10/24/2005 Greenlee Asks Kendall If She Still Wants To Have The Baby

"Lily and Stuart run into each other in the woods. Stuart immediately reassures Lily that he's not Adam and explains that he's at her tree because he's troubled and had a need to be by the falls. Lily and Stuart begin to talk about their troubles. They decide that they will keep on caring for their loved ones and wait until they all come to their senses. After talking a bit about the things that makes them different and promising to help each other, they walk out of the woods together.

Kendall and Greenlee discuss how Ryan will factor in on their baby plans. Greenlee asks Kendall if she is still certain that she wants to have the baby. Kendall assures Greenlee that for her, nothing has changed. Her decision to be Greenlee's surrogate were never about Zach or Ryan. She wanted to help Greenlee have a baby because she loves her. Greenlee is greatly relieved. She is certain that Ryan will soon leave town and is determined that he doesn't find out about the baby. Kendall cautions Greenlee, reminding her that there are several people who know that Kendall is pregnant including Erica, who might very likely tell Ryan. Greenlee is confident that she will be able to convince everyone who knows about the pregnancy to not say anything to Ryan. She pleads with Kendall to promise not to say anything to Ryan about the pregnancy. She also insists that Kendall swear that she will not try to reconcile Greenlee and Ryan. Greenlee makes it clear that she doesn't want anything to do with Ryan again. His betrayal hurts too much. She feels that to him, she wasn't worth the risk. After Kendall agrees, Greenlee and Kendall walk into Kendall's townhouse.

Tad goes looking for JR and winds up in the bar during Babe's shift. Babe is not the least bit sympathetic for Tad's current emotional state. She feels that he brought it upon himself when he insisted that Di reveal the truth about whom she really is. Tad defends his actions. He explains that he couldn't keep the lie going because he cares about his family. He tells her that it's not always convenient to tell the truth but it's better than lying. Tad accuses Babe of only caring about the lie remaining hidden because it kept her closer to little Adam. Tad then points out that the person Babe should spare some of her anger for is Di because Di is the one who set the lie in motion.

JR is filled with rage as he confronts Ryan in the park about faking his death. As JR berates Ryan for how he hurt both Greenlee and Kendall, Ryan makes the mistake of saying that what he did in no way affected Kendall. JR loses what little control he has on his temper and uses a heavy branch to start beating on Ryan. Unprepared for the attack, Ryan is quickly overwhelmed. Laying prone on the ground, injured, Ryan is rescued when Julia comes to his defense and quickly disarms JR. Jamie soon joins the trio and while Julia attends to Ryan, he turns to his brother. Ryan declines Julia's offer to take him to the ER and starts to walk away. JR shows little emotion as Ryan begins to stumble and falls to the ground, unconscious. Ryan rouses enough for Julia to walk him to the hospital. Jamie stays with JR in the hopes of getting through to him. He reminds JR of an adventure the two of them had with Dixie when they were young. He tells JR that he needs to hold onto the memories of Dixie but JR shakes his head, as he tearfully confesses that he no longer has any happy memories of Dixie. Tad joins them just as JR reminds his brother that Dixie was not Jamie's mother and he can't possibly know the pain that JR is going through at that moment. Both try to talk to JR, letting him know that they are there for him but JR refuses to listen. He pushes them both away by telling them to go to hell before storming out of the park. Jamie and Tad watch JR walk away. Tad worries that maybe Babe was right that JR was past saving.

At the hospital, Anita takes Ryan off to be checked out by a doctor while Julia waits in the lounge. She reminisces about her days as a nurse, remembering her graduation as well as her last day at the hospital when Noah promised her that one day he would make sure that they returned. When Anita comes out to let her know that Ryan would be fine but staying overnight for observation, Julia avoids answering her about the events that led to Ryan being admitted to the hospital.

JR shows up at the bar to order a drink. Sensing JR's dangerous mood, Babe tries to discourage him from drinking. JR coldly orders her to pour him a drink or promises to buy the bar just to personally fire her. Babe gives him the drink but soon cuts him off.

Di goes to see Zach, concerned because Julia does not have personal security protecting her. Zach informs Di that all of Garret's associates have been arrested and Julia is no longer in any danger. Relieved at the news, Di leaves to find Julia but Zach stops her. Sensing something is different about her, he asks her what is wrong. Di is somewhat surprised when Zach seems to have little reaction to the news that she isn't Dixie. Zach shrugs, reminding her of his own history of assuming a new identity as he offers Di a drink. She tells him that the one thing she and Dixie do have in common is that they both have only one kidney as she declines the offer. Zach orders dinner for them to Di's surprised. After they enjoy a pleasant meal, Di stands up to leave. Zach surprises her with an offer of a job to meet and greet his customers. When Di asks him why he's making the offer, Zach admits that he would like for Kendall to forgive him some of his lies. Di smiles in understanding and thanks him for the dinner before leaving. Later, Di watches as Jamie and Tad leave the park."

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