02/06/2006 Erica Considers Making Josh A Co-Host

"Erica's Mardi Gras ball benefiting the American Red Cross Relief Fund kicked into gear as guests began arriving.

As Erica prepared to leave for the ball, Tad arrived and insisted on talking to her. However, when he saw who was with Erica, he changed his mind and made up an excuse about misplacing his ticket for the ball. Josh excused himself, promising to meet up with Erica at the ball, and left.

Outside, Josh answered his ringing cell phone. It was Jesse Johnson, calling him to offer him a new position. Josh declined the offer and hung up. Speaking to himself, he wanted more than for Jesse to ask him to take the job. He wanted to make Jesse beg.

Upstairs, preparing to change into her costume, Erica received an unexpected visit from Jesse. He told her that the affiliates were demanding that Josh be named as her co-host, or they would cancel her show. Erica was a bit surprised when Jesse went on to tell her that Josh had turned down his offer. She refused to be forced into making a decision but promised she would discuss matters with Jesse the following day. As Jesse left, Jack entered the room. Erica avoided telling him what Jesse had told her and insisted that the only thing she wanted to focus on at that moment was the ball and enjoying herself.

At the ball, Adam found JR and handed him a glass of champagne. He tried to make a toast to JR's brilliant move of insisting that Babe sign a prenuptial agreement, but JR wasn't in the mood to deal with his father. Elsewhere, Babe confided to Krystal that she was determined to make JR forget about the prenuptial agreement and win him back. When she had JR where she wanted him, Babe planned on breaking his heart and taking their son. Later, JR fumed as Babe ignored his overtures to talk in favor of showering Josh with attention. Krystal cautioned JR to not be like his father and advised him to tear up the prenuptial agreement if he hoped to have a chance at winning Babe back.

Josh took a moment to speak to a reporter, promising him a big story by the end of the night. Later, Josh revealed a bit too much when talking to Babe about Amanda.

When Tad arrived at the ball, he found Jamie talking to Josh. When he tried to gauge the depth of their friendship, Jamie admitted that he had a bad feeling about Josh. Jamie found JR a short time later and admitted that he didn't think Amanda was guilty of everything that she was being accused of. JR was disgusted with Jamie, attributing his cloudy judgment to lust. As the night progressed, Babe insisted that Jamie dance with her so that she could have a private word with him. She shocked him when she told him that she thought Josh might have set Amanda up for drugging Erica.

In the hotel room, Ryan filled Ethan in on the plans they had to expose all of Zach's lies. Ethan offered to be the fall guy to keep Ryan's relationship with Kendall from being further strained, but Ryan declined the offer. As Di left to join the ball, Ethan assured Marty that he would help him leave town and escape Zach's wrath after they had obtained the proof that they needed.

Zach gave Kendall a stunning diamond engagement ring while Ryan stood nearby and watched them. Later, Zach confronted Ryan about what Ryan thought Zach was guilty of. Ryan was careful not to reveal his hand as he taunted Zach about Kendall soon learning what kind of man Zach really was.

Josh introduced Erica, who made a grand entrance. After Erica and Zach made a point of showing a united front, Erica made a short speech about being the victim of foul play before inviting the guests to enjoy their evening. Erica also took a moment to have a private word with Josh about her meeting with Jesse before she joined her guests.

David asked Julia to dance with him, but she seemed to have eyes only for Ryan, much to David's frustration.

Tad asked Di if Ryan's plans to expose Zach's lies were still in place. He was disappointed to learn that they were, commenting that Kendall seemed the happiest she had ever been.

Janet, who is in disguise, visited Amanda in jail. Jonathan quickly recognized Janet as the woman who had been setting him up and tormenting him. Janet tried to convince Jonathan that she was nothing more than a figment of his imagination, but Jonathan pointed out that Amanda speaking to her proved she was very much a real person. When Jonathan called for the guards, Janet made a quick escape before everyone, including Aidan and Erin, could spot her.

Aidan questioned Amanda, who lied about Janet being there. She insisted that Jonathan was crazy and had been hallucinating. Aidan wasn't convinced. Just then Livia arrived to tell Jonathan that he had made bail and was free to leave. Back at the apartment, Erin and Aidan learned that Jonathan intended to meet Lily at the ball. They were adamantly against it, insisting that the woman trying to frame him was not going to give up, which put him in danger.

Erin and Aidan wanted Jonathan to go with them, where there would be plenty of eyewitnesses who could attest to his whereabouts in case something happened. Jonathan seemed to cooperate with them, but as they walked out the door, he paused and told them that he had forgotten a book. He promised to meet them at the car once he had fetched it. Convinced that Jonathan was telling them the truth, Aidan and Erin left the apartment. Jonathan quickly gathered up his costume for the ball and left.

Janet returned to the jail to see Amanda, much to Amanda's dismay. Amanda was further distressed when Janet warned Amanda to stay put in jail so that she had an alibi for the night. Before Amanda could question Janet further about what Janet planned, Janet took off.

Dressed in costume as one of the partygoers, Janet entered the ball."

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