11/16/2005 Kendall Calls Zach

"Amanda is surprised when Janet sneaks into her hospital room wearing a nurse's uniform. Janet explains that she's incognito because of her past history with Pine Valley Hospital. She then tells Amanda that Tim, who is somewhere in Alaska, and Trevor send their love. Amanda isn't very happy to see her mother and tries to find out how she managed to get away without Trevor. Janet explains that her husband is in Ireland on business and that when she received the call about Amanda she was too worried to stay home. They are interrupted when Jamie enters the room. Janet is thrilled to see him and immediately starts talking about their wedding. Jamie becomes a bit uncomfortable with Janet's hyper behavior and her refusal to accept that Amanda and Jamie are not a couple. After failing to convince Janet that there is no hope of him reconciling with Amanda, Jamie leaves. Janet remains convinced that, with some couple counseling, Amanda and Jamie could work things out. When Amanda mentions Babe and her role in Jamie and Amanda's breakup, Janet becomes upset and more determined see Amanda reunited with Jamie. Frustrated with her mother's insistence to remain in town and interference in her life, Amanda makes the mistake of mentioning the well. Janet becomes quite stern, reminding Amanda "We don't joke about what I did to your Aunt Nattie." Duly chastised, Amanda apologizes and then once again makes an attempt to convince Janet of returning home but Janet refuses to consider it. She insists on staying in Pine Valley and helping Amanda. When Janet suggests confronting Babe, Amanda almost panics and rushes to assure her mother that there is no need. She will get over Jamie and in hindsight what Babe did to her wasn't as horrible as it sounded. As they talk, Janet gives some insight into how she's been feeling since Amanda left home. She tells her daughter that every night she sets an extra table setting and makes extra food in case her dreams come true and Amanda returns home. She also tells her that at night, she would go to Amanda's room and when things become especially difficult, she listens to the tapes of their conversations just to hear Amanda's voice. Amanda is a bit disturbed to learn that Trevor helped Janet to record their conversations but focuses her efforts on trying to get her mother to understand that what is best is for both of them would be for Janet to go home and allow Amanda to live her life on her own terms. Janet finally relents and agrees to leave Pine Valley. After a tearful goodbye, Janet leaves Amanda's hospital room.

Babe pulls away from JR's kiss. JR immediately goes on the offensive and accuses Babe of trying to manipulate him by pretending to have feelings. JR seems shaken by the encounter and tries to focus on his anger by reminding Babe of how betrayed he had felt when Babe slept with his brother. When JR reaches for a drink, Babe tries to stop him from taking a drink by reminding him of the negative way it will impact their son, little Adam. JR reluctantly puts down his drink and then walks out after Babe thanks him for making the right decision. Krystal walks in as JR storms out of the house. Babe smiles victoriously as she informs her mother that everything is working out just as she had planned, JR is starting to have feelings for Babe. As Babe is talking, Krystal realizes that Babe is starting to fall for JR. Babe doesn't deny it and assures her mother that she has the situation well under control. Babe prepares to leave and as she opens the door, she finds Janet standing on the other side. Janet recognizes Babe from her description.

JR, meanwhile, headed to Pine Valley Hospital where he confronted Jamie about the way Babe has been asking. He asked pointedly if Babe was up to more of her tricks or being honest about her feelings.

Ryan asks Jonathan if he set the fire. Nearby, Zach listens. Jonathan becomes upset at the idea that he might have set the fire and that the surgery might not have fixed what it was supposed to have. Ryan continues to push Jonathan for answers but Jonathan refuses to tell him where he went after he left the motel that night. Zach, mistaking it as a sign of guilt, manages to get Jonathan into a headlock when Jonathan steps away from Ryan and backs up against the jail bars. Ryan, with the help of a guard, manages to free Jonathan from Zach's grasp. While Zach is ushered out of the area, Jonathan insists to Ryan that he did not set the fire. Later Ryan joins Zach in one of the interrogation rooms. Ryan warns Zach to stay away from Jonathan but Zach isn't the least intimidated. Angry because of the danger that Kendall was in during the fire, Zach suggests that Ryan take his brother and sister and leave town. Ryan reminds Zach that Kendall is pregnant with his child and that she filed for divorce from Zach. If anyone should leave town, according to Ryan, it should be Zach. They continue to trade words, each feeling that Kendall would be better off without the other man in her life.

Greenlee stares at the ultrasound picture and talks about her baby. Kendall, resting in her own bed, is very quiet and seems pensive. Greenlee walks over to see what is on Kendall's mind. Kendall confesses that she lied to Greenlee. She explains that she didn't tell the truth when she claimed that she wasn't in love with Zach. Greenlee listens as Kendall realizes that she was foolish to think they had a chance when it's apparent that Zach didn't even care enough about Kendall to check on her during her stay in the hospital. Greenlee keeps silent about seeing Zach leave Kendall's room and instead tells Kendall that she is better off without Zach in her life. Kendall sadly agrees until Anita walks in. Noticing Kendall's depressed state, Anita cheerily suggests that maybe Zach will cheer her up when he comes back to visit. Greenlee panics and immediately doubles over claiming to be in severe pain. Kendall sees right through Greenlee's attempt to keep Anita from talking and ignores Greenlee completely. She demands an explanation from Anita. After Anita tells Kendall that she and Greenlee had seen Zach leaving her room, Kendall dismisses Anita and confronts Greenlee with her obvious lie. Greenlee defends herself, claiming that she loves Kendall and wants only what is best for her. Kendall suddenly grows still as she realizes that Zach's visit could also mean that her dream had been real after all. Greenlee insists otherwise. Accusing Greenlee of acting out of jealousy, Kendall decides to find out if she had dreamed Zach's declaration of love or not.

Out in the hallway, Greenlee doubles over from real pain. When a hand reaches out to help her, Greenlee accepts and looks up to find Ryan standing before her.

Zach enters Kendall's room and asks, "You wanted me?" Kendall sits up in her bed and smiles at Zach as she slowly tells him, "Yes. I want you.""

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