01/05/2006 Erica Is Stranded

"Kendall returns to her condo walking on cloud nine, and it takes her a moment to realize that JR has been waiting for her. She tells him that nothing can ruin this day for her, not even him. He asks if she forgives him for their fight and graciously, she does. She wishes him a happy new year, hugs him and invites him in. He tells her that while it's not happy yet, his year will be, and he lays a kiss on her. She breaks away and he promises that the lip lock was for good luck. She lets it go and starts to primp in front of the mirror. JR starts to apologize for all of the horrid things he'd done but Kendall blows it all off and summarily forgives him. He drinks in all of the happiness and light that she is giving off, and is curious as to the reason behind it. She simply tells him that it's a new year, she is completely different and she is looking toward the future. JR swears that he is leaving Babe behind for good, and Kendall tells him that he may just have a chance. JR takes that to mean that they can move forward together and says as much. Kendall tells him that he doesn't have the slightest idea of what she wants, but JR begs to differ and leans in to kiss her again. Kendall breaks away again, insisting that she won't have sex with JR. He asks why, and she tells him that things have changed. JR doesn't think that she is being specific enough, so she offers up that she is having the baby. He thinks that is fantastic, and then fancies himself a baby expert who knows that having sex while pregnant is okay. Realizing that JR isn't taking any of her hints, she finally lets it out that she is in love. JR realizes that she means with Zach, and he leads her off into the bathroom, threatening to stick her head under a cold shower until she starts making sense again. She breaks away from him and goes back into the living room, insisting that nothing he can do will change her mind. She admits that she now knows she can trust Zach, and could all along. JR tries to tell her that he too had put it all on the line - and the payoff wasn't worth it. Kendall insists that he not compare Babe to Zach, because there is no way that Babe could ever be as good a person as Zach. After a moment of reflect, JR asks if Kendall will ever forgive Babe for what she did to Bianca. Without hesitation, Kendall tells him that there is no chance in hell. They briefly spar over which counterpart is worse - Babe or Zach - but then Kendall ends it, noting that she is happy for the first time in as long as she can remember. She is a different person now and she is unwilling to let JR bury her in the old fears that she carried around like a weapon. Kendall admits that they have had amazing times together and that they are closer than any two friends can be. She goes on to say that she needs to give love a real shot - she's flying without a chute and she doesn't care because the rush is better than anything she has ever felt before. JR is still more than skeptical and Kendall begs him to either support her - or go away. Better yet, she suggests that he find an amazing woman, fall in love and just take the chance - because it really is worth it.

A short time later, with JR gone, Kendall changes her outfit. As she finishes, she realizes that her pants no longer fit.

