12/14/2005 Krystal's Trucker Party

"Jonathan finds Lily hiding in her tree. He realizes immediately that she's upset. As he tries to calm her down, Lily ends up telling him about her encounter with Sam earlier. She confides that she's sad because he called her stupid and that he's no longer her boyfriend. Jonathan offers to go find Sam and talk to him on her behalf. Lily declines the offer. Talk of Sam leads to talk about sex. When Lily asks Jonathan about his first experience, he admits that he didn't put much thought into it. He just went with his feelings. He tells Lily that he wasn't a very kind boyfriend and that much of that can be attributed to his father and the violence he experienced growing up. Jonathan confides that he doesn't want to have a girlfriend until he's 100% certain that he can make it work the way it is supposed to be. At Lily's confusion, Jonathan explains that he doesn't want to risk making the same mistakes he made in the past. Each shares with the other the qualities they are looking for in that special someone. When Jonathan begins to talk about Christmas and children, Lily tells him that she isn't sure that she will make a good mother because of her autism. Jonathan is sad for her. To cheer her up, he offers to hang the wreath he brought with him over the opening of her tree. Afterwards he leaves.

Erin and Aidan find themselves locked inside the Christmas tree lot. Neither is happy to be there much less with each other. They soon realize that they are trapped in the lot with no way out so they decide to make the best of the situation. While Aidan starts a fire to keep them warm, Erin saws logs from the trees on the lot. When Erin reaches for another tree to begin sawing on, she ends up getting tangled up and falls, the tree landing on top of her. Aidan helps her up and in doing so they end up very close, each affected by the sudden nearness. Erin is the first to pull away. A short time later, Jonathan comes along. He quickly rushes off to call Stuart so that Aidan and Erin can be let out of the lot.

Zach and Kendall spend some time on the beach after their dinner. When Kendall asks Zach why he told her that he loves her, Zach becomes uncomfortable. He tells her that it doesn't matter, given the circumstances of their trip. Kendall doesn't agree. She pushes him for an answer to her question. Zach reminds her of the reasons that they married in the first place and then tells her that it's probably for the best that they divorce. They decide to return to the hotel despite each clearly leaving much unsaid. At the hotel, Kendall offers Zach a nightcap. He declines by making a joke of it, telling her that he doesn't wear them. When he remains in her room, Kendall becomes curious and asks him why he seems reluctant. Just then fireworks can be heard outside and Zach smiles. Zach takes her to the balcony and wishes her a happy independence day and asks her what a divorce is without fireworks. As they watch the display, each sneaks quick glances at the other while they aren't looking.

Krystal throws a wild party much to Adam's displeasure. As the truck stop people become quite boisterous, Adam becomes more frustrated. Krystal offers to wrap up the party if he accepts her terms. Adam is desperate enough to hear her out. She tells him that all she really wants is for Adam to stop fanning the flames of JR's anger toward Babe. Adam refuses the terms. Things go from bad to worse for Adam when Winifred enters the room wearing a skimpy red Christmas costume and carrying a tray of his oldest scotch which she offers to the revelers. Adam is infuriated as the bottle is passed around and people begin drinking the scotch like water without savoring it. When Krystal starts the Christmas carol karaoke, Adam has had enough and storms out of the room.

JR joins Babe at Fusion after hours. He offers her some sparkling cider and admits to her that he was wrong to count marriage between them out. Babe is shocked speechless when JR suddenly produces a ring box with an exquisite diamond ring nestled inside. Babe believes that the engagement ring is meant for her and admits that she's a blind sided at the realization of what the ring signifies. JR's anger slowly surfaces as he tells her that he felt exactly the same way when he learned that Miranda wasn't his daughter. He goes on to ask her if she had fun last planning last Christmas with their son while he was forced to spend it without him. Babe realizes quickly that JR is not proposing to her. JR confirms her suspicions when he tells her that the ring is for his future wife. He then informs her that he has decided to start dating again and will be looking for a woman who will be good to both him and little Adam. Babe is certain that JR's stunt is nothing but a ploy to push her away because deep down inside he wants her. JR denies it and walks out, promising her that she'll never get him or their son back in her life."

- Soap Central