10/19/2005 Zach Promises To Protect Kendall

"Amanda goes to the bank to get a cash advance of $500.00. Alfred refuses to help her, noting that the name on the card that she handed him is James Martin, not Amanda Dillon. Babe happens along at that moment. Amanda explains that Jamie gave her permission to make the withdrawal but neither Babe nor Alfred believe her claims. When Babe suggests that Alfred call Jamie, Alfred told her that he already planned on doing so. Amanda becomes indignant and demands that he return the card to her but Alfred refuses. While Alfred steps away, Babe takes the opportunity to talk Amanda. She accuses Amanda of using Jamie and warns her that Jamie is going to eventually realize it. Amanda denies the accusation and makes her own, claiming that Babe is jealous. Amanda makes another attempt to get the card back from Alfred just as Jamie arrives at the bank and demands to know what's going on. Babe is a bit overconfident in her belief that Jamie will be very upset with Amanda when he realizes what she was trying to do. To Babe's surprise, Jamie listens as Amanda explains that she was merely trying to borrow $500.00 which she fully intended to pay back and Jamie authorizes Alfred to go ahead with the transaction. Incredulous, Babe asks Jamie how he could let Amanda use him in such a shameless manner. Jamie counters, asking Babe why she thinks it's any of her business. After Babe leaves, Amanda thanks Jamie and starts putting down Babe. Jamie puts an end to Amanda's rant by suggesting to her that the next time she needs money she asks him for the money instead of trying to steal it.

David pays Di a visit after Ryan's eventful memorial service. They argue back and forth with David taking particular joy in tormenting Di her tentative future as Di. JR walks up at the tail end of their argument. Not happy with the way David is talking to his mother, JR pulls David away and warns him to stay away from her. After David leaves, JR asks Di what their confrontation was about. Di brushes it off as David just being David. She immediately changes the topic to ask him about Ryan showing up at his own memorial service. They discuss the events for a few minutes and then JR leaves the room. Once she is assured that she is alone, Di places a call to someone. She asks to see the person on the other end immediately.

Krystal tires to convince Tad to keep Di's lie going for the sake of their children and grandchild. Tad isn't open to the suggestion. He tells Krystal that in his eyes, Di is nothing but a liar and a thief and everyone is entitled to the truth. Krystal doesn't agree. She points out how much Di as Dixie has helped the family mend including Tad. Krystal is convinced that Tad is in love with Di. Tad corrects her. He tells her that he was in love with Dixie, not Di. Krystal tries once again to point out the benefits to their family if everyone continues to believe that Di is Dixie but Tad isn't swayed. He walks way without giving Krystal the answer she wants to hear.

Jack is not happy with Ryan's return and how it may affect Greenlee's life. Erica sees it as nothing short of a miracle and tries to convince Jack to do the same but Jack simply can't. He is worried that Ryan is still the same man he was just before he went over the cliff. Jack can't forget the images he saw on the hotel tape when Ryan lost his temper. Erica feels that Ryan has changed. She noticed a difference in his eyes and feels it indicates that his rage is gone. Erica cautions Jack to back off or he will risk alienating Greenlee.

A furious Erica confronts Zach and doesn't mince words as lets him know that she holds him responsible for the complicated situation Kendall now finds herself in. Erica feels that as her husband, Zach should have convinced Kendall to not go through with being Greenlee's surrogate. Zach points out that Kendall has a mind of her own and no one can talk her out of something that she's determined to do.

Jack confides to Brooke that he's not at all happy that Ryan has returned to Pine Valley and Greenlee's life.

Kendall senses that something isn't right with Ryan's return. She enlists a reluctant JR to help her find out what happened after Ryan went over to the cliff. JR leaves to go home, promising to call Kendall with any information he finds. After JR leaves, Kendall questions Lily about the night she claimed to have seen Ryan's ghost. Lily tells her about seeing Ryan and then Zach coming along and telling Lily that Ryan was a ghost. Kendall realizes that Zach knew Ryan was alive all along. Erica walks up when Kendall is alone to check to see how she is handling everything now that it's been revealed that Ryan is alive. Kendall assures her mother that she is fine but she asks her to not say anything to anyone about her being pregnant. Kendall makes it clear that when the time is right, she and Greenlee will tell Ryan about the pregnancy. Erica understands and offers to take Kendall home. Zach approaches them at that moment and insists on being the one to escort his wife home. Kendall assures her mother that she's fine and would prefer to go home with Zach.

After Kendall and Zach leave, Erica walks up to Jack. He senses that she's is keeping something from him and demands to know what it is especially if it concerns Greenlee. Erica agrees that he has a right to know and proceeds to tell him that after Greenlee's miscarriage, Erica discovered that Greenlee was looking into other means of having Ryan's child. Jack is upset over the news. He feels it would be a horrible mistake. Erica agrees but warns Jack that Greenlee is a grown woman and will never see things as he does when it comes to Ryan and their child.

Greenlee and Ryan return to their home. Ryan tries to tell Greenlee everything that has transpired since going over the cliff but Greenlee isn't ready to hear it. She tells him that she can see he's no longer filled with rage by looking into his eyes. Instead of talking about what happened since he drove off the cliff, Greenlee insists on saving the talking for later and just savor being together. Ryan and Greenlee hold each other tightly and then exchange words of love before Ryan picks her up in his arms and carries her to the bedroom where they make love. Afterwards, Ryan reaches into his pants and hands Greenlee a gift. It's an empty butterfly cocoon that he found in the woods while he was gone. It represented how he felt. Ryan tells Greenlee that she, a beautiful butterfly, rescued him. He considers it a symbol of their new beginning. Greenlee then asks Ryan to tell her what he wanted to tell her earlier before she stopped him.

Kendall and Zach arrive back at her place. Kendall tries to get Zach to admit his role in Ryan's "death" but Zach misunderstands her. Instead, Zach promises Kendall that he will do everything in his power to make sure that she is safe in the event that Ryan doesn't take the news of her pregnancy well. Kendall is somewhat surprised, sensing Zach's sincerity. She is further surprised when Zach begins to tenderly rub her feet in an effort to get her to relax. Later, Kendall decides to confront Zach directly about his role in Ryan's "death." She tells him that she knows he lied and that he knew that Ryan was alive the whole time.

When Tad arrives at the Chandler mansion, Di escorts him into the living room where the entire family is gathered."

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