01/09/2006 Erica Remembers Dr. Madden

"JR and Babe make love and afterwards enjoy some pillow talk. Both admit that the experience is different from what they had expected but neither has any regrets. JR doesn't make any promises when Babe worries that JR will give into his insecurities and see the worst in her but he does offer to apologize in advance. As they start to make love, JR's cell phone rings. Concerned it may be about Little A., JR answers the phone. It's Tad calling with bad news about Di.

As Tad and Krystal leave the boathouse together, Adam approaches them. The three of them trade words until they hear someone call out for help. It's Jonathan. He is frantically trying to rescue Di from the icy waters. Tad is the first to come to Jonathan's aid. Believing Jonathan accidentally fell in, Tad tries to pull him out of the water but Jonathan resists his attempts. Jonathan stammers as he tells Tad that there is a woman in the water. Tad realizes that Jonathan is talking about Di just as Jonathan dives back under water in the hopes of saving Di. Eventually Di is pulled from the water. Jonathan is distraught when it appears that Di isn't breathing. As Krystal calls for help, Tad does his best to revive Di. At the hospital, Joe begins treating Di for severe hypothermia.

As JR and Babe are dressing, Babe tries to convince JR to go to the hospital to see Di. She tells him about her encounter with Bianca on the beach and how Bianca told her that while she can't forgive her, she is working to let go of all the anger. Babe warns JR that he may end up hating himself if something should happen to Di and he didn't go to see her one last time. Reluctantly, JR agrees to go to the hospital.

In the waiting room, Tad talks to JR who is not at all pleased to be at the hospital. He tells JR that he understands how he feels but that at the moment all that he can concentrate on is the positive impact Di has had on their lives. A short time later, Joe informs Tad and JR that they can go in to see Di. He updates them on her condition and explains that for the moment, Di is stable. As they walk into the room, Di calls out Dixie's name in her delirium. JR stops short while Tad goes to her beside, concerned.

Ryan is shocked when he walks into Kendall's place to find her kissing Zach. Things are a bit tense as Kendall explains to Zach that she and Ryan reached a decision about the baby during Christmas. Ryan takes Kendall's announcement as a sign to order Zach to stay out of their lives. Kendall corrects Ryan's mistake by informing him that she and Zach are very much a couple. Kendall goes on to give both men the opportunity to walk away from their promises but accepts her offer. Ryan assures Kendall that he will not add to her stress by blowing up and causing her problems but Zach doesn't believe him. As the men trade words, Kendall is stuck in the middle. She tells both men that she fears this is how it's always going to be. Nothing is resolved when Ryan receives a call about Jonathan. As Ryan walks out of the door, he promises Kendall that he will return as soon as possible to discuss the matter further. Once they are alone, Zach promises Kendall that he will do his best to deal with Ryan for her sake. Kendall in return asks for a favor. She doesn't want to hide their relationship.

Erica becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Greg as past memories surface. She realizes that the "dream" of Greg that she's been having of Greg actually occurred. When she tells him about the memory, Greg admits that he was the doctor who performed her abortion years earlier. Erica is disgusted with the idea that he became fixated on a young patient under those conditions. Greg denies that is how it happened. He admits that she made an impression on her but that over time he would have forgotten her had she not become famous. His attraction developed over a period of time and their meeting years later was nothing but coincidence. Erica asks him why then, if it was coincidental, didn't he just tell her who he was when they recently met. Greg is offended. He tells her that besides his vow of doctor/patient confidentiality bringing such an incident up would have been embarrassing to her. Erica walks over to her desk and picks up the picture of herself as a child and shows it to Greg. She asks him why he had a picture of her as a baby in his files. Greg is momentarily speechless as he struggles to come up with an explanation. Erica draws her own shocking conclusions. She asks him if he engineered Kendall's pregnancy in some twisted attempt to make up for the pregnancy he helped her end. Before Greg can respond, Josh walks in with Erica's lunch. Knowing his father was in with Erica and concerned over the amount of time he was spending with her, Josh used the excuse of lunch to break up Erica and Greg's meeting. His plan works as Erica asks Josh to escort his father out of her office. Once the door is closed behind them, Greg warns Josh to end his campaign against Erica.

After pushing Di into the freezing water, Janet returns to her hideout, confident that Amanda won't be blamed because she's at work and has an airtight alibi. She ends up talking to her "alter" in the mirror and explains that pushing Di in the water was an act of retribution on her friend Dixie's behalf. As she continues talking to herself more of Janet's diabolical plans are revealed: She's far from done terrorizing those who have hurt her precious Amanda."

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