03/02/2006 Adam Tells Tad Krystal Is Missing

"Zach is sitting in his office at the casino when Livia arrives. He thanks her for coming over so quickly, and she indicates that it sounded like he had urgent business. Zach confirms her suspicion and, after she expresses her condolences, he tells her that he wants to claim his son. He asks her to obtain Ethan's birth certificate and add his name (as Alexander Cambias Jr. a.k.a Zach Slater) as the father. Livia plans to get right on it, and Zach applauds her for her restraint. She asks why, and he tells her that as Ethan's lawyer, he believes that she probably has something to say about his current actions. She admits that it isn't her place, but that she hopes it gives him comfort. She tells him that she will see him at the funeral and starts to go, but Zach stops her. He asks one more favor of her - that she change his will. He tells her that despite their divorce, he wants Kendall to inherit his estate in the event of his death.

At the cemetery, Kendall arrives to find a weeping Simone at Ethan's grave. Without words, she embraces her friend in an attempt to provide some measure of comfort. Moments later, after she greets a few more people, Simone talks about random things in an event to keep her tears in check. Kendall assures her that Ethan is with her in spirit, and that having the ceremony at his grave, with just family and friends, is what Ethan would have wanted. Simone ponders the reality that she may be the only person representing the family, but Kendall reminds her that Zach qualifies too. Simone turns sharply and informs Kendall that should Zach show up, she will pause the service until she can find someone to throw him out. Kendall is horrified and tells Simone that doing so would be wrong, as Zach has every right to mourn Ethan at the service. Simone admits that she understands Kendall's reaction - she loves Zach, so it makes sense. However, she is amazed by the thought that Kendall might have actually forgiven him already - and asks Kendall to tell her that it isn't true. Kendall tells her that she doesn't think she will ever forgive Zach, but that doesn't mean he should be shut out. She starts to tell Simone of a story that Ethan relayed, about his dream father, and the adventures they would have together once they were reunited. Simone reveals that she was told the story as well. Kendall tells her that no matter what happens between parent and child, the child will always long for a real connection with said parent. Simone can tell by looking in Kendall's eyes that she had switched to speaking from experience. She then acquiesces and says that Zach, if he put in an appearance, would be allowed to stay. Just then, Ryan approaches the duo and tells her that the priest had asked if they were ready. Simone says that she's not, but knows that they can't put off the service forever. Ryan leads both women to their seats and he, along with several others, lines up behind. As the priest begins the service, Kendall fervently looks toward the garden's entrance in hopes that Zach had indeed decided to join them. Back at the casino, Zach briefly looks at Ethan's obituary, and then takes his leave.

As Livia sings a song at the service, Ryan watches as Kendall continues to look for Zach. Meanwhile, realizing that her search is futile, Kendall refocuses her attention on comforting Simone. As Dani joins in her effort, Amanda silently joins the crowd of mourners. After Livia concludes her song, Ryan stands before those gathered to eulogize Ethan - and talks of how they both struggled not to define themselves not by their families or their pasts - but rather by their actions. He notes that Ethan will be remembered for his overwhelming generosity and unconditional love. He goes back to his place behind Kendall's chair, and Simone approaches the casket and kneels, quietly telling Ethan that she will never stop loving him. The priest ends the service, and Kendall goes to assist Simone in getting back on her feet. As she rises, Kendall notes that even though she begged Simone to allow Zach to mourn with them, she is angered by the fact that he didn't even bother to show. Before they can delve into that heartache any further, Amanda approaches and expresses her condolences to Simone. Simone, vaguely puzzled, thanks her and starts to gather her things so that she can leave. Amanda begs Simone to hear her out, because she feels responsible. Simone doesn't understand how until Amanda tells her that her mother caused the explosion at the ball, after Amanda covered for her. The weight of the confession starts to sink in with Simone, and she tries to clarify that she is at a funeral, burying the love of her life, not because of an accident, but because someone made a conscious decision. Amanda apologizes profusely, saying that she thought that she could get her mother out of town and under control but now, after the fact, she has given a full statement and the police are out looking for her. Rage overflowing and Amanda's words falling on deaf ears, Simone unleashes two healthy slaps that land on each of Amanda's cheeks.

