01/20/2006 Janet Sends Jonathan To Willow Lake

"At Zach's casino, Ryan remembers Julia talking about "Zach pulling the plug on anything" until Simone and Ethan interrupt his thoughts. Simone thinks Ryan and Ethan are there together to crush Zach, but Ethan claims he wants to celebrate their engagement. Ryan tells Simone he wouldn't care about Zach if he wasn't involved with Kendall. He asks them what the expression "pull the plug" mean to them, then to imagine those words coming from Zach's mouth. Ethan brings up the possibility that maybe Zach is in the mob, but Simone questions the theory. Ryan tells them he can think of other theories, but Ethan's might be worth checking out. Ryan heads out of the casino, while Simone gets personal with Ethan. She tells him about being a former journalist and her rocky relationship with her father. Ethan promises to let his father go, but wants Simone to understand that it may take some time. Then, he and Simone set a wedding date of March 20. Ryan breaks into Zach's office and starts looking through his desk. Ryan finds a folder hidden under the desk and opens it to get a copy of a building map.

As Zach and Kendall lay in bed, Kendall asks Zach what is keeping him awake. Zach claims nothing is wrong; he is just having some trouble sleeping. As Kendall sings his praises for not judging her about the baby, Zach stops her. Although he loves her, he strongly opposed her carrying Ryan and Greenlee's child, Zach says. Not to mention he could have stopped it by telling her Ryan was alive, he adds. "My arrogance blew things up right in my face," Zach says. When Kendall tells him she does not understand what he means, Zach figures it is not important. Kendall figures that Zach must have regrets about his past, but Zach realizes he can not change the course of events passed. Zach tells her that only a divine intervention could have stopped Kendall from helping Greenlee. She says the blackout almost intervened, but she had to think fast and decided to use her own eggs. Zach tells Kendall he is going to the casino, but will return later. Kendall leaves shortly after.

JR is confused by Babe's sudden disinterest in marrying him. Babe says that although he thinks she knows her, she is still capable of pulling dirty deeds. JR thinks he has seen the worst in her, and vice versa, but they have gotten through that. He admires her strength and way of not taking crap from anyone, including his tricks to try to keep her away from their son. Babe has been there for him more than once, such as covering for his hit-and-run with Amanda, JR adds. Babe tells JR that he isn't listening to her - she has been right about her mischievous ways all along. Winifred comes downstairs with Little Adam before she can tell JR about her plans to remarry him.

Tad pleads with Amanda to tell him what she knows about his family's disappearances. Amanda thinks Tad is calling her the guilty party, but he says he just wants answers. Jamie walks over to embrace Amanda as she remembers what her mother mentioned during their visit. Di tells Amanda that her hatred for JR and his family makes her a capable suspect. Amanda points out that she would not take Jamie's family because she loves him and would have no way to knock out five people. Tad and Di say Amanda could have gotten hold of some drugs, but she denies it. Tad apologizes for accusing Amanda, but admits he is scared for his family. Di thinks they should go back to their other suspect, Jonathan, which Amanda immediately agrees with. While Tad keeps pushing Amanda for information, he gets a call. After Tad leaves, Amanda tells Di that suddenly she is a goody two-shoes after ripping the Martin's apart, so how fair is that? Once Di leaves, Amanda calls her mother, but gets a voice mail. She immediately leaves the apartment.

JR gets a call from Tad to let him know that Joe's cell phone location has been tracked down. After JR and Palmer leave, Babe tells her son she almost lost him by telling JR the truth.

More cell phones keep ringing in the truck as Opal, Joe, Brooke, Adam and Krystal yell to their kidnapper to let them go. Brooke tells them that the kidnapper is probably no longer there, as the truck keeps sinking. Adam claims he can negotiate with the kidnapper. Brooke tells everyone that the truck is sinking into quicksand. She tells them the less they move and panic, it will keep the truck from sinking so quickly into the sand. Krystal claims she needs to get out of the truck to save her daughter, although everyone else looks down on Babe. Of course, Adam thinks he is the most important man to leave. Joe reminds everyone that snapping at each other will not make the situation any better. Suddenly, people start confessing their sins. Adam apologizes to Brooke for being a bad husband and Opal claims she still loves Palmer.

Janet, dressed in a carnival costume, walks to the park with a handful of balloons and runs into Jonathan. Jonathan continues to believe Janet is not real, until she pops a balloon with a needle to catch his attention. She continues to tell Jonathan to listen to her, unless he wants to be put in the psych ward. Jonathan tells Janet that he is well now, but Janet keeps trying to make him believe otherwise. He asks her to go away and leave him alone. Janet tells Jonathan that he needs to go to Willow Lake to fix a life or death situation. Jonathan rushes to the sinking truck, but has trouble breaking the lock so he rushes off. Janet steps out from the woods and calls Jonathan a moron because everyone is going to die. She hides in the woods when Jonathan comes back with a tool to crack open the back door. Tad, JR and Jamie show up in the middle of the rescue attempt."

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