declines the offer, pointing out that with Zach leaving town there is really no need to do anything. They decide to keep their relationship as is, platonic. Ryan then shows Kendall his divorce papers from Greenlee. Kendall is surprised that Greenlee is going by du Pres instead of Lavery. Ryan suggests that it's Greenlee's way of telling him that her marriage to Leo is the only one that counts for her.

Dixie is accidentally shot when JR's gun goes off. While Tad, Adam and Krystal yell at JR, telling him that he's lucky no one was injured, Dixie drops to her knees in agony. Tad hears a noise outside but by the time he goes to the door and opens it to investigate, Dixie is gone. He returns inside to try to talk some sense into JR. As the Tad and Adam try to convince JR that Janet kidnapped Babe and little Adam, Krystal decides to text message Janet. When they realize what Krystal has done, Adam and Tad are furious. They are convinced that she just made matters worse. As Adam once again tries to get through to JR, Tad tries to do damage control, text messaging Janet another message. It quickly becomes clear that JR refuses to accept that Janet kidnapped Babe and his son because it could mean that little Adam is dead. He believes Janet is perfectly capable of it. Adam finally manages to convince JR that Janet is holding his son and Babe. When the realization hits, JR is stunned by the ramifications. He tells them about the men that he hired and that he gave them orders to use whatever force is necessary including shooting Babe to get his son back. Krystal goes ballistic. JR quickly makes a call and changes his orders. Shortly afterwards all of them leave to search for Babe.

Zach is deep in thought as he looks at a gun in his office. His contemplations lead him to conjure up an image of Ethan but before they "talk" he is interrupted by a knock at the door. He is surprised to find Dixie on his doorstep and even more so when she collapses in his arms. He quickly takes her over to his sofa and ascertains that she's been shot. When he tries to call for a doctor, Dixie becomes quite upset. She adamantly refuses to see a doctor and threatens to leave if he does not abide by her decision. Zach tries to convince her that she needs help but Dixie is steadfast in her determination that no one, especially JR, discovers that she's been shot. Realizing that he can't sway her decision, Zach asks Dixie to trust him and then makes a phone call. He tells the person on the other end to send up a doctor who is currently sitting at one of the tables in his casino. The doctor arrives and determines that her gunshot wound is minor. He orders her to go to a hospital to have the wound cleaned and patched up but Dixie refuses. When the doctor tries to explain to Zach that he's required by law to report all gunshots, Zach reminds the doctor that he's is indebted to Zach. He strikes a bargain with the doctor who gives Zach a list of the supplies he will need to take care of Dixie's wound. After the doctor leaves, Zach sits down to talk to Dixie. She offers to answer his questions, but Zach declines.

Babe is stunned when she sees a dead body in the freezer. After Janet puts little Adam down in his crib, she returns to the living room of the cabin and introduces Babe to Trevor. Babe is horrified. She asks Janet why she killed Trevor. Janet denies that she did any such thing. She explains that she just froze him. In her delusional state, Janet believes that she can defrost Trevor when things settle down. When Babe asks Janet how Trevor ended up in the freezer, she listens with growing concern as Janet tells her about Trevor confronting her one night. After telling Janet that she was mentally unstable, he tried to take her to a sanitarium. Janet tells her that on the way out the door, she spotted Trevor's golf club, picked it up and then proceeded to bash Trevor with it. After that she put him in the freezer. As Janet is talking, she is growing increasingly agitated. In the hopes of calming her down, Babe starts talking about the new life they are about to embark on as mother and daughter. She tries to convince Janet that they need to make JR think that Babe is returning little Adam so that he will release Krystal. Once that is accomplished, they can start their new life. Unfortunately, at that moment Janet receives a text message on Babe's cell phone. It's Krystal. The message reads "Babe, I'm ok. Let my daughter go, you bitch!". Babe is crushed and her eyes well up with tears. Janet mistakenly believes that they are tears of joy that her "old" mother is safe. She sees it as an indication of what a loving and good person Babe is. Thrilled that Babe is now her daughter, Janet once again finds a measure of calm. Then Tad text messages Janet. He tries to convince her that he is willing to help her because she once saved his son but Janet is distrustful. Babe tries to convince Janet of Tad's sincerity but to no avail. Babe once again appeals to Janet to return little Adam to JR. She tells Janet that as long as they have little Adam, JR is going to keep coming after them until he is reunited with little Adam. Janet shrugs off the concern. She is confident she can easily outwit JR. Later, as they prepare to leave the cabin, Babe dresses little Adam. As she talks to him, she shares her plan to save them when they reach civilization. Just then Janet walks into the bedroom, clearly not pleased. She tells Babe to take little Adam's coat off and then informs her that she and her son are never leaving the cabin."

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