Across the courtyard, Livia tells Ryan that he will be receiving paperwork tomorrow that details one of Ethan's wishes: that upon his death, his Cambias shares should be bequeathed to Ryan. Flabbergasted, Ryan inquires as to why they weren't given to Simone. Livia posits that perhaps Ethan made that decision because without Ryan's help restoring his birthright, Ethan wouldn't have had the shares to begin with. She further notes that Simone will be well taken care of by a trust that Ethan set up for her.

Returning to the condos after the service, Kendall barges into Zach's place and without waiting for any provocation, she blasts Zach because she defended him and his absence made her feel like an idiot again. Enraged, she demands that he show his face and she starts to smash various pieces of glassware until he finally appears and stops her.

At the cabin, JR tries to rouse a sleeping Krystal so that she may start 'paying' for her daughter's mistakes. When Krystal finally reaches full consciousness, she realizes that JR tethered her to her chair at the wrists. Enraged, she demands to be released but JR remains unfazed. She asks if he is ready to reveal the reason he brought her here - and he tells her there is both good and bad news. The good news is that he is starting to feel bad for her. The bad news is that it seems like Babe doesn't care whether her mama lives or dies. He informs her that Babe must think of her as disposable - he sent a text message to Babe warning her to return his son or she would never see her mother again. The response came many hours later, and it said that she would never lose her son again - so JR should feel free to do what he has to do. Krystal asks to see the message, to ensure that JR was telling her the truth. He shows her, and after reading through it herself, she determines that the message doesn't sound like it actually came from her daughter. JR doesn't believe her, and he proceeds to further his drunken state. As he does so, he admits things that makes Krystal realize that JR really does love Babe. The realization dawns, and Krystal rhetorically asks what is wrong with Chandler men. She tries to assure him that Babe loves him too, and that if he releases her, she can talk to her daughter, sort everything out and make sure Babe is home in no time flat. JR doesn't believe for a second that she wouldn't leave if she has the chance. Krystal backs down and tells him that he can do all the work - all he has to do is get in touch with Babe and tell her that he won't press charges, and that they can work it out, and she is sure Babe will come home. JR drunkenly asks if that's really all he needs to do and Krystal tells him that it's his only shot.

After putting Little A down for his morning nap, Babe tries to get back on Janet's good side after her foiled escape attempt. Thought Janet has yet to speak, she strikes fear into Babe by silently examining new wood with which to re-board up the window. Babe tries to make excuses for what she did, but it doesn't seem to be penetrating Janet's stoic exterior. She then asks Janet if she is all right, and finally Janet breaks her silence and indicates that her behavior should tell Babe clearly that she's not. Babe asks if there is anything she can do to right her wrong, and this is the button that Janet needs pushed. She berates Babe for being so self-absorbed and assuming that she is the cause of Janet's bad mood. She also lets on at how irritated she is that Babe didn't even bother to ask what the real cause was. Babe tries to apologize, but Janet verbally runs all over her and diagnoses her with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and says that she should have gone to a shrink and received shock treatment for that. Janet then immediately dismisses her conclusion, noting instead that Babe has a shock treatment in store. A short time later, Janet returns with a bucket of water and silently begins to clean. Babe, apparently privy to an epiphany, admits that while she is selfish, she does care about some people: her son, her mother...even Janet. She tells Janet that she wants to help her feel better. Janet is suspicious, but finally relents a bit. She says that maybe she can help Babe heal as well, and tells her to prepare for the shock treatment she spoke of earlier. She goes on to tell Babe that at this moment, JR could be killing Krystal. Janet shows her the text message from JR, and immediately Babe gets hysterical. She begs Janet for help in saving her mother because she knows that JR, if he believes that Babe kidnapped their son, will do anything to get him back. Janet tells her that it's only right that Babe lose her mother, now that she has lost her daughter. Unable to think straight, Janet's words are lost on Babe - so Janet tells her that just as JR betrayed her, Amanda betrayed her mother, and that it's just not clear who you can trust anymore. Janet's stone face starts to crumble as she admits the pain she feels when the one person that she loved turned on her, and started to treat her like trash. Babe commiserates, saying that she felt similarly about JR. Babe then reminds her that she still has Trevor, and this starts Janet's tears flowing. She talks about how different Trevor is now - cold, distant, and not supportive. She notes that Amanda had promised to come home, and when she didn't, Trevor didn't do anything to keep his wife from sliding into a dark place. Through her tears, Janet admits how much she is hurting now that no one loves or cares about her. Babe tells her that she cares, but Janet initially brushes it off, saying that Babe is just trying to trick her again. Babe tells her that she is being completely honest and that through the talks they have had, she feels that she is able to understand Janet a lot better. She goes on to say that she doesn't think that she is much different than Janet - they would both do anything for their children and they are both misunderstood. As they talk, the sound that indicates an incoming text message comes from Babe's phone. Janet reads the message from JR aloud, which confirms that he will kill Krystal if Babe doesn't return with his son. She begs Janet to call back, to help save her mama, but Janet is unmoved. She still believes that Babe should have to lose Krystal since Janet lost Amanda. Willing to try anything, Babe offers to be Janet's new daughter.