At the beach, Babe makes a note that Bianca really doesn't want to help her. Bianca claims that she does, or she would have left as soon as they ran into each other. She then reminds Babe that they used to be so close, and she had only to look in Babe's eyes to see what was going on. Before Babe can talk her way out of anything, Bianca deftly asks what Babe is trying to pull with JR. When Babe refuses to fess up, Bianca starts to walk away, noting that she is asking about things that aren't her business. She stops short when her curiosity about what happened between Babe and Jamie takes over. Babe gives her the short version - how Phoebe's will dictated that in order to get what he deserved, he had to get rid of Babe. Babe tells her that she had already gotten in the way of Bianca having the life she should - she wasn't about to make the same mistake again. Bianca nods in understanding and then says that for Little Adam's sake, it's good that Babe is now getting closer to JR again. Babe, unwilling to lie to Bianca anymore, tells her that she is scheming again - and that JR is the target. She confesses her plan, but Bianca warns her away - knowing that JR would be much more dangerous if he ever found out her plan. Babe knows what kind of person she is dealing with, but admits that she would do anything for her son. Bianca remembers that the Babe Carey she knew would do everything with her whole heart, but she stops short of announcing her predictions for the future if Babe continues on her path. Babe urges her to say it - noting that she deserves all the heartache coming her way. Bianca slowly admits that part of her still hates Babe. Having known the agony of being without your child, however, means that she would never wish that on anyone else. Babe is pleasantly surprised, and notes that most people feel the complete opposite, and would wish 10 times the pain on her. She then confesses that Kendall wants to get her out of Fusion, and that Zach offered to buy her out. Bianca inquires as to what decision she came to. Babe tells her that she wants to stay a partner - she thinks that this is her one shot to prove that she is smarter and more capable than everyone thinks she is, and that she has a million ideas to back that up. She pauses and then says that the roadblock is that she knows that Greenlee's gift was only a way to destroy Kendall - but that is not something she wants to do. She says that hurting Kendall would be like hurting Bianca all over again. She then gives Bianca the choice: if she wants Babe to take Zach's offer and walk away, she'll do it. Bianca tells her that she can't make the decision for her, and instead asks if Babe really thinks she can handle Kendall. Babe is unsure, guessing that only time will tell. She then gets an odd look on her face, and Bianca asks after her thoughts. Babe admits that she is still amazed that Bianca is giving her the time of day and talking out problems with her. Bianca tells her that she wouldn't have done that until recently- because the more joy Miranda gave her, the angrier she was at Babe. She admits that she can never know how her best friend could take her child, but she isn't going to let that anger taint the time she has with her daughter. The hurt and bitterness will always be there - but Bianca tells her that she isn't going to hold it close anymore, and she is going to try not to throw it in Babe's face again. They chat for a little while longer, and then Bianca says that she needs to get back to Miranda. Before she leaves, she wishes Babe luck with everything. Tearfully, Babe watches her go.

Believing that she is alone again on the beach, Babe contemplates recent events as JR watches her from behind some foliage.

Tad continues to question Greg about why he has a complete family history on the Martins in his personal files. After an uncomfortable moment of silence, Greg explains that he has a hypothesis that there is a link between genetics and career choice - and that he got the idea to study the Martin family when he met Joe, and found out that two of his sons (Jake and Jeff) were also doctors. Tad seems a bit uncertain until Greg follows by saying that had Tad's research been a bit more thorough, he would have found another file - on the Santos family, which also contains several people in the medical field. Tad isn't ready to buy it, but Greg concludes by saying that his research is personal - he is trying to figure out why his son, who started out headed for a career in medicine, abandoned it and chose to pursue something drastically different. Tad asks why he isn't mentioned in his family's file, and Greg explains that once he discovered that Tad was not biologically related, he ended that portion of his research. Tad then jumps to the baby picture of Erica that he found. Greg explains that he isn't a stalker, nor a rabid fan, and that he has no delusions that Erica will leave her husband to be with him. He insists that he and Erica have an understanding, and that he is happy with their relationship as it is. All he wants to do is take care of Kendall, and her child. Tad reminds him that he will do any and everything to make sure that he is not a threat to Erica, or anyone else that he cares about. He takes off as suddenly as he showed up, leaving Greg to ponder their encounter.

Amanda confronts Josh with her suspicions that the rumors about Erica drinking again, the original interview being erased and him subbing for her in the replacement interview are all tactics he is using to sabotage their boss. Unconvincingly, Josh tells her that her "facts" are products of her imagination. He then attacks her, noting that just because she misheard information does not give her the right to assume the worst about him. He then tells her that they wouldn't be in hot water if she hadn't erased the original or forgotten to make a back up. He goes on to say that ever since she started working there and having blackouts, trouble has hounded them. Although she seems genuinely shocked, he suggests that perhaps her ailment isn't real and that she has been doing what she could to knock him down a few pegs. She swears to him that her blackouts are real, but Josh continues to blast her for doubting him. He goes on like that for a few minutes, easily picking her apart at the seams until she feels horrible for accusing him of any wrongdoing. She apologizes, but he doesn't want to hear it. He starts to head for the studio, but stops to ask her to find out what happened to the limo that Erica left in - if she can handle that without having a blackout.

