12/20/2005 Jack Gives Erica A Home

"Krystal and Adam were being affectionate with each other and Adam started kissing her shoulders. Krystal asked Adam why he hated her one day, but loved her the next. He told Krystal that he never said he loved her. He then told her that it would better just to crush her.

At the Chandler mansion, Babe reminded J.R. of when they first met and how crazy in love they were. He left and said that he couldn't do this. Krystal came in to Babe's room and told her that she didn't believe anything Adam said for one second, but the man sure knew how to pucker up. They went to Little Adam's room and he wasn't in his crib. Adam, Babe, Krystal, J.R. and Winifred frantically looked for Little A, but still could not find him. J.R. realized that the door to the nursery was open. Adam called Derek

Jack took Erica to their new home that he bought for them. Erica told Jack that he was the one standing in the way of being a family. If he couldn't accept Kendall and the situation, then they couldn't move into this new home and be a family. He held out his hand and gave Erica the key to the new house. Jack brought a perfect picnic for them to eat and told Erica that over the years he had paid attention to what made her eyes sparkle.

Kendall told Bianca that she was not cut out to be a mother. Kendall said she had made no decision about the baby but had to decide very soon. Kendall told Bianca that this was not a typical unwanted pregnancy. She said that she made a child for a family that no longer existed. Kendall gave Bianca the blow by blow on Thanksgiving Day festivities thanks to Greenlee. Bianca said to heck with Greenlee. Kendall said that after the Thanksgiving dinner she felt hurt and disgusted with everyone, but now maybe they saw something cold in her that was true. She said that she felt nothing for this baby and Bianca said it was because she never expected this baby to be hers. Bianca told Kendall that she was the one who helped her decide to have Miranda and if she decided to have this baby she too would connect with her son. Kendall asked Bianca what if she has this baby and she still feels nothing. Bianca suggested adoption but Kendall said she didn't want to give the baby for adoption. She said she knew how it felt to be in a family and not belong. Bianca said it was time to de-stress and she suggested they pop some popcorn and watch a chick flick.

Ryan was unhappy that Aidan was at the Pine Cone waiting for Jonathan's return. Aidan said that he had every right to protect the people that Jonathan had hurt. Erin told Aidan that the only way for Jonathan to have a peaceful life was for people to see him and talk to him. Aidan tried to leave to find Jonathan, but Ryan wouldn't let him out the door. Aidan and Ryan then began fighting (with fists) and knocked over the Christmas tree Jonathan had decorated. Jonathan came in just in time to see them crash into the tree. Jonathan wanted to know what he did wrong and they told him nothing. Jonathan asked Aidan if he was mad and Aidan said that he wasn't mad, he was just curious where he had been all afternoon. Ryan told Jonathan that he didn't have to answer and told Aidan to leave. Aidan complied. While Jonathan played with the train set, Ryan told Erin that they were leaving Pine Valley. She told Ryan that she was good to go, but what about Kendall and the baby. He told her that he reached out to Kendall and she shut him down. He said he would tell Kendall where he was, but they were leaving Pine Valley. Ryan told Jonathan to pack his things because they were leaving Pine Valley Babe and J.R. then busted into the room and accosted Jonathan, demanding to know what he had done with their son.

Sam went to see Lily and she told him that number one, she was not stupid, number two, she would not have sex with him and number three, she still believed that Jonathan had changed. Sam apologized and Lily said that she accepted his apology but she did not want to be his girlfriend or friend anymore. Reggie came in and she asked Reggie to be a big brother and make Sam leave. Reggie told Sam to leave and he told Lily that he was going to California for Christmas, but he would email her and they could work things out when he returned."

- Soap Central