01/06/2006 Erica Fires Josh

"Babe finds JR looking at her on the beach. He apologizes for his behavior at the New Year's party, but got jealous thinking of her with another man. He admits that they have a real connection, but wonders why she wants to be with him after all they have been through. Babe admits she doesn't want to want him back, but it has happened. JR says he does not like who he is and does not like wanting revenge. When Babe asks JR if she would change for them to get a second chance, he says no. He thinks it is best if they just forgot about being together and Babe agrees. She walks away and goes inside an isolated shack. JR walks in and they rush into each other's arms, not fighting their feelings any longer.

Di gets upset, thinking that Tad called her Dixie. He denies her accusations, but then apologizes and tells her to relax. Di argues that she is not in town to play a stand-in for Dixie, but now he is backsliding. Tad reminds her that no one asked Di to come to town and play her dead sister. Tad says that maybe it is not best for them to work together, but Di brings up the kiss they shared on New Years Eve. She wonders if he was kissing her or Dixie. Tad claims the kiss was just a tradition and meant nothing. He adds that if he could ever think of her as Dixie, that would be a compliment for him. Di spits out that Dixie is not the perfect angel everyone paints her out to be and she has told plenty of lies in her lifetime. Tad asks her what Di knows he does not. Di does not answer him, but says what if Dixie has kept them apart, not fate? Tad leaves the room without an answer. Soon after, Di falls into the ice cold water.

Krystal and Adam take Little Adam out for ice-skating, but it is not long before Adam brings up her naked escapade at the party. Janet peeks out from behind the boathouse as Ryan and Jonathan come up. Jonathan says hello to the child, but Adam wants him to stay away. Ryan asks Jonathan to wait for him in the corner, but Jonathan tells them he would never hurt the baby, before he walks away. Ryan tells Adam he has no right to treat his brother like that and Jonathan will not bother him. Adam's security guard, Bruno, and maid, Winifred, walk up to take the baby for some hot chocolate. Ryan tells the couple about the old woman who claimed to be with Jonathan the night the baby disappeared. Jonathan sees Janet run from the boathouse in her nun outfit. He tries to hand her some money to do a good deed, but she spits out, "Oh, I lost him." When Jonathan asks who she lost, Janet rushes off. Krystal tells Ryan about the drug test proving she was tricked at the party, but of course, Adam thinks it's a set-up. Ryan leaves the pair to continue their fighting, where Adam admits he did not like seeing Krystal embarrassed and naked at the party. When Krystal asks him why not, Adam acts as though the exposure made him look bad too and suddenly agrees to give her the divorce and half of Chandler Enterprises. Krystal thinks something is wrong, since he didn't even put up a fight. Tad walks in and tells Krystal to take the offer - she won't get a better one. Krystal asks for more than just the business - she wants half of everything he's got. When Tad asks Krystal why she turned down a good deal, she tells him it's a long story. Tad figures that maybe she is attracted to Adam or enjoys being the missus, but Krystal denies it.

Ryan tells Jonathan it is best for him to keep a low profile right now because some people still do not like him. Jonathan agrees to only hang out with his friends, including Kendall, but Ryan warns him not to interfere with Kendall. Ryan also tells him that he and Kendall are not sure what is going to happen to the baby after he is born. Jonathan thinks Ryan would be a great father, but Ryan is not so sure because he is scared to turn into their own father. Jonathan agrees to keep his distance from Kendall. Ryan is hesitant to leave Jonathan alone, but Jonathan promises to go home after he is done skating.

Erica tells Josh about her horrible experience while he was out pretending to take her place on the show. Josh claims that Geraldo Rivera showed up at the studio looking for her, but she fires him before he can get anything else out. Josh doesn't put up a fight, which surprises Erica. He tells her that he tested Kendall and offered to get dirt on his own father for her, but she claims that was out of loyalty. Next, Josh brings up the fact that he saved her show, when she could not be found and a rerun would have looked bad. Erica apologizes for her behavior towards Josh and rehires him. Josh offers to track down her driver and see why he ran off, along with setting up another interview with Geraldo. Josh reaches down to retrieve a bug device below Erica's desk as Greg grabs his hand. Greg thinks his son is trying to harm Erica and Josh is not shy about admitting he wants Erica's job. Greg is shocked by his son's behavior, but it is Josh who seems smitten that his father is actually in love with Erica. Greg crushes the bug with the bottom of his shoe. Erica walks out and Greg asks to talk to her privately. As Greg tells Erica to relax and breath, she has a flashback of him standing over her in scrubs, saying those exact words.

Zach brings Kendall over a basket full of herbal teas to help with the pregnancy. Kendall admits to Zach that she is waiting for him to go ahead and dump her, make excuses for their romantic feelings toward each other. Zach wonders if someone has tried to convince her to push him away. Kendall says the problem is the baby and now, she can't even fit in some of her clothes. She is worried the baby will somehow interfere with their relationship. Zach tells her that the only thing that matters to him is her love for him. Kendall admits she still does not know what to do with the child, and is not sure Zach can deal with it, since he still hates Ryan. Zach figures that between the two of them, they can figure out how to deal with the baby. Kendall opens the door so Zach can go about his business. He gives her a passionate kiss as Ryan walks through the door."

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