Di is sitting in a clearing in the woods when Dixie shows up. Di admits that she wondered how Dixie had fared after the explosion, since she left so quickly. Dixie tells her that she had been hanging back, and that Di is still the only person who has seen her. Puzzled, Di wonders aloud why Dixie came back to town if she wants to remain hidden. Di says that she's not sure how long she will be around, so she hasn't made any concrete decisions. Di lets some of her tumultuous feelings out by saying that she is trying to build a new life, but at the same time she is trying to keep Dixie's secret. Acknowledging that the longer the secret is kept, the worse it will be for Di, Dixie also makes it clear that things will be equally difficult for her. She then tells Di that she vaguely knows what's going on with her son, but she needs details. Aghast, Di demands to know why, if Dixie is so concerned about her son and the rest of the family, she still refuses to reveal that she is alive. Dixie is angered that Di's sole concern seems to be what effect Dixie's decisions will have on her. Di corrects her and says that she is confused as to how Dixie could express so much concern for her family and still stay away. Dixie, unwilling to continue the argument, simply demands that her sister tell her the specifics of what is happening. Di tries to get away with saying that JR needs his mother, but Dixie insists that Di give up all of the details. Di finally lets on that Babe and Little A are missing, that JR is insane with worry and that no one knows which scenario is true: did Babe use the explosion as a way to beat JR at the sole custody game, or did Janet Dillon kidnap them? At the sound of Janet's name, alarms go off in Dixie's head. She recalls aloud how crazy Janet is, and before Di can stop her, Dixie rushes off, leaving a clueless Di behind and seemingly intent on flinging herself into the fray.

Tad finds Adam in his study, and Adam cryptically notes that she is missing. Assuming that he is referring to Babe, Tad confirms as much and informs Adam that he'd been up all night and had no new leads. He goes on to say that constant phone calls don't help the cause. Adam breaks in and clarifies that he was referring to Krystal, and the news catches Tad off guard. After tossing a bottle of alcohol at the wall and startling Tad, Adam admits his fear that Janet has not only Babe and Little A, but also his wife. Tad caustically reminds him that had he and JR taken Jamie's advice and sent their team after Janet in the first place, this nightmare would already be over. Adam tells him that the team is pointed in the right direction now, but in the meantime, Janet is still preying on his family and destroying JR. Unbeknownst to them, Dixie approaches the study from inside the tunnels and hears Adam tell Tad that he is to blame for everything that happened. Livid, Tad hurls the responsibility back at Adam, and they continue to volley for several minutes, neither willing to accept total blame for JR's spiritual and emotional demise. Finally, Tad admits that if JR ever gets off the revenge vendetta he has against the world, he will be more than happy to accept the mistakes he made. Until then, Tad notes, they are done discussing it. He prepares to go, but Di walks in. As Dixie continues to listen from the other side of the wall, Di asks if anyone had seen 'her' yet. Adam and Tad both assume that she means Janet, and it takes her a few moments to realize that she is the only one referring to Dixie. Once she does, she asks if JR has been informed of the turn of events. Adam admits that he doesn't know where his son is, but that he will tell him once he tracks him down. Tad is amazed that finding his son hadn't been the first item on Adam's agenda. In less than 30 seconds, Tad figures out that because JR is in the dark, his best collateral against Babe is her mother. Tad takes off, intent on rescuing Krystal - with Adam and Di falling in right behind him.

Krystal tries to coach JR in exactly what to say in his text message, but JR assures her that he's already well aware of the right words. He shows Krystal the message and it a fit of anger, Krystal tells him that all of his misdeeds and empty threats would come back to haunt him. JR tells her that he doesn't think anything could hurt him more than the nightmare of never seeing his son again. As Dixie looks in on the scene in horror, JR pulls out his pistol to let Krystal know that he never issues empty threats."

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