02/13/2006 Babe Asks JR For Joint Custody

"Lily and Jonathan declare that it doesn't matter whether anyone objects to their relationship or not, they intend on seeing each other. Jack is furious and threatens to send Lily away to school. He reminds Lily that she is underage and therefore has no choice in the matter. Ryan tries another tactic by pointing out to Jonathan that if he was truly recovered from his surgery he would understand why a relationship with Lily is impossible. Listening to Ryan talk to Jonathan, Lily realizes that everyone is worried about Jonathan and her having sex. She quickly tells Ryan and Jack that they have absolutely no intention of having sex. Ryan appreciates her candor but insists that his concern stems more from worrying that Jonathan isn't recovered enough to adequately deal with someone special like Lily. As hoped, Ryan is able to convince Jonathan that it would be best if he broke things off with Lily. Jonathan asks for and is given a moment alone with Lily to talk privately. He tells Lily that he loves her but that he has a lot of work ahead of him and needs to focus on that.

Babe asks JR to agree to giving her custody of their son if their marriage should fall apart. Overhearing Babe's demand, Kendall interrupts JR from answering by demanding that he not give in to Babe's outrageous proposition. Babe doesn't appreciate Kendall's interference and tells her to stay out of her life. JR thanks Kendall for her concern but assures her that he is perfectly capable of making his own decisions. After Kendall walks away, JR tells Babe that he has absolutely no intention of agreeing to or signing her prenup. Babe is hurt but JR reminds her that she didn't agree to his terms either. He goes on to tell her that he would happily marry her any time but not with a prenup. Babe is furious and warns him that she is not going to go meekly away. She has every intention of being a part of their son's life.

Kendall walks rejoin the ball just in time to overhear Ryan tell Jack that she had broken off her engagement to Zach and that he'd like Jack to check on Kendall. Kendall is livid at what she sees as Ryan continuing to be manipulative. She tells Ryan that she hates him and demands that he stay out of her life.

Dixie listens in as Tad comes to Di's defense when Adam badgers her. As she continues to remain out of sight, she overhears Tad talk about her. Touched by his words, she steps out from the shadows just in time to see Tad kiss Di.

Erica refuses to accept Josh's explanations. She asks him to tell her who he really is and before he can say anything asks if it's possible that even he doesn't know who he is. Greg is shocked by Erica's question. Josh tries to defend his recent actions in a desperate effort to get back in Erica's good graces. He goes to far when he tries to blame his father for forcing him into acting irresponsibly and saying things he did not mean. Greg denies forcing his son to do anything of the kind. When Erica asks to speak to Greg alone, Josh insists that anything Erica has to say to Greg she can say to Josh.

Janet talks to Amanda about her plans for all the party goers to Amanda, who remains unconscious. Eventually Amanda comes to and finds her mother in a good mood. Janet assures her that everything is fine and the party guests are having a wonderful time when Amanda asks after them. Content with the knowledge, Amanda tries to convince her mother into leaving town with her that very night. Janet's hesitation raises Amanda's suspicions. Before long, Amanda realizes that her mother is up to something and everyone is in danger. Fearful for the guests at the ball, Amanda rushes to warn them. Janet tries to stop Amanda but is unable to keep up with her daughter.

Kendall announces to all of the guests that the time had come to drop their masks and reveal their true identities. All the guests begin lowering their masks except for Dixie. Simone notices and tries to cajole Dixie into revealing her face but to no avail.

Amanda rushes into the party and finds Jamie. Before she can warn him, a massive explosion rocks the party. Everyone is scattered as the balcony that Lily and Jonathan are standing on collapses and the ceiling crashes down upon the heads of the party guests. Guests become buried as debris continues to rain down upon the heads of everyone. Many long minutes later, everything falls eerily silent as Tad slowly starts to climb out of the rubble. Looking around at the sheer devastation, he mumbles, "Oh my God!" and then in a state of stunned disbelief asks, "Is anyone alive?""

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