At the deserted warehouse, Erica desperately searches for her cell phone in her handbag. As someone watches her from the shadows, she realizes that it's missing, and starts to call out in hopes that someone is around that can help. She goes back inside to get her bearings and to try to figure out her next step when Janet reveals herself as the mystery person. Erica asks Janet if she has a cell phone or a car, and Janet explains at length why she doesn't have either. Janet continues to prattle on about random things for a few moments when she realizes that Erica has taken a few steps back and is looking at her strangely. Erica asks if Janet is feeling better, and Janet assures her that she has a clean bill of health. She starts to talk again but Erica grabs her and makes it clear that she is late for an important appointment and needs to leave. Janet pauses briefly, and then launches into another seemingly endless conversation about how she loves Erica's new show and how grateful she is that Erica gave Amanda a job. She notes that the job has done wonders for Amanda's self-confidence, and how it has given her something to focus on besides Babe. At that, the two mothers find common ground, and Erica expresses her equal distaste for Babe. They commiserate about it for a few moments, and then Erica again insists that she needs to get back to the office. Janet bounds up from her perch, saying that she can get a ride for Erica quickly. Erica tries to refuse the offer, and Janet, much to Erica's dismay, goes right back into talking about how similar they are in that they would do anything for their daughters.

A short time later, Janet manages to find someone who will give Erica a ride back to the studio. Erica tries to thank Janet profusely and then make her way out to the vehicle, but before she can leave, Janet asks Erica not to let Amanda know they talked. Insisting that her autonomy is of utmost importance, Janet tells Erica that she doesn't want Amanda to view the situation as Janet being too overbearing instead of two old friends catching up. Erica agrees, mostly because she wants to get out and away. Once she does, Janet sneaks into a hidden room where her dioramas are set up. Her reflection berates her, noting that now Erica knows her hiding place and soon everyone will know the truth. Janet blows that version off, insisting that running into Erica was a coincidence. From the mirror, she hears that coincidences are just God's jokes - and they are being played on her. Janet replies that this time - the joke is on the people of Pine Valley.

Tad meets up with Di at an ice fishing shack that Aidan told him about. She is mildly annoyed at the location due to the freezing temperatures, but Tad reminds her that since they are supposed to hate each other, coffee at BJ's wasn't really an option. She then asks what happened after Greg kicked her out of the office, and he tells her about the research Greg is supposedly doing. Di thinks that he could be telling the truth, but Tad tells her that regardless, Greg's feelings for Erica aren't on the level. They hash out how close Greg is to telling the truth, but Di hypothesizes that perhaps Greg has been 100% honest. Tad tells her that in all his years of being a PI, he can tell that Greg is hiding something. The sad part, he finally admits, is that he isn't sure he is a good enough detective to figure out what it is. He thinks that in the end, the only person that can get to the truth may be Erica. He goes over everything he knows out loud, noting that when it comes to Erica and Greg, he always seems to come up with nothing. He knows that there is something staring him in the face that he has been overlooking - a person, a place or time - that will help him, but he is just failing to see it. He then, without thinking, refers to Di as Dixie as he asks her to say something that will help him. Di is taken off guard and is left speechless.

Erica returns to the office and demands to know what kind of mix up could have happened with the limo service that had her dropped off at a warehouse in the middle of nowhere and abandoned. As Amanda looks on, Josh tries to explain, but Erica is too enraged to hear it. She wants to know how they are going to deal with 10 minutes of dead air when she spots Josh's face on the TV in her office. She demands that Amanda turn up the sound, and she does so in time for them to hear him signing off as the person sitting in for Erica Kane. Blindingly angry, she orders Amanda out of the office. Amanda leaves the door open a crack, enough for Greg, who approached the door from the hallway, to hear Erica begin to rip Josh apart for his actions.

Janet, now ensconced in a nun's habit, happily hums to herself while enjoying her latest disguise."

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